Tim Kruger

Thanks so much for doing an interview for GayDemon, we know you're super busy! We had fun discussing what to ask you because we're all such massive fans. I'm the lucky one that gets to talk to you!

So how are you? What's going on in the world of Tim Kruger right now?

Hi, I'm great thanks! We're redesigning Tim Tales at the moment and hope it will be online at the end of this year. We're also releasing a DVD soon. We didn't have that in mind before but many people asked us about so we will give it a try.

Also we're constantly shooting videos and alot of travelling, so you see, I'm quiet busy but I love it!

Sounds it! How did you get started in porn? Were you approached by one of the studios or did you apply to model? Who did you work for first?

I was working in a shop that sold porn DVDs and all that stuff, so I probably watched every porn movie on the market during that time and got interested in it. So I sent out an email to Raging Stallion Studios with some photos and really didn't expect to hear, but after a few days I had a call from porn icon, Michael Brandon, who was directing for Raging Stallion at that time and he invited me over to San Francisco to do my first porn movie. And damn I was so fucking excited! *big smile*

Tim Kruger and Adrian Toledo

What turns you on most, hairy or smooth holes? What else gets you horny?

I think I prefer smooth holes or at least trimmed hair at the hole. The guy can be hairy but the hole should be visible!

I like alot of types of stuff sexually and it always depends on the guy I'm playing with. I like if the guys playing with my nipples and also like nice and soft feet, just to name a few things.

It's no surprise that you were a big hit in porn, but were you expecting porn to be your full time career when you started out?

I didn't expect that at all because I was just curious how it works on a porn set and all that, and didn't really do it for the money. But after I did my first video and other companies wrote to me I just went on doing it because I had fun, met alot of great guys, some not-so-great guys as well but it was a perfect opportunity for me to travel around and even make some money out of it.

After a while and some private clips I put online, which people loved, I decided to try my own website. It took me more than a year to realize it but finally i had Tim Tales online.

Tim Kruger and Kayden Gray

You've had your own site, Tim Tales for a few years now and have found some incredibly talented, greedy-holed bottoms and horse-hung tops to feature in your videos. How do you find the guys? A lot of them have never done porn before.

Yes a lot of them are doing it for the first time on my site and I like that alot because they're real and do not act like some guys who have done porn for years already.

Usually I find them online or they approach me. I think they see that it's fun to do it and the atmosphere is quite relaxed and authentic so they wanna give it a try. And of course many bottom guys just apply to get fucked by me! *smiles*

I noticed on Twitter that you're travelling around a lot. Most recently in Barcelona, is that right? Are your trips for business or pleasure, and can you tell me something about your adventures?

Yeah that's right. I'm travelling a lot. Barcelona is my home at the moment. I moved here from Berlin about a year ago. It's just so much nicer weather here and in summer I had my first ever tanline *lol*

Most of my travels I do for shooting videos or I try to combine shooting with a few days relaxing after. There are just too many guys around the world that it would be a shame just to stay in Europe!

You have a hunk of a boyfriend, Grobes Geraet? When did you meet him and how do you guys cope with the whole porn thing?

Yeah he's a big guy. I met him about 8 years ago and he always supported me in what I'm doing. Of course he was a bit jealous at the beginning, and still is, when he sees I'm very much into a guy, but somthing would be wrong if he would not be jealous at all.

We're open and can each have his playtime with other guys. But always being honest and respectful.

We're working on the site together and he is doing the camera and most of the editing. So you could call it a little family enterprise.

Do you enjoy working with any models in particular? And are there any models you have your sights set on to appear on Tim Tales?

I did so many videos already and there were so many very hot guys I enjoyed working with. And the list is getting longer and longer!

There are quite a few guys I wanna work with, guys who are already in porn or guys who never done any but interested in it. Some of them are not in europe so I have to be patient until I have the chance to get them on my site.

Just the whole gay for pay thing I don't get and I don't want on my site.

Tim Kruger 10 inch cock soft and hard

You're 10 inches and uncut! That's mighty impressive - do you come across models that struggle to take you and how do you get around that?

Yes that happens sometime but surprisingly not that often you maybe would expect *lol*

If they have problems I have to start slow and go on then. And to be honest I really like it if they have a bit of a hard time and you can see that. It makes it even hotter.

Where do you stand on bareback porn?

We showed bareback videos from the beginning of the website and we think it's okay to do so if the models are okay with it. However, we always take care that no model will have a new infection of HIV during one of our shoots.

Can you tell me something about what goes on behind the scenes on a shoot for Tim Tales? Do you and the guys have fun, work out in your gym, etc?

A shoot is always very relaxed and many of the guys we're shooting with, we're friends with. So there's a lot of talking, laughing and having fun. It's more like you're meeting for a private sex date or sex party than for a pornshoot.

Besides porn, what are your passions? How do you like to spend your down-time?

I really like travelling to nice places a lot, that's what makes me happy and where I can relax the most. Also good food and spending time with friends I really enjoy. And here in Barcelona the beach is just 5 minutes away so I can go there quite often.

Thanks for telling us about you and your fantastically successful site. How can fans follow your activities and would you like to say anything to them?

There are alot of ways to follow me. First of all there is a blog in the members area of Tim Tales where I put my everyday life. It will also be improved when the redesigned site is online.

Also they can follow me on Facebook (Tim Kruger), on Twitter (@timkrugerxxx) and Instagram (timkrugerx).

I just would like to thank all the guys who followed me all the years, supported me and still do and give me all that feedback. Also the magazines and blogs who write about me I would like to thank!

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