Gay porn star Marco Wilson

Marco Wilson is a HOT top with a great big dick, a body to drool over and sexual energy that just won't quit. In other words, he's my wettest fantasy, and I can't tell you how thrilled I was to get to talk to this stud!

Anthony: How'd you become interested in porn? Tell us about how you got started in the business.

Marco: I've wanted to be a model, to be admired. i was told I'm an exhibitionist, and what better way to fulfill that then do porn? This opportunity arrived in the UK to be the face of a British porn studio MenatPlay, and my fella saw the advert and suggested he take some polaroids of me and send them in. I got to the final 3 contestants and came second, but they liked what I did and said their fans were impressed, so they offered me a contract...which is complete. Now I'm on my new exclusive contract with Titan Media for the next 2 years, by entering the US market it's mega for me - I'm so over the moon.

Anthony: What do you like best about being in porn, and is there anything you don't like about it?

Marco: Best thing for me is getting to travel to these places and be a part of something I know gets people excited to watch. I love that people like my work, it's a very addictive feeling. It's a hard job and in no way easy just to switch on a sexual mood, and needs a lot of focus for me; I'm a perfectionist and like it to be right. So I guess me being to hard on myself is the bit I don't like.

Anthony: Top or Bottom? Which do you prefer and what's your favorite position?

Marco: Is this a trick question?...Lol..all my films I'm topping someone's ass. I've done some beautiful arses in my time in this business - I'm a very lucky lad..grin. But occasionally I like to be the bottom in my personal life, it's nice sometimes to be taken control of, especially a big personality like me.

Anthony: What is your ultimate sexual fantasy? Who would you most like to work with in porn?

Marco: I'm always changing my mind on this. There was a 90's or early 2000 actor named Chad Connor. His ass - the thought of eating it and fucking it just gets me hard. Sex fantasies... God, I'm living them each I like threeways, I have quite a lot in my personal life, or even four guys. I like it when I'm doing a guy and he's sucking off a guy in front of him...That happened this weekend in a hotel I was staying at.

Marco Wilson fucks a tight ass

Anthony: What's it like having sex on camera compared to in your private life? Ever been nervous or couldn't get it up for a shoot?

Marco: Completely different, you can't always make the chemistry happen - then it's all about acting, My personal life I can go either dirty or passionate, I like to please guys in the bedroom especially when eating arse. I love that. Nerves and finding that focus are what drives us; its normal, any actor will say the same.

Anthony: How has everyone around you accepted your decision to become a porn star? Do you have a relationship outside of work? What are some of your hobbies?

Marco: Most people I've told are happy with it, all my friends love it - they like going to clubs with a porn star then getting palmed off with the I'm like a pimp on a night I do have a very close relationship of 7 years outside of work, and I keep it very separate and private from porn. I love the gym, that pump it gives you, and it makes me horny especially doing pull ups; I've had to stop before as i can feel it growing in my shorts..grin Dip it in the water fountain cool it off. I like tennis, and Wimbledon's on over here in the UK at the moment, so I'm happy. Love time with my mates getting hammered going to clubs, but equally I love a night in... DVD, bean bag Takeaway fire on....bloody perfect.

Anthony: Has working in the adult industry changed your personal life?

Marco: Yes, but not greatly; I still hold a regular job. I think for me it's switching off at the end of a shoot, and being able to be a little bit normal and not on show all the time. I like to have a quiet life outside of porn. Where some models live and breath it, I couldn't do that; it's draining, I should imagine, and quite lonely.

Anthony: Got any big projects or news on the way?

Marco: I'm now signed as an Exclusive to Titan Media for the next 2 years, so you're going to see a whole lot more of me there. I'm also in the process of getting my own website and fan page up together where people will be able to purchase personalised merchandise and buy my films through a link page. But I'll keep you all posted when it goes live.

Anthony: Where can new fans find you? Do you have a Web site, Facebook or MySpace account, Blog or Twitter?

Marco: At the moment, fans can get me on my facebook page Marco Wilson or email me at [email protected], and also I'm on Twitter MarcoWilsonUK. Come find me and message me - I'm happy to answer your questions. Cheers, guys, and thanks to everyone for the support with my signing with Titan Media.

Many thanks to hot Titan Man Marco Wilson for coming to talk with us here at the GayDemon Lounge. Can't wait to see more of this hot stud in action at Titan!

Titan Man Marco Wilson

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