Do we really need another David Jones jack-off video? Definitely not. That's all the sexy, blond Brit has done since he started appearing in gay porn back in 2009. But I think Jones' latest video with MEN.com is a premonition that he might be MEN.com's next top to bottom, of course he has to top first.

While David Jones has performed in a lot of videos, he hasn't actually had sex with a guy; he's beat off in lots of solos and done a few in-the-room stroking with other guys. Whether MEN.com can pony up the cash to get his hunk to bend over is another thing. But if anyone can, it'll be MEN.com: they managed to convince uber straight hunk Paddy O'Brian to take it up the ass, and there have been others exclusive tops like Colby Jansen and Topher DiMaggio debut in their first bottom scenes on the popular site.


But it could be a long time before we see David Jones bottom. MEN.com first has to convince him to film his first guy-on-guy sex scene. And if I were the execs at MEN.com, I'd be starting Jones off with an exclusive contract and lining up the boys to suck his dick. Then the site could milk us along for a long while with his first time fucking a guy and then a parade of more bottoms. After a year, when our heads are ready to explode with anticipation, MEN.com finally gets Jones to bends over.

Last week, straight stud Jones appeared on MEN.com in a jerk-off video with Paul Walker. While it was David's first appearance on the site, it got a ho-hum reception from members. With a 40% approval rating, it's one of the lowest ranked videos in the site's history.

Too bad because the scene was actually pretty hot: Paul Walker and David Jones are sitting back in chairs in their underwear and they're separated by a glass wall. They jack their cocks and stare at each other, then move to the glass where they press their hands together and do some cock kissing over glass. Jones blasts his cum load all over the glass, then plays with it while Walker pumps his cream across the glass. It's sexy stuff.

david jones blake mason

Jones has appeared on several sites since 2009. He started with English Lads as Jon Saunders, but he's also appeared on Blake Mason as Samuel, UK Naked Men as Mike Douglas, Man Avenue as Peter Jackson, and on Hard Brit Lads and Men at Play as David Jones.

David Jones hasn't filmed a fresh scene since January 2012 and with his first MEN.com scene under his belt, is an exclusive contract far behind? Are we finally going to see this handsome hunk having sex with a guy?

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