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Anthony: How long have you been in the porn industry? Was this an easy career choice for you? I mean putting that ass to good use is never more on display that with you - do you ever top or is that ass really just a boy pussy? ;-)

Dylan: I have been in the industry now for a year, which kind of feels like it has flown by. Going into porn wasn't that much of a difficult choice for me, though it wasn't exactly easy breezy. For some people it may be easy to put their most intimate moments in front of camera, but for me I did have to think about it. And then I thought why not. You only live once and it could be fun, which it has been!

I have mainly bottomed but I do top for the first time in Black Balled 8, so that is something you should definitely look forward to if you want to see me top. Maybe this will lead the way into me topping some. Who knows. Guess we will have to see where the road takes me. ;)

Anthony: You've done work with Suite 703 being featured on Men Hard at Work, My Brother's Hot Friend, and Hot Jocks Nice Cocks. Was this your first work in the porn world? What were these scenes like to shoot?

Dylan: No, these weren't my first scenes in the porn world. My VERY FIRST scene was for with Bo Dean. I was definitely nervous doing my first scene. Getting used to the camera took me a little bit. Shooting those scenes for Suite703 was really good. I had a blast working with Brad Star, he completely put me at ease on set. Seth Roberts and Al Carter were great to work with also, of course by then I was used to everyone being there so I wasn't so tense at first.

Anthony: So, is the saying true, "Once you go black, you never go back"? Blackballed8 is set to come out and this is quite the interracial gangbang. What was it like being a part of this production - was it as enjoyable as it looks? You look sexy as hell on that pool table dude :)

Dylan: I feel so lucky and fortunate that I got picked to be a part of this production. Working with Chi Chi LaRue was a lot of fun and she definitely helped relax me before we started shooting and she made sure that I was okay during filming as well. I got along great with everyone and we all had a great time before, during, and after filming. I hope I get to work with Chi Chi again sometime. LOVE her! Doing the movie was definitely enjoyable. How could it not be enjoyable when all the guys were smokin' hot and had great cocks. ;)

3D porn is almost too much for me. You guys get me off in regular 2D, how the fuck am I supposed to deal with a cock and/or ass right in my face ;) Brandon Lewis got to tap that ass for Dominic Ford. What's it like working with him? Anything about this shoot that made it more difficult or different than the rest of the studios you have worked for?

Working with Brandon Lewis was great! He was incredibly patient with me. When I worked with Dominic Ford the first time, I was still nervous about being in front of the camera since I was finishing up my first week ever in porn. I hope I get the chance to work with him again soon because I will definitely be ready for him! ;) Working with Dominic Ford is amazing! GREAT guys! I love them to death! They are so personable and accommodating. I hope I get to work with them soon again! Dominic Ford is just a great and easy studio to work with. I can't say enough great things about the guys!

Anthony: NextDoorStudios features your sexy self, as well. Four Locos is a group scene for you with Donny Wright, Patrick Rouge, and Rick McCoy. And on megastud Austin Wilde's site, you get double penetrated by Austin and Jay Cloud. Now I cum every time I watch it, I don't know how you didn't cum prematurely every time. There's so many fucking studs! How was shooting with NextDoor?

Dylan Hauser's hard cock

Dylan: Shooting with NextDoor is a lot of fun. Everyone is a lot of fun to work with and they make sure that you are taken care of. When I got scheduled to shoot with NextDoor for a second time, I was thrilled and I was even more excited when I found out that one of my scenes was with Austin Wilde. He's hot and a lot of fun on set. He also helped me with a personal issue I was dealing with at the time, and that is something I won't ever forget. :). All in all, NextDoor is great.

Anthony: What would you say is the craziest sex act you've done minus the dp and the whole getting gangbanged by hot and horny black men? What other fetishes and turn-ons do you have?

Dylan: Well, both of those sex acts rank pretty high up there, but since I can't say those, I would have to say sex in the bathroom at a certain store, which will remain nameless. ;) People going in and out all the while the other guy and I are trying to keep quiet, which was quite difficult, but hot, sexy, and fun nonetheless. Public sex can definitely be exciting and fun! I have thing for men in uniforms: police, military, firefighter. A MAJOR turn on is a hot guy in a F-250. It brings out the country boy in me. A hot guy haulin' shit in a big ass truck is just sexy too me. And laugh if you want, but for some reason I want to have balls to the wall, rough sex in one.

Anthony: Is there a performer out there that you're dying to work with? Any performers you watch in your spare time that you try to emulate? I always wondered if porn stars actually watch a shit ton of porn when they're not filming. What sets you apart from other great bottoms/performers?

Dylan: Haha putting me on the spot, I see. A performer I'm dying to work with... I would have to say Boston Miles! But for someone who isn't my boyfriend(read below) I would say Tom Wolfe. Who wouldn't want to have a scene with him, right?! ;). I really don't emulate anyone. I believe if I tried to do that, it would come off horrible. I'm just me and it seems to be doing pretty well for me. :). As for watching porn, I don't know about others but it's hard for me to watch now.

Anthony: Even though us fans would like to think so, your whole life doesn't involve getting plowed. What are some of your hobbies? Any time to have a love life of your own?

Dylan: I enjoy just being with my friends, going to the bar and having a few drinks. I enjoy sitting at home sometimes and catching up on some tv shows I might have missed, camping and hiking are always fun. During the summer months I enjoy going tubing, and during the winter some friends and I rent a cabin for the weekend and relax and have some fun. I enjoy driving with the windows down and the music up when the weather isn't too hot or too cold. As for love life, well things have been amazing in that department. I met Boston Miles not too long ago and we had such a strong connection from the moment we met, that we knew something was there. We are together, yes. :). Being apart is definitely hard but I'm only about 3 hours away from him so that isn't bad.

Anthony: Where can we keep up with the latest on Dylan Hauser? Give me all the different ways to stalk that ass ;)

Dylan: You can reach me on twitter: @DylanHuaser or you can email me: [email protected]

Anthony: Ok...maybe the toughest question I'm throwing at you is the last one. Choose only one word that best fits you and your personality on film :) I have a couple I'd love to go with for ya, but its your question haha

Dylan: Haha, the first word that came to my mind was hungry. Hungry for cock in my mouth and in my ass, hungry for eating ass. Hungry for cum. I've been double penetrated, gang-banged, eaten cum, so that word seems to fit pretty well. ;)

Thank you, Dylan Houser, for talking with us here at the GayDemon lounge. If you want to see more of this sexy bottom stud, you can find him at his Twitter or watch him get fucked at any of the Suite 703 sites or at any of the sites he mentioned. Great having you, stud - hope we get to talk to you again soon!

Gay porn star Dylan Hauser

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