• Cigar Smoking Daddy


    I love sucking cock -- adore it. So when I see a cigar-smokin' Daddy like Jeff Parker sitting back in a chair getting his cock smoked by a big, beefy bear, I start looking for something to do with my own mouth. Jeff Parker is wearing a pair of jeans and he's bare-chested under his leather vest. He clips on a pair of tit clamps and then sits back while Leo Matthews starts unzipping his jeans. Sitting in his jockstrap, Parker smokes his cigar and lets Leo go to work, tugging on those nipple clamps with his teeth and getting his mouth wrapped around Parker's cock. Eventually the guys move to the bed, Leo lies back and Parker straddles his barrel chest. Still smoking his cigar, Parker leans back and shoves his ass right into Leo's face. Once he gets his dick good and hard, Parker gets Leo on his knees and fucks his big ass. And after having his fill of the bear's butt, he fucks his face while Leo jacks off a thick load of cum all over his big, hairy belly. All the while, Parker never stops smoking that cigar.

  • Gorgeous Hunk!


    When I first saw Adam, my jaw dropped and I found myself drooling. What a body and what a face! He's ripped, he's lean, he's muscular. Adam is also just about the most handsome guy I've ever seen in a really masculine way but with just a hint of boyish charm. And this extremely straight and gorgeous man loves doing shoots for PerfectGuyz because he loves the admiration and because being watched he jacks off in front of people turns him on. And it turns us on to see him in action!

  • Tag Team Fucking


    I was excited over the weekend to see the new Corbin Fisher update. A couple of weeks back I caught a five-guy suckfest. Nick and Shaun were both a part of that scene, and in fact, in the grande finale Shaun took everyone's load in the face. It was pretty hard to get through that video without popping off a couple myself. So when I saw that Shaun was going to be fucked by Nick and Lucas I knew I was in for a hot weekend of jack off material. And I wasn't disappointed. There's loads of kissing, sucking, and rimming in this video as Nick and Lucas work themselves up to fucking Shaun. There's one hot scene with Shaun rimming Nick's ass and Lucas's cock is sliding past his lips at the same time. And I just about lost it when Shaun sucked both Nick and Lucas at the same time. I do love talented cock suckers. And then the fucking begins. Shaun's got a cute face and a tight body and he's really enjoying getting fucked by both of these studs. I particularly enjoy watching Lucas fuck -- he's so intense. Eventually Shaun fires off a cum load with a cock buried deep inside his butt. And then, as in the Suckfest video clip, Shaun takes both Lucas and Nick's cum shots in the face after a long, hot fucking scene. And these boys shoot some pretty massive cumshots after all that action.

  • This Pic is Worth a Thousand Words


    This pic really caught my eye. I think it's the ultimate POV - that's Point Of View - pic because that's exactly how it looks when a guy is sucking your cock and you look down at him. If you're talking to him - telling him what you want him to do and how good it feels - he'll look up at you just like this pic from New York Straight Men. There's so much focus these days on seeing the guy who's getting sucked and not enough on the guy who is showing off his blowjob skills from an angle most of us can really appreciate. This pic puts it all in focus for me - I think it's the next best thing to being there ;)

  • 2 English Lads Fucking


    Jamie loves cock, and he's more than happy to get sucked and then fucked by English Lads newcummer Duncan. Duncan is only 18 but he's got a lot of confidence for a boy his age and he's also got a cock that is hard and ready. Duncan goes right for Jamie's cock and after he sucks on it, he turns all dominant and decides he wants to top Jamie. Jamie thinks this is a really good idea and soon is on top with Duncan's 18 year old rod deep in his ass as Jamie strokes his own meat!

  • Let's Face It


    There's a lot of focus on cock on the internet - and that's a good thing. We talk a lot about how hot a guy's muscular or lean body is, how hard his cock is. There's a whole lotta fucking, cock sucking and all sorts of other fun stuff like rimming, BDSM and pissing going on, too. But there's something else that can be a real turn-on to see and to watch that we don't talk about much.


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  • Thick Uncut Cock


    Rick Bauer is the latest amateur to be featured at Xtra Inches. And what a beautiful guy he is. I'm not usually into blonde guys, but there's a couple of things that will always get my dick stirring about them - hairy legs and uncut cocks. I love it when blonde guys have really hairy legs. I love the look of blonde hair on a man's leg, I just think it's so sexy. And Rick has a nice, thick set of thighs and they're covered in hair. I also love uncut cocks - can't get enough of them - and Rick has a beautiful cock. Rick starts off his gallery in a pair of black, underwear briefs, and he's really not sporting much of a bulge. And in fact, it takes him a while to slip those babies off and show us his cock. Truth be told, I'm betting that Rick is a grower and not a shower and that's why he took so long to slide off his underwear. When he does start slipping them off, it's his big, bubble butt that he's showing us first. What a hot ass! Big, round butt cheeks with a hairy ass crack. And then Rick finally gets naked and he's got a big cock. It's long, thick, and uncut cut. We never do get to see his cock soft, which is a shame because I adore looking at uncut cocks soft just as much as I like them hard. And Brett's got a healthy set of balls, too. You're going to love this good looking jock and his thick uncut cock.

  • This Guy is Trouble!


    Don't let Mark's all-american face fool you - at only 20 years old, he's already a party legend. This completely uninhibited guy from FratMen can drink most guys under the table, and what he'll do to you once you're under that table might bring a smile to your face the next day IF you can remember it after all that partying. That lean and sexy body and rock-hard cock of his makes men and women stop and wish they could get him into their bed - or the back seat of their car. But Mark is not only a hottie - he's 100% pure trouble! But man, I bet sucking his cock is WORTH a little trouble ;)

  • Too Hairy?


    Is there every such a thing as a man that's too hairy? For many guys, I'm sure there is. But for me, Brett isn't one of them. In fact, Brett is the kind of hairy man that I really go for. I'm not really into the big bellied bear type of man. But Brett is slender and lean and very hairy -- just how I like them. Let's start at the top, with Brett's bald head. I do love bald men; I think they're very sexy. And Brett is also sporting a big, bushy moustache, and facial hair is my second big button pusher. Brett's body is lean and very hairy. His chest hair is turning grey, but his belly hair is still dark. Isn't that one of Mother Nature's cruel jokes on us? I always figured that since all the hair on my head fell out that it would be nice if she just left the rest of me alone. But no, as I creeped into my forties I started noticing the odd grey hair in my beard, and then, they started to appear in my chest hair as well. Brett's got a hot, round butt, too, and yeah, it's hairy. And he's got my favourite kind of cock with a big head. I'm not so stuck on a big, honky piece of meat, although they are nice to fantasize about. But when it comes to wrapping my lips around I cock, I like a comfortably average cock like Brett's. In his Bear Films gallery, Brett lies back on a sofa and pumps out a nice load of cum all over that furry belly of his.

  • 2 Skater Boyz


    Rex is a skaterboy who says he's wanted to do porn since he turned 18. He says he's horny 24/7 and was very turned-on by the idea of all sorts of guys on the internet busting a nut while watching him. Dempsy, Boy Ride>'s wild boy, found Rex at the park and Dempsy thought he was really cute and liked the way he handled his board. Once he got Rex to come back to the hotel room for a shoot, Dempsy and Rex were all over each other! And there was a really intense energy between the guys - things got heated up right away with plenty of kissing, licking and groping. Dempsy thought he was seducing Rex, but I think it's hard to say who was really seducing who!