• A Real Latin Jock


    Jose is a 21 year old hunky latin guy from Latin Jocks and I can't get over that smooth, muscular body and those dark brown bedroom eyes. He's also got untrimmed pubic hair, which looks very erotic against his hairless stomach and chest and his rigid latino cock. Where do they find caliente latino jocks like Jose? The latin guys in my neighborhood sure don't look that tasty!

  • Cade Is Back


    Sexy jock Cade is back for another video at Corbin Fisher. This hot fucking guy has become quite the regular at Corbin Fisher, and that's alright with me, I could watch this guy fuck all day long. And he does seem to be one of the regulars that Corbin Fisher calls on when they've got a jock who needs his first ass fucking -- Cade's done Mason, Dawson, Brent, Mitch, Mike, and a couple of a group sex scenes. But Cade has also had his ass fucked a couple of times. Cade is a 22-year-old, muscular jock, standing 5'11" and weighing a solid 185 pounds. And with his 8-inch cock, he's a popular top on the site. When soft, his cock hangs beautiful, sitting on top of his low hanging balls, and he even looks like he's sporting a little foreskin, but he is cut. When his cock gets hard, his shaft gets really thick at the base, and it cock turns upwards in a strong banana curve. He's got a hot, suckable cock head, a little less plump than it should be for that thick shaft, but quite delicious nonetheless. And when this jock shoots his load, it's a thick, creamy mess all over his hand and smooth belly. In this week's video update, Cade is fucking Spencer, who has been doing his own fair share of fucking and getting boned on the site.

  • I Can't Believe I Took the Whole Thing


    Samuel, a designated bottom of Next Door Buddies, is back for another scene. I do love Samuel. He's a cute guy with a tight body, a willing mouth and a cock-hungry ass. He's done several scenes now at Next Door Buddies, which features mostly straight guys who are willing to walk over to the gay side of town to cash their cheque, if you get my drift. A lot of these straight guys start off doing solo jack off scenes at Next Door Male. And if they want to make some extra money and their solo scene was hot enough, Next Door Buddies offers them a gig with one of their regulars. Sometimes they'll get a couple of straight guys jacking off side-by-side, but Next Door Buddies usually likes to push things a little further. Samuel has done quite a number of scenes for NDB and he's one of a handful of guys there they can count on to suck cock and get his ass fucked. It seems to be a better way of handling things, especially when you're trying to coax a gay sex performance out of a straight guy. Put two straight guys together and you'll probably end up with a jack off session. But you put someone like Samuel in the scene and you get a straight guy getting his first blowjob and stuffing his cock up his first man's butt. In this week's update, Samuel doesn't let us down, sucking and fucking this huge cock. When he's had enough of it and can't stand another thrust, his top friend Kevin jacks off that huge, fat cock all over Samuel's chest.

  • Cocks are funny things


    In my line of work, I see a lot of cocks. And I'm always fascinated by their different characteristics. I'm not talking about size; it goes without saying that dick size varies wildly from man to man. As many big cocks as I've seen, I'm still always gobsmacked when I see a nice, big fat cock. It's a lovely sight and always gets my cock sucking muscles limbering up. But when talking about my fascination I'm really talking about things like how a cock hangs, how it develops into a full-on erection, and what happens to it as it gets hard. One time, I was sucking this hot daddy's cock and it was really nothing to write home about. As I slipped his soft cock in my mouth, I remember feeling quite disappointed that there wasn't more of it. Then all of a sudden after a minute or so, my mouth was full of cock. Out of nowhere, his cock grew this enormously fat cock head; it was like a small apple. Likewise Ivo's cock here, when it gets really hard it develops this really strong banana curve. I mean look at that fucking thing. If he manages to fuck you with that, you're going to feel things you never knew you had. And that's what I love about cocks ... all 8-inch cocks are not created equal, some just fill you up, but others make you see stars.

  • Fat Brazilian Cock


    I'm really enjoying the men at Bang Bang Boys. I've always has a thing for Latino men, ever since I was, well, not even legal, I always stared at the Italian and Greek men in my neighbourhood. We didn't have many Latino or South American people where I lived, so I didn't come to fully appreciate Latino men until much later in life. But still, way back then the seeds were planted for olive and light-brown skinned, dark-haired men. And of course when I did start having sex, I figured out that most of those men had uncut cocks. I've adored a foreskinned cock since the first time I had one in my mouth and I've been on the lookout for uncut cocks ever since. Lee is one of the muscled and tanned men to join the Brazilian throng at Bang Bang Boys. And I really enjoyed watching him. He spritzed some Gun Oil in his hand and rubbed it all over his big muscles. His gorgeously hard and well-defined body glistened in the sun. And then as he started beating that fat Brazilian cock of his, he started working up a sweat. The oil and the sweat mixed, glazing his brown skin. And that cock of his -- woof! it's a cock sucker's dream. Unfortunately for this cock sucker he jizzed a huge load all over his beefy, smooth thigh. Still, it was hot to watch.

