• Dave and Jay


    Hey guys, if you haven't checked lately, Blake Mason managed to pair up Dave with a totally hot newcomer: Jay for a new exclusive video in the BlakeMason collection! Dave was an immediate winner for me when he first appeared on the site, and it's always a sure boner-in-the-making when I see something new featuring this gym teacher's fit and trim body and uncut cock.

    And Jay is definitely worth more than a casual look! Dark haired and slim, and hung with a beautiful seven and a half inch uncut cock! Pairing these two was either pure luck or pure genius, but however it happened, we get all the benefits of one hot sexual encounter! And this one sure is hot' kissing, sucking, 69's, rimming and some pretty hot ass fucking' ending with Jay cumming while being fucked hard and Dave unloading on Jay's back. Enjoy the pics, and then head on over to BlakeMason for the video or check out our review first for some more site information.

  • Not Reality, Part 3

    In our continuing exploration of Internet chat personalities, we begin with'

    The Long Distance Dreamer

    Looking for love on the Internet is rather like looking for gold in a bowl of Cheerios. Nevertheless, anything is possible, and for those who aren't part of the club scene or who may not be social animals, the Internet can be an effective way to strike initial matches with people they might not meet otherwise. If used merely as a starting point with the intent to soon meet in person, looking for love on the Internet is not a totally insane idea if you have yourself grounded and keep in mind that 4 out of 5 guys are full of shit. There is a breed of dreamers that are really not grounded, however.

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  • Perfect together


    PerfectGuyz Dylan and Reed are two guys that are truly PERFECT together. Dylan is an exceptional stud - with gorgeous blue eyes, a chiseled handsome face, and a muscular body. And Reed is stunning with his beautiful, sensual blue-green eyes, and sinewy swimmers physique. We have come to know that Dylan is a jokester. He's always making fun and clowning around. But he also has a very sexy, serious side. Reed is a fun, playful adventurous guy that is as down to earth as any guy we know.

    It's obvious that these two guys like each other. In fact, they do 'everything' to please each other. Dylan is a natural top and Reed is very accommodating at pleasing his buddy. Dyan and Reed have amazing chemistry and their hot, steamy encounter will leave you craving for more. Enjoy Dylan and Reed in their video at PerfectGuyz.

  • Reality Porn - How Real Is It?


    There is an ever-growing number of porn sites out there that claim that the situations in their videos are real, almost like sex documentaries. Just like television documentaries, these reality porn sites claim to show us people in real situations.

    The first gay reality site I ever saw was Bait Bus. A girl, a guy and a camera guy go out in a van. The chick lures guys on the street to have sex with her in the van, then they blindfold him and he gets sucked by (you guessed it!) a guy. This was actually a variation on a very popular straight site, Bang Bus. A bus themed site had guys in a site called Cruise Patrol offering guys rides, then pulling over and having sex with them. I enjoy these sites but I suspect that if a couple of us drove around in a van picking guys up on the street, the results would be very different than the cum-splattering finales we see in these sites.

    Some sites, like His First Huge Cock, show supposedly unsuspecting guys who get picked up off the street on some pretext. A lot of the videos on His First Huge Cock show the cast approaching some guy on the street and offering to pay them to take a short survey. As you can probably guess, the guy who takes the survey gets just a little more than a survey. Is it real? I'd guess probably not, but the videos sure are fun to watch.

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  • Youthful Offenders


    Craving some beautifully fit bodies? Well, I can't seem to get enough of them lately either, and thank goodness SexGaymes.tv has a clue what I've been hungering for. Wait till you see the three, horny, big-cocked, young guys, who are brand new to Sexgaymes for you to blow your wad to! Damon, Justin and Rico make a splash and dive entry you won't soon forget in "Youthful Offender"!

    Damon surfaces from a nude swim to find Justin staring down at him. Dark brown eyes connect and Damon starts to undress Justin, tasting him as he does. A fade or two later and Rico and Damon are on their knees servicing Justin's huge cock. And a cock like that is made for fucking! Next Justin and Damon take turns eating, licking and sucking Rico's sweet, little asshole. For lovers of a fine butt this scene is almost too much to bear - without erupting! But don't blow yet! As a final crescendo Rico rides Justin's long, hard rod before they both blow on him. Fresh faces and big loads - get it now at Sexgaymes!!

  • James goes down


    Both Jr. Hardy and James Oak from Mike Hancock's Straight Men, know how to fuck. They both ooze sensuality. Jr. has topped before and works up a sweat plowing whomever is lucky enough to be on bottom. But by all indications, Jr. Hardy has discovered an appreciation for' how shall I say' versatility. Whether he's being dominated by a sultry vixen or plowing hot dudes, James Oak knows how to make sure his partners are having a good time.

    With a body sculpted by the gods, James knows how to use every inch' of his tongue AND cock' for inflicting pleasure! You can tell that both of these boys were down for the action when you watch Jr. backing up on James' rock hard cock doggy style. It was as if Jr. couldn't get enough!!

  • Bad gay sites


    Lately there's an ever-growing trend. Straight companies have heard that gay sites sell and that gay surfers have money. These companies set out to get their piece of the gay pie and end up with sites that either use text or content that is good for nothing more than a hearty laugh. Some of my notable favorites among these clueless gay websites will hopefully make you either smile or shake your head in disbelief.

    Twinks From the Hood is actually a pretty attractive site featuring black guys supposedly from the ghetto. The site tour is dark and packed with good looking ebony men. Only one thing is missing - there are no twinks on this tour! You'll see muscular and older black guys on this tour but what you won't see is slender 18 - 21 year old ebony twinks. So I give this site the "Clueless Gay Site" award for advertising a kind of model they don't even have.

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  • Golden boy - Adrian


    This hot lean and lanky golden boy hails from the Philippines, and is the newest addition to the lineup at AsianGuys. This oriental charmer has a gorgeous uncut cock and a great set of photos onsite, plus a full video of him jacking off that precum you see spotting those tight blue briefs he's wearing! Adrian is definitely a great addition to the huge collection of Asian boys already onsite at AsianGuys.com. If you haven't already done so, be sure to check it out today!

  • Boyride Blake


    Looks like Donovan has scored again in securing another hot guy to bring into the BoyRide collection! Check out these shots of Blake ... with those beautiful grey eyes and a ruffed up hair cut and facial hair that makes him look like he just got out of bed (one I'd like to be sharing, I might add!)

    Donovan says he spotted Blake while shopping at his local Target. Damn, I must need SOMETHING for the house, time to go do a little "shopping" of my own!

  • Do you like 'em cut?


    Do you like 'em cut? If so, meet Reed! Reed is our latest cutie from Perfect Guyz. He's absolutely gorgeous with a boyish smile and that boy-next-door look that makes him perfect for a photo shoot. And if that sexy smile and lean athletic body don't make you sit up and take notice, Reed isn't shy and has no problem getting his cock hard for the camera.

    Not only does Reed love showing off in photo shoots, he gets creative while he's modeling. He decided he wanted to show himself fucking a sex toy. He loves doing it, too - even though he says he's never done anything like that before.

    His enthusiasm, his playfulness, his hard dick - these are a few of the reasons why Reed is irresistable!