Gay porn star Jake Bass

First, may I say this interview took place before Mr. Jake Bass exploded onto the scene at CockyBoys. I went through an Adele moment, and got overwhelmed with a breakup and couldn't get to all of my work. But, I'm finally fucking done making excuses, and most of all I'm fucking horny as hell again, so what a better job then interviewing the guys that get me off?

Now, Jake is a little more than just that to me. You all know how much I love Mason Star, if you follow me on Twitter (@demonrollins). Jake is right up there for me, and the best part, he's just as nice. He started talking to me after I saw his work on VideoBoys and we worked out this informal little interview via Skype. Gotta love the tats, his adorable smile, but his best part.he's kind of a badass :) Who doesn't love a little stud like that? Now on to the interview.

Anthony: Please go ahead and introduce yourself for my fellow masturbaters who aren't familiar with you... yet.

Jake: Well, hello - I'm Jake Bass. I'm currently 21 years old, almost 22 and living in Montreal, Canada, the greatest city on earth haha!

Anthony: Does it bother you that a 17 year old boy named Justin Bieber is the first thing I think about when I hear Canada?

Jake: *Sighs* Well, now you can think of me ;-)

Anthony: You're a much better thing to think of. At least I can get a hardon.So, VideoBoys is where I first saw you :) You've also been featured on Squirtz as well. What's it like to be part of this family of websites? Is porn different then you imagined it, or is it better than you could have imagined?

Jake: It's pretty good; the team is fantastic. All of them are very nice people, I couldn't have found a better crew to hook myself up with. I started about a

year ago, eight or nine months. I've worked with Luda Wayne, Bobby Long, Gabriel Clark, Justin Lebeau. Porn is very different than I imagined it. To be honest with you, it's not that it's not great and all; its not as smooth as you might imagine. All the shots, come back and do this, etc. It's a lot more complicated, but doesn't keep the fun out of it.

Anthony: So tell us about your first shoot - it was a solo scene, right? Can I just ask how you manage to blow what seems to be a bigger load every time? Is that something you've always been blessed with, or is that a trick of the trade?

Jake: Yes, it was a solo for Squirtz. I was NERVOUUUUS, haha. It turns out I got there late because I got confused. It didn't start very well haha. I didn't

really know what I was getting into. I mean, I dated Ralph Woods, so I kinda knew, but nothing like actually doing it yourself. I know Pierre Fitch, too. I'm not sure about the load thing, I guess I'm just really into it :) It's kind of my thing, I guess.

Jake Bass sucking cock

Anthony: Obviously my favorite scene is going to involve you in action. The scene where you get the chance to fuck Bobby Long is great. Is the chemistry between you two as easy as it looked? How do you get to know a fellow porn

star before a shoot? Do you give each other a test run?

Jake: It turns out I picked up Bobby Long the night before and he wound up sleeping at my place. We def had a test run. We ate like pigs, watched

movies, and fucked all night. It really put me at ease the next day. I was nervous as well, still. Bobby was great, we have a lot of things in common but we don't come from the same place or hang out with the same group of people. We got along really, really well, though :)

Anthony: I love tats on a guy. Any meaning to any of your tattoos and how many you have got? Is it true that once you get inked, it's all you want to keep doing? Do you like other guys with tattoos or do you look for something else in a

partner? What are your fetishes? Turn-ons and turn-offs?

Jake: I have four tattoos. The first tattoo I ever got is a little heart on my wrist. That comes from one of my first girlfriends, who was an artist. No, it was not a mistake haha :) It's for the expression I wear my "heart on my sleeve".

Anthony: Are you gay, bi, or str8? What is your opinion about gay-for-pay performers?

Jake: I don't really like to label myself. I have had been with both. I've had boyfriends and girlfriends. As for performers, it doesn't matter as long as everything works out on camera and the sex is realistic enough. Being gay-for-pay or being gay shouldn't matter.

Thanks to porn star Jake Bass for talking with us. His personality is great, and of course his on-scene performances are great. You can check them out at VideoBoys, Squirtz, and now of course,


Tattooed twink Jake Bass

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