Falcon Studios Model Roman Heart

Today we're lucky enough to talk to Falcon Studios model Roman Heart!

Anthony:: So, how did you get your start in the big? How did you decide "Hey, I think I wanna fuck on camera" ;)

Roman:: It was in 2004 with Falcon Studios. I had friends that were in the biz that loved it.

Anthony: Even if people admit they are 50/50 top and bottom, everyone has got a preference. So if was the last time you could ever have sex, which would you be - top or bottom?

Roman:: Nice questions! Expected answer - bottom.

Anthony: When have you been turned on the most while filming a scene? What performer has been the easiest to work with?

Roman:: When there is the natural unexpected connection.

Anthony: What's your ultimate sexual fantasy? What are your turn-ons and what don't you like in a guy?

Roman:: I like and fantasize about authority figures; your typical teacher, cop, lawyer. I like confident, aggressive guys, and vice versa.

Anthony: Do you have time for a love life of your own? What are some of your hobbies outside of the bedroom?

Roman:: Yes, I've been with Benjamin Bradley for about six years - he's my love. I like to cook, read and do anything outdoors.

Anthony: What's been the highlight so far now that you're a part of the business?

Roman:: Being a part of such productions as Cross Country and Roman's Holiday where we travel abroad.

Anthony: Now all your fuckers are alike in the way that you all have amazing bodies. Fucking fabulous :) Got any workout tips for us? How do you keep your body looking sexy as hell?

Roman:: I've always eaten a minimal amount of sugar, and I never "drink" my calories.

Anthony: Rapid fire time... One performer you want to work with and weirdest place you've ever had sex!

Roman:: Falcon Studios sets me up with amazing actors, so I'm set on that. Weirdest place, in a cemetery on a grave.

Anthony: Got any big projects or news on the way?

Roman:: I'm beginning a house in January, and I'm really excited to purchase it and make it my own!

Anthony: Where can we stalk you... I mean follow you (i.e. Twitter, Facebook or your own website)?

Roman:: www.RomanAndBenjamin.com

Thank you for talking with us, Roman. We look forward to seeing you in more movies, and in your future projects!

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