Is Gay Porn Racist? Is Gay Porn Racist?

I was following a board discussion about racism in gay porn the other day and someone said, "I get annoyed that we have to mention 'big black dick' the moment a man of color walks into a scene." Why is that? Are studios, bloggers, and surfers racist?

I headed over to gay porn tube Queer Pixels to do some research. In the Black Men category, the first four videos are: Black Dude Stroking Off in Laundry Room, Black Dudes Sucking and Screwing on Couch, Sexy Black Muscle Dude in Mirror, and Monster Black Cock in Car.

As I scroll through the free videos, a good number of them include the word "black" or "ebony" in their titles. Is this necessary? Do we have to point out that a performer is black or sports a black monster dick? Isn't it obvious? Tim Kruger of Tim Tales is a furry gay pornstar from Germany who has a 10 inch cock, and he's one of my favorites, but in my blog posts I've never referred to his "big white cock." Why is that?

In gay porn, the performers are the commodity. Talking about their appearance and attributes and what they're doing is what sells the scene. When searching for gay porn, you may go to Google and type "big black cock" and sites mentioning "big black cock" in their descriptive text should appear in the rankings, that's the theory anyway. Likewise, Queer Pixels has sidebar categories to help you find the videos you want: college guys, bears and hairy men, twinks and boys, and yes, Asian, black men, Latino men, and interracial sex. But if Queer Pixels doesn't have an Asian category, how will surfers find Asian performers? By sifting through thousands of videos they don't want?

Google's ranking process is mechanical, an algorithm sorts sites based on dozens of criteria and humans don't get involved except to create the algorithm itself -- no one at Google is looking at every site on the Web and giving it a rank. Theoretically, one could put up a picture of Lady Gaga in a blog post, write a bunch of copy about "big black cocks," and googlebot wouldn't know whether the picture was appropriate to the text.

For me, race is just one of the many flavors that does or does not turn me on. I tend to prefer brunette men over blonds; I go nuts for Italian and Latino men and even more crazy for foreskin; I like hairy men and beards; Asian guys and twinks rarely turn my head; and I like black men with well-defined bodies; I also like bare feet, armpits, and bums; and I have a recurring fantasy where a couple of skinheads rough me up in a dark alley and call me "dirty cocksucker" while I service them.

I don't deny racism exists in gay porn both on the producer and consumer side. I've heard many site owners say that membership sales fall through the floor when a black guy appears on their site; take him off and sales rebound. I've also heard that race sometimes plays a factor in how much a performer is paid, as in black guys are paid less than white guys. I suppose that happens somewhere in the gay porn world, I don't have first-hand experience. But by the same token, a black man with an 11 inch cock commands more money than one with a 7 inch dick. And a guy willing to take a fist up his ass gets more money than a dick-only bottom.

So yes, racism does exist in gay porn, but just because a site talks about a man's "big black cock" doesn't mean they're racist, they just want porn watchers who love black men and big penises to find their product. Sometimes we're too sensitive, too quick to jump to conclusions. Yes, it'd be nice if we lived in a world where race didn't matter, but when it comes to our cocks, all kinds of things make them hard, and race may be just one of them.

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