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This past summer Sean Cody took a few of his guys to Hawaii for a working vacation. Isaac and Matt were among the handful of guys who stayed together in the rented beach house. (You can see them in a Five-Man Gangbang here at Gay Demon.) The two guys spent a lot of time together in Hawaii, and got pretty close. But it seems that Isaac has developed a little man crush for Matt. "His body is amazing," Isaac said. "I love his muscles." Matt isn't bothered by it; he tried to act a little embarrassed when Sean Cody let the cat out of the bag, but Matt's always checking out the viewer comments about his performances on Sean Cody fan blogs, so he definitely enjoys the attention. Although they played around in the five-man gangbang, Isaac was pretty excited about getting some one-on-one time with Matt. And Isaac enjoys every minute of it from sucking Matt's big-nobbed cock to Matt fingering Isaac's hairy hole; but Isaac is in heaven when Matt finally plunges his big dick inside Isaac's tight ass. He loves the ride and cherishes every inch of that sweet, stiff dick.

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