It all started with a poker game... strip poker, that is. Ken doesn't seem to be much of a poker player judging by this pic, but he is one very hunky guy. And while he isn't usually the type of man you'll find jacking off on a porn site like

Pascal is the owner of Maskurbate, and he invited Ken to come over and play some cards on camera. When Ken wasn't sure, Pascal told him that he could wear a mask, so Ken said sure.


The deal was that if Pascal lost a hand he'd have to put some money in the pot, and if Ken lost a hand, he'd have to take off a piece of clothing. In only a few hands, Ken was naked.


When Ken lost again, he had to agree to jack off on camera, and although he was a little unsure at first, once he wrapped his fingers around his cock, he gets so into masturbating that he gives a great show!


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