I sure do love a fat cock. In fact, I think I like them better than long ones. A fat cock fills you up better, it doesn't bruise your belly button or kill the back of your throat. Alex Corsi is a Italian guy and he's one of the latest models at Hairy Boyz. I love his whole package, but I particularly like his fat cock. And he's uncut with some hot foreskin stretching pictures. When his cock is hard it curve upwards slightly and his foreskin still covers a good part of his cock head. I watch Alex getting his ass porked on a workout bench in one of Raging Stallions latest releases, Humping Iron, I believe it is. And it was pretty fucking hot. Alex has a beautiful hairy and muscled body and he's got some interesting tattoo work on his arms. And Alex Corsi looks just as hot from behing -- big, beefy hairy butt and massive thighs. I can see why he's such a popular bottom.

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