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Lots of people only know Chris Crocker for his breakdown YouTube video "Leave Britney Alone," but there's a lot more to learn about the self-made, Internet celebrity. Crocker sat down with GayDemon to talk about his music career -- bet you didn't know he's sold over 100,000 songs - his popularity and success, and his foray into gay porn. Crocker has two new scenes at Lucas Entertainment, he's planning to film with a couple of other porn sites / studios, and he's working out the details on his own porn site.

Hi Chris, thanks for speaking to us today. We're thrilled to be able to talk to you and find out more about you!

I am NOT going to start with the cliche questions about Britney and the whole "Leave Britney Alone" thing from 2007. So you might be pleased with that.

Tell us how you are, what you've been doing and where've you been?

I've been working on my music, as usual which I'm not sure if anyone openly knows is my main income. I'm over 120,000 songs sold now, which for an independent artist who funds his own music, I'm really proud of that. I'm also working on my first book, which I'm writing completely on my own, as well as shooting new porn!

When you're out and about, do you get recognised by people? Like if you go clubbing or go to the mall? And what is the usual reaction from people that do?

I do. The funniest are the people who don't say hi, who then go on Twitter and say they saw me.

It's surprising to me that I'm still recognized but my before and after look just recently became an international headline. I've looked different from my 2007 look for years now but people are apparently fascinated that you can cut off your dyed hair and grow a beard.

In the last year I've not only done porn but a lot of TV appearances. (Most recently on MTV's new show "The Ex And Why" which aired yesterday.) so I think that's helped with keeping people "in the know"

I was reading that you were born and raised in Tennessee, spent a short time living in LA and then returned home? What made you decide to move back, and is it difficult being openly gay in your hometown?

Well I go back and forth from TN. I just lived there for 9 months. It's easier to make music in TN without being overly socially stimulated like I am in LA. There is a lot less noise and it's condusive to my music making.

It's not difficult for me anymore being openly gay in TN because I am always with my family.

When I was younger I was always going out and encountering hatred but I also used to look a lot less hetero normative. And although I may look less gay in terms of hair, the second I open my mouth or they see me walk or talk with my hands it's a dead giveaway.

And to the people who use the attention whore card - if you're mad at me getting the attention, you must be an attention virgin. You must be so attention deprived that you resent someone who gets it naturally.  

The way you shot to stardom is inspirational. Earlier in the year Queerty said, "One thing we know for sure: with 119,111 Facebook followers, 179,000 Twitter fans, [Crocker's] one of those self-invented social media icons that we love". What do you think made you so successful?

I believe those followers are a higher number now. Just kidding. Or am I?

I think it resonates with people that I'm an 8th grade drop-out due to bullying and I turned that into my motivator. It's very easy on one hand for the cynics to see me as a crying lunatic bubble head, but on the other side are the people who listen to the words I say - not how I'm saying it. They take a closer look and see a guy from a trailer park background and see you can make it. Even in the face of thousands of retractors.

Before we move on to talk about your career in porn, I want to ask you about your passion for music. Since 2008 you have been writing and producing your own music, right? Tell us what drives your lyrics and who inspires you most.

Since I was a kid (yes, I'm giving that cliche because, yes, true) I've danced and performed for my family. From 7-14 I performed and competed in dance competitions and won my first for dancing to Britney's Oops. We called ourselves "The Oopsers" and won first place.

Chris Crocker

I thought dancing was the extent of my ability with music because I'm not a great singer. So in 2008 I did my first song 'Mind in the Gutter' and it even debuted on the Top Pop 100 on iTunes at 30 something.

It showed me you don't have to have the greatest voice to make good music. It's about the song and the song concept which for me is similar to creating the arch of a good viral video. You need a catchphrase (the chorus) and a huge build up. Songwriting is my passion, but I was lucky to learn from my co-writers who I worked with in my past songs to now just write them all myself.

Finishing a song is more of an orgasm than any cumshot.

So what made you decide to extend your talents to porn? Some might say you just crave attention, however you get it. Is that the case or do you just feel a natural flare for performing?

I think most performers find this is a constant battle. I would much rather people pay attention to my work than me.

And to the people who use the attention whore card - if you're mad at me getting the attention, you must be an attention virgin. You must be so attention deprived that you resent someone who gets it naturally.

