• In the Shower


    Next Door Male generally features every model in a shower scene. The guy starts off seated or lying on a bed watching some porn. He slowly strips out of his clothes, gets his dick hard, and starts jacking off. And then, just as he's getting close to blowing his load, he heads off to the shower to cool down. It's Next Door Male's sort of signature. Just like Fratmen features a bedspread fucking scene with almost every single guy. William is 26 years old, but he doesn't look a day over 21. He's got a hard, smooth body, and a pretty reasonable piece of meat between his legs. He has just been jacking off a bit and watching some porn, so his cock is still quite fat and swollen. Look at that cock head! What a beauty. When William returns to the bedroom, it's not long before his cock is just as stiff as it was before the shower, and for his grand finale, he shoots a really thick load.

  • Suited Men Sucking Cock


    There's something really hot about watching a couple of guys in suits going at it. I tend to over analyze things, so I'm always thinking about why I find it such a turn-on. And I guess it's partially the forbidden element. Men in suits are supposed to be professional, straight-laced, and all about business. But when you see a couple of guys ripping off their suits, they're going against convention. The other thing that's really hot about men in suits is the layers. It takes some time to peel off the jacket, maybe a vest, the tie, the shirt, the pants, the underwear, and finally, the socks. And with the removal of each layer, we get to see a little more. This picture is from the latest update at Men at Play, where Carl and Korben are going at it. I just love this picture because it highlights that contradiction I was talking about, that bucking of convention. Suited up man with his big cock sticking out of his fly; cock sucker down on his knees with his forehead banging against a Huge Boss belt buckle. It's perfect. It's hot.

  • Beefy Muscle Man


    Hairy Boyz rarely fails to get my mojo going. Every week there's another stunning hairy man in the update, and about every other week, he's a scorcher that I've never seen before. This is Jessie Balboa and he's from Florida. I just love him. First of all, I think he's very good looking. And second, he's got an amazing body. I love a beefy muscle man, a guy with a sculpted body and good definition, but also carrying a bit of body fat to fill it all out. Jessie is a hairy Latin stud with sexy five o'clock shadow and very kissable lips. His chest is covered in hairy, but not so much that you can't see his strong chest underneath. And wait until you roll him over. He's got the kind of beefy butt that you love to get lost in, munching, licking, kissing, and rimming for hours. God, I love his ass. Jessie's got a respectable cock, a little on the fat side, and he keeps everything shaved (balls and butt hole). You won't want to miss him.

  • Riding His Hog


    What a hot picture. This is TJ and he's getting naked with his motorcycle. TJ starts off wearing a well-worn white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. As he gets comfortable on his motorcycle, he strips off his shirt. He's well-built and his chest his smooth. A tattoo is snaking out of the bottom of his jeans and hissing towards his belly button. When TJ finally unbuttons his jeans, he reveals a sexy trail of hair down to his cock. And TJ has a great cock - nice and thick at the base. I love how it's resting on the gas tank and lying across the curve. He has his package wrapped up tight in a metal cock ring and his shaved balls look hot. This is TJ's second appearance at UK Naked Men. His first photo shoot had him dressed up like a cowboy and getting naked on a bale of hay. He's a good looking guy and I'm glad UK Naked Men invited him back.

  • That First Look!


    There's nothing like that first look at the hard cock you're about to suck and get fucked by. Newcomer Matt gets his can't wait to get his hands on 19 year old Fred's hefty 8.5 inch uncut dick through his underwear. You can see Matt is pretty happy about what he sees - and feels. Matt doesn't know he's about to get his ass pounded like it's never been pounded before in front of the English Lads cameras. He has no idea yet how hard getting banged by Fred is going to make him cum. But it looks like after that first look, Matt just can't wait to start sucking Fred's huge knob!

  • Huge Cock


    Geezuz ... what more can you say about that huge cock? Why is that the tiny guys have the biggest cocks? Julian here stands 5'8" and weighs 140 pounds. He's even got tiny size-seven feet. But his cock - a whopping 9.5 inches and almost 6 inches around. And I guess that's why he calls himself Julian Lecoq. Julian's very lean, with brown hair and blue eyes. His body is mostly smooth except for his legs, which are very hairy. And I'm not sure where he hides it because when he's wearing his jeans, you can't tell that he's got a huge cock between his legs. Julian gets naked and lies back on the bed and gets his big cock good and hard. Then he fills the bathtub and takes a relaxing bath, where he continues to pump his meat. After a long soak, he's back on the bed to finish off what he started there. After a good pumping session, Julian Lecoq drenches his six pack with cum.

  • Uncut Latin Cock


    Meet Sergio from Latin Jock. There's no fat on this amateur latino - just check out those abs and that lean body! He's the kind of guy you might meet walking down the street and wish you could see naked - and now you can ;)

    Even though he's barely old enough to drink, Sergio has that macho vibe that is such a turnon as well as that little mustache, warm brown skin and bedroom eyes. And I love watching him stretch the foreskin on that uncut latin cock!

  • Who is that masked man?


    A couple a weeks ago I wrote about Fierce and Mark sucking each other off. And this week they're back again for a hot fuck scene. In that first scene, Mark was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap, so we never really did get to see much of him, except he did have a well-muscled body and a big cock. In this video clip, Mark is wearing a mask. It would appear that someone doesn't want anyone to know he likes sucking dick and fucking boy butt. That's okay, masks can be hot and kinky. Fierce starts off stroking his cock on the couch alone, all of a sudden a mask man comes into the room. He sneaks up behind Fierce and covers his eyes. When Fierce is able to see again, he has a stiff cock in his mouth, and there's a hot bodied guy pumping his face. Now I don't know about you, but this totally turns me on. It's pretty hot thinking about some unknown masked man walking into your apartment and making you suck his cock, sans violence of course. After getting sucked, the masked man bends Fierce over and slides his cock into his ass. The man pounds Fierce's hungry butt hole in every conceivable positions, slamming harder and faster with each move. Then, the masked man stands up and spays Fierce from head to toe with his cum. Fierce is so turned on, that he can't hold back and explodes.

  • 4 of a Kind!


    Four of a kind is a winning poker hand. It's also what Corbin Fisher got when they decided to do a shoot featuring four of their college jocks together. Jesse, Brent, Dawson, and Logan have great bodies and really nice asses, which is why I decided to share this pic. These cheeky monkeys didn't mind baring all in the great outdoors, and each has at least one hand on another guy's firm and squeezable buttocks.

    BTW - 3 of these delicious hunks were straight till they did a couple shoots for Corbin Fisher. That guy really knows how to get straight guys to go further than they ever expected they would with other guys. Way to go, Corbin!

  • English Army Lad


    Look what I found at English Lads. Simon just got out of the army after 7 years in the service and doesn't he look good enough to eat! I love his body and he looks very approachable somehow. I wish this pic showed what he has hidden in his briefs...