  • AKA Maxx Diesel


    Christian is a 6' 5" hunk with a shaved head and a big cock. He's also a pornstar. Christian used to go by the name Maxx Diesel when he starred in adult movies for Falcon and other studios. This Texan is all man and he loves to fuck a tight ass as much as he loved bottoming in his gay movies. Now he's got a sort of new career doing straight porn as Christian and since straight studios don't like their players working in gay porn. What a loss! But Mike Hancock did a solo shoot of Christian so we get to see that Texas cock in action again.

  • Big Fat Cock


    You know that "rule" about gay porn, the one that says whoever sucks cock first in a scene is the one getting fucked? It doesn't apply here. And of course, maybe that's an old rule; maybe it was toss out with Jeff Stryker or Joey Stefano. I'll have to watch my gay porn a little more carefully. At any rate, Boyd here is the first one with a dick in his mouth in this scene. And the dick belongs to Adrian, a dark-skinned, shaved head, hairy guy with a comfortably average cock. But this scene is from Xtra Inches, so it's unlikely that Adrian will be doing the fucking in this scene. Not when Boyd is the one with the big fat cock. After Adrian gets good and horny, he gets down on his knees and sucks Boyd's dick for a while. It's a beautiful cock -- fat and banana-curved, and it look uncut, but it's hard to tell when he's fully hard. Adrian gets up on the couch, on all fours, and Boyd slides his cock home. Once Adrian's ass relaxes, the fun begins. Adrian rolls over on his back and takes Boyd's big fat cock missionary style, and then, Boyd picks Adrian up and physically bounces him up and down on his cock. Boyd fucks Adrian all over that sofa until Adrian finally blows a nice, thick load all over his hairy belly and chest. And then Boyd follows suit.

  • Rough Looker, Big Cock


    When I see some guys they stir up my bad boy fantasies. Tim here does that for me. He's not exactly a good looking guy, he's a bit of a rough looker with his shaved head and his tattoos. He's a construction worker, so he's got a pretty solid build, but then, he's got big, rough hands -- hands that could manhandle you and push you to the ground. Like maybe you just started your new job on the construction site. You've been assigned to Tim who is going to show you the ropes. He tells you to follow him and he heads down to the basement of one the new houses his construction compnay is building. Once in the basement, he continues to a far corner, where the furnace room is located. He pushes you inside and bulldozes you with his strong body until you're pressed up against the wall. "Hey, what the fuck -" you protest. "Shut the fuck up," he growls, twisting your arm and pushing you to your knees. He unzips his jeans and pulls out his hard cock. He grabs your head in both hands and rams his cock down your throat. He fucks your mouth slowly, but hard and forcibly. You struggle, but he's got you pinned in the corner between him and the wall. You're not going anywhere. "Suck my dick, cock sucker," he grunts, picking up the pace. He's pumping harder now. Within another minute or so, he starts breathing real hard, and then, he blows his load down your throat. When he's done shooting his wad, he pull his cock out of your mouth, he wipes his piss hole across your lips, cleaning off that last remaining droplets of jizz, and then, zips up. "Get yourself cleaned up and meet me upstairs," he says. And then before leaving, he grabs your face and leans in close, "Breath a word of this to anyone and I'll fuck your ass with my big cock - and I ain't going to be gentle." He swaggers away, leaving you on the concrete floor. This ain't going to be a bad job after all, you think. Now how do you suppose you're going to get that hard cock of his up your ass without blowing the whistle on him?

  • A Real Cutie


    Kenny is one of those guys with a boyish face that lights up a room when he smiles. He's also a hottie who makes heads turn - girls and guys. Kenny has always wanted to do porn, although he thought he'd be doing porn with a girl. His roommate convinced him to send in his pics to Randy Blue, who did some serious wheeling and dealing to get this cutie into the studio. Once Kenny got started, he had no problem showing off his smooth body, hard cock and virgin asshole for Randy's camera. It's hard to know which part I want to lick more!

  • Nice Cock, Stupid Hat


    This is one fashion trend I won't be sorry to see go the way of bell-bottoms and toe socks. Knitted hats are made to keep your head warm, and while I'm certainly all for looking one's best when braving the winter cold, when you're naked and jacking off, TAKE YOUR FUCKING HAT OFF! You may think you look cool, but you look like an idiot. But Troy, I'll forgive you because you have such a beautiful cock and I did enjoy watching you shoot your load. Troy looks pretty clean-cut with his muscular body and blonde hair. But then he strips out of his clothes and we see that his right leg -- from ankle to knee is inked in tattoos. So he's not so clean-cut after all, Troy's a bad boy. He's sporting a nice, big cock -- even soft -- and a huge set of low hanging balls. (Man, I love slurping on balls like these, scooping them up in my mouth and rolling them around in my mouth.) Troy gets completely naked (except for his hat) and jacks off on the couch for a while. And then he goes into the bathroom, sits on the toilet, and jacks off some more, finally finishing himself off and shooting a thick load all over the bathroom vanity. I do hope he cleaned up his mess, and may I suggest using that hat as a cum rag. :)