Cole and Hunter Interview

Tell us about the latest bottom boy you've got your eye on. Is he a twink or a muscle pup?

We are head over heels over our new boy, Vic. We've been hanging out with him for about six months and we can't get enough. We get him to his piggy place and we all lose ourselves in the sex and it becomes primal fucking. It's hard to classify him; he's fresh faced with a lean muscular build and hair in all the right places. Actually, I can classify him as delicious!

What's the plan for today? Are you filming or up to something else?

I'm (Hunter) finishing breakfast now then I'll hit the gym for a few hours. When I get back, I'll make my man lunch and I'll get started on my porn computer work (updating site, updating social media places, transferring library of SD cards to drives, etc.). Cole is editing content all day today for our soon-to-launch site, We are weeks away from launching it. We have a bunch of scenes in the bank and the site itself has been finished for about a month. It's gorgeous and we can't wait to share it with everyone!

We get him to his piggy place and we all lose ourselves in the sex and it becomes primal fucking.  

When you started posting videos on XTube, did you have any idea you'd be running you own site one day and can you tell us about the journey?

What started for us as a hobby quickly turned into a very successful business and we had no idea what to expect. It's become one of the best things that's ever happened to us. We live together, love together, and work together and it's perfect. Before porn, we were both working very demanding jobs that left us with little time for ourselves. Now we're together 24/7 and we travel the world fucking our fans. For seven years we've been living a dream and we get to share it with everyone. I never had any idea that something like this would ever happen to me (or us). We also wrote a book all about this and it's called, Maverick Men: the true story behind the videos. It's available on Amazon and we've sold over 7,000 copies to date!

Do you have a preferred type of bottom? Go more for hairless twinks or muscle boys and jocks?

We don't have a particular physical type and we've both come to love the diversity of our boys. I've never had an ego about the work we do (or anything really for that matter) and I detest guys that are caught-up with themselves. We like sweet boys. We like positive-thinkers. We only cultivate relationships based on honesty. Once we find a guy that fits that mold, then we bring him into our pack.

Have you got any tips for a first time bottom that looks at your vids and wants to get totally pounded?

If they want to lose their v-card on video to the very best, then email us at [email protected]!

What is each of your biggest turn on?

For me (Hunter) it's honest conversation about sex with a guy. I grew up in Utah as a Mormon. Nothing about my younger years really prepared me for the abundant and healthy sex life I now have. For the longest time, talking about sex was very taboo for me. Now, everything is literally out on the table and I couldn't be happier. I completely love sex and I'm absolutely not ashamed to admit it!

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