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So, it's very cool to do what I do... I mean, I get to talk to the guys that get me off. And today we're talking with mouthwatering up-and-cumming gay porn star Mike de Marko. He's new in the biz, but believe me, he's going somewhere! Welcome, Mike.

Anthony: When did you realize that you liked porn a lot more than just watching it and knew you wanted to be a part of it? How did you get your start?

Mike: Well, I've always liked porn a lot... I think I first submitted my photos to a couple studios when I was 19 or 20 (I didn't stand a chance, but I did it anyway). I don't think I thought seriously about it, though, until after I graduated from college in 2009. Still, it took a couple years for me to find a studio I was comfortable with (and one that was willing to shoot me without first putting on 5-10 pounds of muscle or finding my 8-pack).

Anthony: So you have worked with Cocksure Men/Jake Cruise and you've also worked with GayRoom. What have those experiences been like for you?

Mike: Since I began filming about a month ago, I've had the pleasure & privilege to film with some industry veterans: Doug Jeffries, Tyler Saint, and most recently Adam Russo, and I've had been lucky to have amazing experiences with all the studios I've worked with.

My first scene was filmed in late June of this year with Jake Cruise Media for their site Cocksure Men, and should be out for release soon - I hope! The crew at JCM was incredible. Their casting director actually approached me at Cocktails with the Stars (a local, weekly industry event in West Hollywood), and I submitted photos. Next thing you know, I was filming with them, and I have to say the whole crew made me feel right at home!

I've also filmed a few scenes for in past month. The GR crew was also fantastic, and filming with Tyler Saint is always a blast! I also had at the opportunity to do a scene with Connor Patricks for GR, and we had a great time on set here in Los Angeles.

My most recent projects have been DVDs, one for Jet Set Men, and one for C1R, both of which I'm extremely excited to see released in the future. Working with a larger cast and crew has been an exciting challenge for me as a newcomer, and a great way to meet other people in the industry.

Anthony: So let us get to know you a bit... are you a top or a bottom? Do you have a porn star that you have followed? Are you straight, bi, or gay?

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Mike: It's clear to me already that I'm going to have to be versatile in this industry... People are always surprised when I tell them I'm a bottom. I'm gay, and in my personal life, I almost never top, but I've been cast in both roles for the projects I've worked on so far, so I guess Mikey is vers. Porn, like any other industry, calls for a certain flexibility if you're going to last, and I plan on being around for a while, so you can count on seeing me in a variety of roles.

Anthony: Ok, you're the director. Put yourself in your fantasy scene... what's it like and who's in it? :) Now, I'm sporting wood over here, this scene better make me keep it! Feel free to tell me about any fetishes you have as well ;-)

Mike: The first thing that comes to mind is a shower scene... I don't know what it is about - shower sex. I guess I just like it wet and wild. Ask my friends... I've broken more than one shower door or rod in my day. Anyway, back to the scene: it's a group scene, obviously, and I'm going to bottom for the football team in the locker room showers. There's nothing I love more than a hot jock or jocks, so why not start out by going down on the team captain, and then having the rest of our teammates circle around to use my mouth and eventually letting them all aggressively tag team my ass in the showers... Did I mention, I'm a selfish bottom? :)

Anthony: Sex is a great thing and what you guys do really is just... just great! But how does sex on camera differ than in the bedroom for you? Is it more difficult, or have you become a seasoned professional? How do you get into a role and maintain that role?

Mike: The primary difference between sex on camera and sex in the bedroom is fluidity... In the bedroom the progressions of physical acts moves naturally, and while we attempt to imitate that on film, there is bound to be more stops and starts on in the studio than in the bedroom. Getting into character isn't terribly difficult; after all, sex is sex, and more often than not it's very enjoyable. You're playing a role whenever you engage in sex with another person: top, bottom; aggressive, submissive; maybe you're playing out a fantasy at home. In sex in the studio, you're playing out a fantasy for the viewer.

Anthony: So is porn going to be your career of choice or is this a stepping stone towards something else?

Mike: If you follow my twitter @MikedeMarko closely (and not too many do... yet), you may notice I'm a full time student and a realtor in Los Angeles. Porn is a part of my life, and it's something that I enjoy, just as I enjoy school and my work in real estate. If I didn't, why would I do any of it? In short, porn is a part of my life and I have a feeling it will be for a while, so long as I continue to enjoy it. It's a stepping stone like everything else. If I've learned one thing in life, that is this: the only constant in life is change. I am constantly reinventing myself, and this is just one of the latest iterations of me.

Anthony: So what is coming up from Mike de Marko? Is there any news of upcoming roles? Where can we keep up to date with everything so that we can stalk... er follow you :)

It's hard to say. I've been working hard to get my name out there and I've been filming frequently for a variety of studios. I hope to continue doing just that. In the meantime, you can follow my on twitter, @Mikedemarko; and on Instagram, mikedemarko, which I just started posting on, as well.

Anthony: I love to end on this question. Give me one word that best describes you as a performer and why?

Mike: I hate this question... LOL. It's like a job interview: "What is your greatest strength or weakness?", but I'll go for it anyway. I thought about this for a while, and without any outside input (which I was very tempted to solicit... maybe I should have), I would have to say the word is VERSATILE. It's a shocker, I know, coming from an admitted selfish bottom - scroll up. I honestly never thought, I'd describe myself as versatile - flexible, maybe... sometimes very flexible. Wait until you've seen a few of my scenes. I alluded to this earlier, when I said sex is sex, and it's true... You have to be versatile physically and mentally. It's not my fantasy playing out on the screen (well, sometimes it is), so it comes down to versatility and a willingness to take direction, something I'm not always great at in all aspects of life, but on screen I like to think I'm versatile.

Thank you for chatting with us, Mike de Marko, and hope to see you in action and talk to you soon. You can see Mike soon in his up-and-coming shoots Cocksure Men and Gay Room or at his twitter.

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