• Kurt takes it doggy style


    Kurt prefers to bottom, mostly because the pressure is not on him to stay hard the entire time. This was his first time doing full on sex for ChaosMen. He certainly is very enthusiastic about guy sex, but could only be fucked one way, and he wouldn't get a hard on..

    But the he met Skyler who was patient and was really keen on making sure Kurt had a good time. Something definitely clicked between the two of them.

    Skyler took his time grinding his dick on Kurt's body, getting themselves charged up. Skyler started by fucking him doggy style, a position Kurt said wouldn't work for him, but iIn no time at all, Skyler had him rock hard and they had stop and try another position, because Kurt said he was going to cum!

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  • Not Reality, Part 1

    Though I wonder if people have forgotten, there was actually a time on this planet when there was no such thing as.. the Internet. In just a few short years, technology has taken such vast strides that it makes yer head spin. It's amazing to consider that not long ago we could only hook up to the Internet with a dial-up connection and an old slow-as-slugs modem.

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  • Don't you love a good three-way


    Don't you love a good three-way? I do. Especially when the guys are exceptionally hot. Kody, Jay and Adam have their fans on Randy Blue and I have been planning on getting them all together for some time now. Adam's been gone traveling all over the country and I had lost touch with him.I wasn't sure if he wanted more work but like always i picked up the phone and called him.

    Not only was Adam ready to do more work but he was ready to bottom. I was elated to hear that. I have always lusted after Adams body. He is fair complected but his skin is beautiful and he has this amazing patch of hair around his belly button and crotch. When I introduced the three of them they immediately hit it off. Adam came to me later and told me he couldn't believe how hot these two were and how horny he was.

    It wasn't long till Adam, Kody and Jay were sucking each others cocks. There was a lot of deep-throating on this shoot and a lot of body contact and kissing! Then it was time for the real action to begin with Kody plowing Adam's ass while he and Jay do some heavy french kissing! Both guys take their turns with Adam and give him a hot, hard fucking he is not going to forget for a long time!

  • Gus Mattox Leaving Porn Biz


    Gus Mattox, who recently won the GayVN award for 'Performer of the Year'¯, has announced that he's leaving the porn business. When asked about what prompted the decision, the 45 year old performer said that winning the award was probably the highlight of his porn career, and anything else he'd do from here on out would just pale in comparison, and wanted to exit on a high note.

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  • Fresh faces - Steve


    Steve is new to modelling and for a str8 lad quite happy being naked. He is soon out of his clothes and in a pair of tight black boxers' with a curious bulge! He pulls them down to reveal a long and thick uncut dick and its still soft. Steve starts to have a play and his dick grows to at least 8.5 inches and it stays hard all the way through the shoot. His favourite position is resting on one arm wanking with the other. Its ends with a nice load of cum and there are some real close ups of his cum covered knob to finish the video.

  • Karel Rok


    If you love euro boys with uncut cocks and hot bodies, say hello to Karel! Karel loves the outdoors, and he doesn't mind getting naked right there under the blue sky. He's clean cut but that doesn't stop him from having a good time. And - as the lucky camera man found out - Karel has no problem posing and getting naked in front of other guys.

    Karel is very athletic, and if that washboard stomach and those muscular biceps don't turn you on, he has smooth skin and a very boyish smile. And of course he has that hard uncircumcised dick. What could be better than an amateur uncut czech boy?

    You can see Karel's exclusive content at Czech Boys - and there are plenty other cute amateur guy like him on the site!

  • Tom of Finland


    Tom of Finland is probably the most well-known homoerotic artist. His beautiful and stylized drawings of very muscular men in leather, uniforms and various fetishwear and situations are recognized all over the world. His characters are as famous for their huge bulging cocks as for their masculine look.

    Tom of Finland was born Touko Laaksonen in May of 1920. He really was from Finland, and grew up when Finland was still full of loggers and farmers. In fact, the area he spent his childhood in was basically still the country, which would have made Tom a country boy except for his parents.

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  • Blonde and blue eyed


    Standing 6 feet tall, blonde and blue eyed, with a lean, muscular sexy swimmers build and a smooth innocent boyish face - PerfectGuy Connor is a Beautiful Sight. He has hard abs, a very nice, tight ass, and a luscious eight-inch cut piece of meat hanging between his legs.

    PerfectGuy Connor is also a straight guy - Very Straight - into clubs, chicks, surfing, and hanging with his buddies. Yes, we love our straight guys'..oh how we love our straight guys! Just wait until you see his next video! Enjoy Connor in his premiere PerfectGuyz video.

  • Jamie and Rob - Blake Mason


    I stopped into Blake Mason's site last night to see what new videos he'd put together of his British lads, and was delighted to see that Jamie was featured in a new one and paired off with that incredibly hot Scottish ass pounder Rob!

    There's definitely some chemistry going on with these two, as Rob tops Jamie, and rides him hard. Both work up a good sweat that leads to a mutual cum eruption that paints Jamie's chest with sweet glistening man juice.

  • Sexgaymes - Manuel Torres


    I just can't resist the rugged and hairy Manuel Torres! Damn, I find him so totally hot, and I about busted right through my jeans when I saw he's on the live cam schedule along with the massively hung studs Michael Brandon and Brendan Austen over at SexGaymes!

    If you've ever wanted to really talk one on one with some of the biggest names on the Pistol Media roster, here's your chance! Shows are at least twice a week and sometimes more, and they've got the prior shows all archived too. And of course you can just watch the hot muscle videos while waiting for the show to start! You'll find four hot titles with Manuel already onsite, and if you haven't seen 'Escape from SF - Vinyl and Chrome'¯ you don't know what you're missing ' You'll wish you were the motorbike in this episode as Manuel rims then fucks Joey over the back of the seat before they both shower loads of cum across the vinyl and chrome.