Dirk Caber is one of the hottest hunks at Titan, the kind of guy you just can't help drooling over - or at least, I can't. We got lucky - Dirk agreed to talk to us about his life in porn - including all those dirty details - and I do mean dirty! Join me now as we get to know more about this cock-hardening stud!

Anthony: How'd you become interested in porn? Tell us about how you got started in the business.

Dirk: Who among us hasn't watched a hot scene and thought about how hot it would be to be in the middle of that? I think many of us, whether we'd actually act on it or not, have thought it would add an interesting extra spice to life to indulge an exhibitionist tendency and enact some fantasy sex for a camera and some adoring fans. Hence, having finally pulled myself into the best physical condition of my life, and thinking that at 38 I probably ought to make the dive sooner rather than later, when Titan offered me the chance to try my performing chops, I jumped at the chance. Okay, that's a bit of a lie; I still felt I wasn't really physically up to the standard that I thought I'd have to be, so I had to be convinced, and that only took a little while. i wanted to do it, but I just wasn't fully certain I was all that; even having started out I was pretty certain I'd film one or two scenes, and someone would decide I was just another moderately-sexy, moderately-hung guy of indeterminate hair color and indistinguishable from so many others. I'm still somewhat amazed to look back a year later and note that I've filmed a dozen scenes with Titan alone!

Anthony: What do you like best about being in porn, and is there anything you don't like about it?

Dirk: I've really enjoyed meeting, getting to work with, and making friends with some truly amazing people - stars and crew, directors and more; it's also afforded me the opportunity to hang out in SF a bit, a city I don't live in but am really fond of. I love that knowing that I periodically have to appear nude in front of lights and cameras keeps me VERY motivated in the gym and very conscious of my health, diet, grooming... And of course it's always a thrill when someone comes up to you somewhere and says, "Are you..? I *loved* you in..."

Anthony: Top or Bottom? Which do you prefer and what's your favorite position?

Dirk: Love both, crave both. Doggy-style always is a winner, and the top can really grind into the bottom; slings offer some great possibilities too. As a bottom, though, any position that affords the top the leverage to just wreck my prostate is something that's going to make me grunt, swear, & squeal. Whether my neighbors think that's so hot after a few hours is another question; I tend to be a LOUD fuckee.

Anthony: What is your ultimate sexual fantasy? Who would you most like to work with in porn?

Dirk: Generally if it involves restraint or rope, roughness and aggression, and a smoking hot masculine rugged partner (or two or three) who knows how to kiss, I'm precumming a pond already. I have a list of men I'd like to work with (or work with again); I love working with Alessio Romero, he's hot and rough and sexy and SWEET; I'd love to be tied up and worked over by Spencer Reed; it may spell the end of me, but it would be absolutely worth it to tell Tony Buff could do anything he wanted to to me. Aymeric DeVille, Scotch Inkom, Jim Ferro, Marco DeBrute, Aleksander Freitas, I could go on. But I list these as guys I've met and like and know I've already got a rapport with; it's been great to meet guys for the first time on the set and know they'd have been on the list if I'd known them before, and I'd happily work with them again (and again and again): Shay Michaels, Hunter Marx, David Anthony, Roman Wright, Junior Stellano, Stone Fury... Meeting & getting to work with Dario Beck made the couple days in the woods filming "Thrill Ride" one of the most magical life experiences in recent memory.

Gay pornstar Dirk Caber in threeway action

Anthony: What's it like having sex on camera compared to in your private life? Ever been nervous or couldn't get it up for a shoot?

Dirk: I get nervous every time it comes time to film! Unlike most things in real life, you generally can go back and fix things that didn't go QUITE the way it was needed to, and like in real life having a good & ready sense of humor makes all those little glitches just another part of the whole experience. There are a few exceptions, however - things which can only be done once, cum shots especially; and if that fails or doesn't go quite according to design (or as happened to me once, it lands where it was absolutely *not* supposed to!), it's nigh impossible to go back and do it again; of course that's daunting. As yet nothing like that has prevented me from finishing the scene, though there've been a few times where just the exertion and exhaustion of doing something more strenuous or athletic has made it difficult; it may be sex, but as you're often positioning yourself in some subtly awkward way you wouldn't at home to accommodate a light or a camera and then maintaining a sexual intensity often for hours, it really does become work! Best fix I've found when the energy flags is to stop for a few minutes, catch my breath, get a bite or sip of something to get my electrolytes back up, and come at it fresh; seems to work pretty reliably.

Anthony: How has everyone around you accepted your decision to become a porn star?

Dirk: My friends, even the ones who're "legit" actors and performers and who I expected to take a more jaundiced view, have universally been at least supportive, if not even enthusiastic. I think, coming at it in my late 30's as opposed to my early 20's, it's likely that it's easier for my friends to accept that I'm old enough and have enough life experience to make this decision in full calculation and responsibility. Most of my friends also know that this is only one facet of me, and a very recently-added one amidst several long-established ones, at that.

Anthony: Has working in the adult industry changed your personal life?

Dirk: Not particularly. I'd figured something would alter when I'd be at a bar with friends and they'd realize that it was my ass being reamed on the video screen, but it's amazing to note how few people connect me at that moment to the guy up there.

Anthony: Do you have time for a love life of your own, are you in a relationship? What are some of your hobbies outside of the bedroom?

Dirk: I've dated since starting in the industry, but haven't really had a relationship. Partly that's because I've moved to a new city, and partly it's because I've wanted to invest a most of time in building my "day job" career. I've spent years bashing my head against walls to make my biggest passion & bad habit my vocation; hence it's actually difficult to say I have hobbies outside of being a classical musician. Lots of interests though, of course: traveling, architecture & buildings, languages, history, astronomy, literature, fitness & bodybuilding. Love hiking & mountain climbing, love the beach & the ocean, love to ski & snowboard, love my bicycle.

Anthony: Got any big projects or news on the way?

Dirk: Possibly. There's a photographer in NYC who's talking about a project he'd like to undertake I'm finding VERY interesting, but it's too soon to even know much by way of specifics, let alone share them. There are at least two further releases forthcoming from Titan, and one from another company involving me stuffed with a buttplug puppy tail (I need to buy myself one of those--those are FUN!); keep an eye out for those!

Anthony: Where can new fans find you? Do you have a Web site, Facebook or MySpace account, Blog or Twitter?

Dirk: This is slightly embarrassing: I don't. I do own my URL, but haven't done anything with it yet. Anyone want to help me build something? And you can always find me at Titan.

Gay porn star Dirk Caber

Many thanks to Titan's Dirk Caber for talking with us here at the Gaydemon Lounge. And I can't wait to see more of this horny - and very kinky - stud!

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