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Today we're talking to porn stud and super cutie, Alexander Greene. I can't wait to learn more about this horny adult star, so let's get started!

Anthony: Finally, a fellow Jersey boy in the house. Go ahead and introduce yourself stud. How'd you get your start in porn?

Alex: Alex Greene here; you'd probably get more of a kick out of how I came up with the name then how I got into porn. I actually have always considered or fantasied doing porn, finally one day I looked at an adult jobs website and seen a post recruiting extras for sausage party. Then while at my first scene as an extra someone noticed me and asked if I would like to be more than an extra. I'm sure you can guess my answer.

Anthony: I'm not calling you a whore, but I've seen that fine ass on a lot of different sites. Can you tell us all the studios and performers you've worked with? Do you have a favorite site or performer?

Alex: I have been on a number of sites, most of which are small and most are from when I started doing porn. I've slowed down to just a handful of studios including CollegeDudes, Pride, Channel1Releasing, and GayRoom. As for favorite studios, I honestly don't have any preference - they are all really good. And I just gave up on my favorite performer so that spots up for grabs, but I do want to do a scene with Dean Monroe, I think I met him at a C1R shoot and we both started talking for a while; really sexy body, face, voice, and personality.

Anthony: I love seeing a guy that knows how to top and bottom equally well. My favorite is always bottom but do you prefer one to the other? What sets you apart from other stars?

Alex: When I started doing porn I preferred to top, thinking it would be easier even though I'm more of a bottom in my personal life. I quickly realized I'd rather bottom either way. What sets me apart from others, is I like to have fun doing porn. I joke around a lot on set, have a good time and actually make shooting comfortable. Shoots always go smoother when the people being filmed are into each other, I always do my best to make that happen.

Anthony: Are you content with the exposure you have now, or do you have bigger goals?

Alex: I am very content with where I am. I have way bigger goals, and where I am right now is well on my way to them.

Anthony: Favorite sex position? What gets you going during sex? Anything kinky you're into?... Go!

Alex: All of them! I love switching it up a lot while having sex. There's so many guys with there favorite positions, it ends up boring. What really gets me going is being playful; pull my hair, watch me smile, give me a kiss, smile back, pull out and get on bottom, roll over and ride it, have fun. I can get as kinky as anyone if you find a way to make it fun.

Anthony: Besides getting to have sex with numerous hot guys which is always the best part of being a porn star, what has been the favorite part of your career thus far?

Alex: My favorite part has got to be the people I've met. There's a lot of characters in this industry that I'm really glad to now know.

Anthony: So being that Jersey is in your background, what's better... Jersey Shore or Jersey Score?

Alex: Jersey Score might be one of the most ridiculous pornos I have ever seen, yet still no where close to how ridiculous the Shore actually gets when seasons in full swing. As for which is better, I would rather watch the Shore show, or just visit the shore myself.

Anthony: How open are you about being involved in porn? Do you have an off camera relationship? What are some things, not involving a cock, that you like to do? ;)

Alex: I have had a few relationships since I've started. In some I was less honest about what I did for work. As of now I'm avoiding a real relationship for a while, I'm only 20 and I don't plan on settling down anytime soon. As for what I like doing out side of porn, I love being outside, going to the beach, long boarding or roller blading down Ocean Drive in South Beach, snow boarding, trying to get the hang of surfing. I like reading more then television, but still do enjoy dinner and a movie dates. I also really enjoy being in school. Only thing I really don't like is not having anything to do.

Anthony: One word to describe you as a performer is... And just for the hell of it because I'm interested, one guy not involved in porn that you'd love to get your hands on.

Alex: I think "Outgoing" works, even when the scene is last minute and I'm exhausted and having a bad day, I always seem to have a really good time on set. As for my out-of-industry fantasy, it would have to be Taylor Lautner even though I hate the Twilight movies, and I would have to have a personality that belongs to a character on Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Is that too much to hope for?

Anthony: Where can we follow you and keep up to date with everything Alexander Greene? What's coming up in the future? Any upcoming scenes?

Alex: There's always upcoming scenes! I love to talk to fans on twitter @AlexGreeneXXX where I try to post any new scenes as the come out. I also have a porn email [email protected] which I check for fan requests and use for anything porn related, and I just recently got a second phone number dedicated to porn although that number isn't so public.

Thanks for talking with us, Alexander Greene. Can't wait to see more of you - much more of you ;) - in action. Come back and talk with us again, stud!

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