Irish Red Head

Don't you love a hot, red-headed Irishman? This is Doug and he's getting hard and jacking off at UK Naked Men. This 26-year-old is lean, standing 5'10 and weighing 140 pounds. His tight body is covered in fine, red hair and he's sporting a nipple ring. He's the typical Irishman: red hair, green eyes, and fair skin. His uncut cock is rock-hard from the moment he slips off his jeans, so we never do get a look at his foreskin. But his 7.5-inch uncut dick is quite nice with a very flared cock head. And even his pubes are red, like a burning bush at the bottom of thick pole. But my favourite picture of Doug is when he's kneeling on the sofa, jeans still around his knees, with his butt facing the camera. He's spread his cheeks wide and he's giving the camera a kiss with his perfect, blazing pink fuckhole. It's a delicious site. Doug loves holding his whole package by this tight set of balls, and then, waving everything in the air. Man, the red head sure does have a nice piece of meat. We don't often get to see Irish men naked, so this is a treat you're not going to want to miss.

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