Which is why I made my "Chris Crocker Blinks" video which has over 8 million views. I wanted to show I can do very little and get the attention.

View full video at Maverick Men

Your porn debut was in 2012 for Maverick Men, where you filmed a shoot with Cole and Hunter, barebacking with your then boyfriend, Justin Goble. Tell me, is fucking with Cole and Hunter as much fun as it looks? And do you still have those "Chris Crocker Was Here" briefs?

Cole and Hunter were a fantasy of mine for years. I'm not a bottom but u always said I would for them and I did!

They're the sexiest guys. I think their porn is some of the hottest there is. The way they cover those guys mouths turns me on more than anything. I've always felt, if you're going to top me - dominate me. Because I'm very dominant when I top so I need to feel overpowered if I'm going to bottom. I want to dominate or be dominated. Equal sex is boring.

Chris Crocker Maverick Men

Between that scene and your Lucas Entertainment debut "Chris Crcoker's Raw Love" last month, did you make any other porn films, or did you take time out, and why?

I am filming for 2 other companies very soon. And hopefully building my own website where I can have no restrictions of a studio telling me not to be rough when I fuck.

I understand that you were signed exclusively to Lucas Entertainment. Where do you see your career in porn going next?

I'm doing more porn next month. Building my own website is the goal. People need to see how I cover my bottoms mouths and fuck the dog shit out of them. The stuff I film myself is way more watchable and hardcore.

Who would you say your favourite porn idol is? You must have a favourite...

I wouldn't say I have a porn idol but Mickey Taylor (Staxus model) is my favorite porn star. I also love Andy Taylor (Helix Studios). I got a thing for Taylor's apparently.

Our readers and your fans (as well as me, of course) will want to know more about you sexually. What turns you on? Got any fetishes or kinks?

I'm just huge into degradation in the bedroom. If I'm not dominating you - you need to be dominating me. Mouth covering while pounding. Calling my partner a faggot while he looks up at me sucking my cock. I'm not a sexual romantic and it's my policy the F word is made for the bedroom only.

Being so creative, I would imagine you'd love to direct/produce your own porn movies, right? Tell us off the top of your head what kind of movie you'd make and who'd be in it?

I would love to make my own boundary pushing movie. I think a great concept would be "Chris Crocker Fucks the Haters" in which I have guys calling me a flamed and I fuck the everloving dog shit our of them.

You heard it here first!

That concept will be executed.

Are your friends and family a supportive bunch? Do they know about your career in porn and what do they think of it?

My loved ones are mostly conservative but I'm very open. They don't necessarily support it but we have an open dialogue.

There will be lots of your fans that want to follow in your footsteps, I imagine. Specifically talking about porn here, what would be your advice to someone about becoming very public and what are the pitfalls to try to avoid?

You have to have a strong sense of self first. A lot of people come into porn with self esteem issues and want to feel hot by the validation of being cast in porn. You gotta be confident in your sexuality because even the hottest guys are torn apart on blogs.

If you do it - do it for you. Also avoid NOT telling your family. It always comes out.

Linking in to pitfalls - despite having so many fans and followers, there are also a lot of haters. It hasn't been all plain sailing for you, and I wonder, what do you think stirs up such bitchiness from gay men towards you?

I think they see me as undeserving. They don't see me as the hottest, most talented, or funniest. But underneath that I think is the always ever-present real reason for them discounting me. I'm feminine and I have a big mouth. They think I'm what's wrong with the gay image in society.

And little do they realize - if our symbol is the rainbow as gays - Embrace every shade. Even the brightest most annoying to you. Not everyone is naturally masculine just as not everyone is naturally feminine.

Discouraging people to be feminine is THE biggest problem in the community. Internalized homohobia is huge. It's why men get on steroids and beef up half the time. To tons it down. Because to them to be hot you can't be a queen. But I wear my crown on my cock.

Okay, so I said I wouldn't start with a Britney question, but I am going to finish with one, because I'm in a naughty mood. But the only thing I really want to know is, did you ever hear from or meet Britney Spears following that YouTube sensation?

Never heard from her but I'm hoping one day I'll present her at the VMA's.

Thanks again Chris! I've loved talking with you and I hope you'll catch up with us again soon?

Great talking with you, you demonic gay *wink*

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