Sometimes you visit a site that you haunt regularly and you think, "How the hell did I miss that hunk?" That's exactly what happened with this fine specimen of beekcake. Scott is 31, 5'9", weighs in at 190 pounds, and sports a 7" cock, and he's one of the men at Men Over 30. In his bio the photographer talks about meeting him at the gym, and after exchanging pleasantries and compliments, he suggested this Italian stud would be a perfect addition to the site. And indeed he is. Scott's got typically Italian features: a strong face, square jaw, dark curly hair, and beautiful full, kissable lips. And when he peels out of his shirt -- well, let's just say had I been there, I would have embarrassed myself with a loud gasp. Strong round shoulders, hard domed pecs, and clipped chest hair. As I watched Scott's video he got me so excited because he loves to rub his thumb across his cockhead, scooping up some precum and then tasting it. He also really loves massaging his butt hole while he jacks off with his other hand. Towards the end of his video clip, this Italian hunk was a little too vigorous with his stoking, you could tell an orgasm was only seconds away, but he tried to prolong it by grabbing his balls tightly. He didn't want to cum. He winced as his balls spasmed. He managed to stem things for a few seconds, then a single spurt of cum shot out of his cock. He squeezed his balls again and waited. And then, he looked at the camera, his eyes said, "Fuck it," and he started jacking his meat. This muscle hunk shot one of the biggest loads I've ever seen, completely coating his beefy thigh. Man, how did I miss this the first time around was right. You're going to want to check Scott out.

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