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I'd like to welcome gay pornstar Jessy Ares to Gaydemon. He's a Titan exclusive model, and a very hot hunk of man. Ready? Then let's get this interview started!

Anthony: How did you decide you wanted to work in adult videos, and how did you end up working with Titan?

Jessy: In Europe I had been working as a fashion model for some years. At the beginning when you start working in the fashion industry you are blinded by the beautiful and glamorous world they sell you on ads and TVF, so you don't really know the trouble and constant fight that is going on to always get new jobs. Not speaking of everyone, but most models. Bookers and people working in this industry can be very sneaky, and on top of that most of them have an over-dimensional ego. In addition, fashion is not only about classic beauty anymore as it has been in the past. It has become art, and we know art can be very abstract. I was tired of always being approached sexually or flirted with when I was looking for jobs, tired of a back-stabbing community that kisses you on the cheek, and tired of having to compete with guys that have never seen a gym in their life.

Besides, I need money to go on with my artistic projects ,so I thought to myself "Every porn model that works for a reasonable company is more masculine, good looking and athletic than a lot of models who I work with, and so it is probably better and more fun to have sex with those guys rather than always having to deal with smeary approaches of ugly designers and bookers wearing nerd glasses, dressed in ridiculous clothes. So I decided to try porn to get away from all of this. I have applied for four big companies including Titan. Three out of these four contacted me right away; though Titan has showed me an extra effort, so I decided to give my first try with Titan. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in the past few years.

Anthony: What are the things you like most about doing porn? Any dislikes?

Jessy: Likes: Of course, I love sex with good looking guys, and I love to make money, so it is a great opportunity to combine both. Besides, I always have a blast with the crew that I work with, and we hang out in really cool places. Dislikes: Hmmm... haven't really come across any so far. Except for maybe having a huge dick up my ass. I mean, don't get me wrong - I am versatile but I can only take sizes medium to large - anything else beyond that is challenging rather than pleasurable.

Anthony: Who are your favorite porn stars, and are there any you'd like to work with? Would you top or bottom?

Jessy: First and foremost, Junior Stallano. Would love to work with him. Would top and bottom if his dick is not too big. Next, Francois Sagat. Would love to work with him, and would top and bottom if his dick is not too big. Regarding these two, I'd like to add that it is more about getting to know them personally as they both appear to have quite interesting personalities judging by certain comments and behavior they have showed in interviews. Other than that I have already worked with really cool guys such as Spencer Reed (beautiful eyes), Alessio Romero (nice personality) and Jay Roberts (we Have become friends).

Jessy Ares Titan Exclusive

Anthony: What are your biggest turn-on, turn-offs and sexual fantasies?

Jessy: Turn-on: Kissing! I love to kiss! To me, kissing is more stimulating and sensual than anything else! Other than that, of course; muscles and masculinity. Hairy chests, beards (but not a must). And last but not least, i like rascals and rebels with a good heart. Turn off: Guys that flutter their tongue like a butterfly when they kiss. .Effeminate, cocky and conservative behavior. Guys that can´t stand their man and be openly gay as well as guys that pretend to be straight machos and then secretly hit on you. Cockrings, prince alberts and piercings.

My sexual fantasies... Hmmm. i don´t really have any fetishes or special fantasies. To me the best sex is "one on one" with a guy that you have amazing chemistry with sexually and mentally.

Anthony: What is the oddest location you've ever had sex, and do you have any funny stories about shooting porn?

Jessy: I once had an affair with a guy in Barcelona and we went to a Thai restaurant where we had been seated on cushions on the floor as the table was in a hole in the ground. So we ended up jerking each other off under the table and constantly pretended we dropped something so we could take turns crawling under the table and giving each other short blow jobs.

Regarding porn, the entire situation at a porn set has been hilarious from the get-go where being naked and sex is seen as one of the most normal things in the world. I love how crazy that is! When i was shooting porn for the first time, working with Spencer Reed, we went and grabbed lunch during the photo shoot and the actual scene takes. I went to put my clothes back on while Spencer didn't even worry about it. While he was having a conversation with our cameraman Paul and preparing his sandwich, his dick was hanging in the salad bowl. Paul just took short notice of it and told him so he would take his dick back out with a short "oh". They just carried on with their conversation as if this was a common thing to happen everyday everywhere! It made me laugh really hard! Other than that we always joke around at the set with real funny phrases and rhymes when we have the time for it!

Anthony: I hear that you have some interesting and unusual physical training - can you tell us a little about that?

Jessy: Interesting unusual physical training? *haha* Well, i actually go to the gym 3-5 times a week to keep myself in shape. I don´t really see anything unusual about that, or are you talking about my "circus skills"?! If that should be the case, yes - I used to have circus classes as a teenager. So I juggle with balls (and I am not talking about testicles), rings and clubs, I unicycle, do a bit of fire poi dancing, I spit and swallow fire (get your mind out the gutter), some gymnastic acrobatics, tight rope walking on a slack line and play the diabolo a bit.

Anthony: What are your hobbies and interests, and what are your favorite foods, TV show, activities?

Jessy: Hobbies and interests? I love to hang out and go out with my close friends - they are all completely crazy! Besides that, I am highly interested in researching the mystics. Favorite foods: Italian, Italian, Italian! And lamb filet! TV shows: i hate TV- it´s all fake and make believe for quotes! I don´t watch any except for interesting and serious documentaries that have an instructive purpose. Activities:singing, sports, practicing my circus skills, mystics, friends, and dancing.

Anthony: Do your friends and relatives know you do porn?

Jessy: Everybody knows - I don´t make a secret out of it. I stick to what i do!. Even some of my agencies know. Some like it; some don´t; Ilost some friends because of it, and hardly have contact to my family anymore since they found out. But who cares? At the end of the day, I have to pay my bills on my own and don´t have time for prude opinions. We all have sex and most of us watch porn, so no time for hypocrisy.This is 2011! It is time to accept our sexuality as something natural that is part of us, not something we have to be ashamed of.

Anthony: What's on the horizon for Jessy Ares - any projects, websites or big plans for the future?

Jessy: My biggest passion is to sing, and after an odyssey through European TV casting such as Pop Idol and XFactor shows' managers and producers; always having to accept everybody's fake terms and conditions that haven´t brought me anywhere; i finally managed to drop it all and am now working on an album on my own. I don´t know if it will be successful but it is the real me, which to me is all that counts! I have just recently finished one song called "Pornstar" which i am dedicating to Titan, and i am planing on releasing it under my artist name "Arestirado" within the next months over i-Tunes!Besides that; of course i will be shooting more great porn with Titan. And trying to finally get the hell out of modeling!

Anthony: Where can new fans find you? Do you have a Facebook or MySpace account, blog or Twitter?

Jessy: I can be found under "Jessy Ares" on Facebook, as well as on

I'd like to thank Titan model Jessy Ares for dropping by to do this interview, and can't wait to see more of this hot masculine pornstar in action in the future!

Hot and hunky Jessy Ares

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