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Ricardo Vaughn is a 20-year-old black guy from Chicago and he's certainly not missing the cold weather back home - he's really enjoying sunny South Florida. His playmate in this Extra Big Dicks scene is Junior Verde, another 20-year-old from up north, but Junior is from Akron, Ohio. It's been a while since we've seen an interracial sex scene on Extra Big Dicks, so I'm pretty revved up over watching these two.

This big dick sex scene heats up when the guys are trying to get dressed to go out. Junior sees Ricardo's big cock tenting in his boxers, which is making it difficult to get his pants on. Junior grabs Ricardo's dick saying, "Whoa, what's this?" Junior fishes out Ricardo's big black dick, opens wide, and starts slurping on this monster meat - Ricardo has a 9-inch cock.

Feel his dick sliding down Junior's throat gets Ricardo horny, so he climbs up on the chaise and mounts Junior's face, throat fucking him deep with his balls slapping Junior's chin. Ricardo then take his turn on Junior's cock.

Junior bends over and Ricardo starts inching his huge cock inside Junior's tight butt. He fucks him doggy style and Junior struggles as Ricardo's long, thick dick slides into his ass. The thing I like the most about interracial sex is the contrasting skin tones really lets you see the detail of a big black cock sliding into a puckered pink butt hole. And I'm getting really hot watching those 9 inches pushing their way into Junior's butt hole one inch at a time.

Eventually Junior loosens up and Ricardo holds him by the waist and pumps his ass. Ricardo sits back on the chair and asks Junior to sit on his dick. Junior's ass is much more accommodating and he jerks his own cock while bouncing on Ricardo's monster meat.

The guys move into some missionary fucking and Junior is jacking his dick faster. Ricardo's thick dick is hitting the right spot and Junior is close to cumming. He finally blows his thick load all over his stomach. Ricardo keeps pumping to get Junior over the edge, then he pulls out and coats his buddy with his own load of spunk. Head over to Extra Big Dicks and check out the preview video of this hot interracial sex scene.

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