Interview with Adam Russo

Find out how one of gay porn's most handsome daddies got into the industry, who he likes fucking and who he has a crush on

Nobody has managed to tie you down as an exclusive yet. Are you enjoying playing the field? Is there any particular reason for this?

I am enjoying myself and working for a variety of bareback and condom studios. I have never been asked to be an exclusive, which is just fine with me. I have worked my ass and my dick off to achieve what I have with no exclusivity nor an agent. Just plain old determination has worked thus far. Not quite sure why I haven't worked for Raging Stallion or Naked Sword yet. I guess they don't like me lol... Oh well, such is life. You win some you lose some. My advice to anyone who wants to be in this business is 1, make sure you know what you want out of this career; 2, do it yourself - determination coupled with good photos and the ability to work in front of a camera are all important.

Lito I have never worked with but theres just something so masculine about him with that big dick of his that makes me want to put my legs in the air.  

Your'e such a masculine guy, so when you're paired with cute young guys like Casey Tanner for Icon Male it makes some amazing daddy/boy porn. Is he your usual type?

Thank you! I do love what I do. There are many types of boys and men that I find attractive. In this industry that's a good thing since you never know who you will be coupled. My favorite kind of men have always been latin and black, followed by dark mediterranean type guys. Those are my preferences but not the end all be all. I have had many different boys from around the world. Life is a banquet after all.

How did you first get into the porn industry and what was behind your decision to be a porn star?

I started escorting first just because the economy took a down turn and I figured why not try it. I thought that I could increase my exposure if I did porn. Titan Men is the first studio who hired me. At the time I was close by to their studios the rest as they say is history.

What's been your favourite scene to make this year so far and why?

Thats a tough one to answer. I just filmed some orgy scenes with Treasure Island and Raw Fuck Club. Both were a lot of fun. I was with a great group of guys and we all just had a great time.

Adam Russo Treasure Island

Is there a scene that sticks out as the most amazing? Which scene is it and why do you remember it so fondly?

Another tough one, hmmmm! I think the one I did for Icon Male with Colton Grey. We had such great chemistry together. It also helped that while we were there filming for a few days we shared a bed. It was just so nice to get to know him before filming. And of course he's hot as fuck. Woof!

What qualities do you think it takes to make a successful pornstar?

Determination, the ability to perform in front of a camera, a look of some sort (what are you? A twinkie, jock, bear, etc.), and a good business sense.

Who would you most like to work with in the future and why do you choose him?

Let's see. Adam Ramzi. He and I have know each other for a long time but have never had sex. I adore him and find him so incredibly sexy. There really are so many though that I would jump at the chance to film with. Like Boomer Banks, Johnny V, Brenner Bolton, and Tommy Defendi to name a few.

How do you spend your spare time? What do you enjoy doing outside of porn?

I do spend quite a bit of time at the gym. Thank god I enjoy it. Other then that, I love traveling, going out and meeting new people, I'm a big foodie so good food and drink are important to me. I also like going to the movies, theatre and art galleries, spending time with my boy friend is my number one priority.

Some pornstars we've interviewed before talk about going on to directing their own porn or having their own site. What is the future for you? How do you see your career developing?

I tried it and it just wasn't worth it for me. My career seems to be turning into mainstream acting right now. I will be filming a brand new sci-fi series called the Immortalz in August. Right now you can find it on Facebook. I'm still modelling and doing product shoots, but I really think the acting will be my new thing. I wasn't looking to break into acting - it fell into my lap through my porn career and I am more then willing to ride the roller coaster!

Do you get to travel much to various studios and where would you say is the best place you've travelled for a shoot?

I do travel all over the place. Sometimes the studios summon me, other times I will just happen to be in their city. My favorite city to film is London.

Who is your all-time favourite pornstar and what about them makes them special to you?

I really like Lito Cruz as a top and Joseph Rough as a bottom. Lito I have never worked with but theres just something so masculine about him with that big dick of his that makes me want to put my legs in the air. Joesph I have worked with many times. I just love that he's a very willing bottom submissive boy with an all-American look. The combo is killer.

Have you found any scenes challenging to make? What was difficult about it and how do these kind of things get dealt with when all eyes are on you to perform?

Yes, I have been on some difficult shoots for a variety of reasons. As a pro you need to make it work. Sometimes it's about chemistry other times an actor is having a meltdown of some sort. Every situation is unique.

What do you have lined up next? Can you tell us who you're filming with next and who it might be with?

My next adult shoot is with Icon Male who have simply propelled me even further in my career. I will be shooting with some well know performers but you'll have to wait and see who they are. I just love surprises, don't you?

Where can fans keep up to date with you and share some love?

My Twitter is @AdamRussoxxx. Search me on Facebook: Adam Russo. You can also find me on Instagram as adamrusso. Rent me! Adam Russo on Rentboy and Rentmen.

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