• Catching it

    catching it

  • Fucking Trent

    Fucking Trent

    Trent made his first appearance on Corbin Fisher a few months back. He had been fantasizing about Dawson for a long time, so having Dawson fuck him was a fantasy come true. Unfortunately that video didn't go so well. Trent was .... um ... very excited to be alone with Dawson and the scene came to an abrupt and explosive premature closing. In spite of the disappointment, it was still pretty hot to see someone so turned on by someone that he shot his wad without even touching himself. These two guys get into some real heavy foreplay, and this time, they contained themselves long enough for Dawson to stick his stiff dick in Trent's ass. Trent's fantasy is fulfilled and he not only loses his virginity, but loses it to Dawson - yes, this is the first time that Trent got fucked by another guy ... well, first time and a bit. Dawson pounds Trent hard, thrusting and pumping. With his hands gripping the sheets, Trent takes everything Dawson gives him. And when Trent finals does let it fly, it's a gusher, soaking his stomach and chest in juice. And Dawson fucks Trent a bit longer and then blasts off a load of his own in Trent's hungry mouth.

  • Hairy Bear

    Hairy Bear

    Fuck, it's too early in the morning for this. I'm just waking up, and when I went to Bear Films this morning, my day was jolted to a start by this hot, hairy bear. Fuck, what a beautiful, hairy man. Some men definitely look best in plaid. This is Chaz and he's 34 and hails from Georgia. He's solid and covered in hair. I just love the way his open plaid shirt reveals his hairy torso, but keeps his nipples temporarily hidden. But it's not long before Chaz is showing us his very hairy chest and pierced nipple. And when he flops his equipment out of his shorts, well I'm in balls heaven. I love a healthy set of low hanging balls, and Chaz has a hot set. They're big, and definitely, a little more than a mouthful. But believe me, I'd squeeze them in. And wait until you see his ass ... fuck! Beefy and hairy, just how I like them. And Chaz has a dusting of fur across his back. As Chaz gets his cock hard, we're treated to delicious droplets of precum dripping out of his piss slit. Okay, I need to get out of here; I feel like I need a cigarette.

  • Jay's Tickling Video Site



    An interesting site for those into feet, and watching them get tickled. Yep, you read it right, this site is dedicated to feet and the fine art of tickling. In fact it is rather refreshing to see people laughing and looking like they are having fun.

    Too much porn has what I'd call a dead look to it. You can see '˜boredom' written all over their faces, but not here. You get to see people laughing as their feet are tickled, or under the armpits.

    So if feet are your thing, watching others being tickled, this is an interesting beginning into that foray.

  • Old Hairy Hands

    You've seen them on the market, a slew of vids from various amateur pornmakers which specialize in young, hot straight boys being poked, prodded, probed, and masturbated by old, hairy, sometimes pudgy daddy types. May I just say'ewwwwww. This particular kind of gay porn vid baffles me to no end, and I am convinced that the audience for it is very limited. Of course, I could be full of dog shit, but that's the beauty of editorializing. You either agree with me or you don't, and neither of us is wrong or right. Ah, the pleasure in freedom of expression! So, don't get mad at me because daddy vids make me lose my lunch on my shoes. I can't help it. I'm just drawn that way.

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  • A Different Light bookstore

    a different light


    A Different Light bookstore has been around as an actual store in West Hollywood and San Francisco since 1979. I've always liked shopping there, so I was happy when I ran across their website, ADLBooks.com.

    A Different Light specializes in all sorts of gay books, erotic and non, gay family oriented books, books for young adults, fiction, calendars, videos... the list goes on and on. For those who are tired of browsing books that are almost all straight oriented, the fiction here all features gay, bi, transgender and lesbian characters and most of the non-fiction is also written with a slant for gay, bi, tg and lesbian readers. And yes, there's also porn - books, magazines and DVDs.

    The site is well-laid out and easy to use, with a dropdown menu that takes you to any section in the site or you can use the menu on the left side of the page. Many of the products have user reviews, which is always a plus. There are sale items and a list of in-store events for those close enough to the stores.

    The bottom line - it's nice to see a bookstore that shows the world from a queer perspective. If you shop books online, be sure and check out ADLBooks.

  • Acer's Shaved Dicks

    acers shaved dicks


    Simple collection of shaved cocks. Nothing fancy, or filled with tons of advertising either. Just a simple site showing a varied collection of hot studs sporting hard and semi hard cocks, with shaved pubic hairs.

    It is what it claims, something rare these days in hype and salesmanship. Five or so galleries with enough shaved crotches to satisfy your need for bare skin.

  • Colage



    Are you a parent?

    Then perhaps you might want to visit this resource site, that deals specifically with Gay Parents and their kids. It has some interesting statistics, but it is primarily a support group that is International.

    It is about the Children, but also about you, the adult. Tough to be GLBT in today's world, harder for the kids you have, hard for them to comprehend the complexity of you being the parent, but Gay. Confusing at best, and Colage is a resource you might find useful in dealing with it.

    Support groups, links, resources, all under the one roof, so if you are a parent, check it out.

  • Horny UK Lad


    Jack is a recent discovery from Euroboy Online. He's from Bolton originally but has been living in London for a couple years. At 23 years old, he has a very boyish look. He also has a lean, athletic body and an uncut cock. Jack is a natural - this cheeky lad (oh! I feel so british! saying that) is a very outgoing and friendly person who loves being naked in front of the camera and he also reallly finds that jerking off on video makes him extra horny. What do you think? I'd say a star is born!

  • Huge Muscle Men

    Huge Muscle Man

    A lot of people say - or think - that huge muscle men have such big muscles because they're over-compensating for a lack in another department. That sure isn't the case with Karim. This bodybuilder turns my crank in so many ways, least of which is the size of his big cock. When I first saw Karim's face, I said outloud, "Hello, daddy!" What a hot, fucking man. He's so good-looking and he has those daddy qualities about him. And with those huge muscles, he wouldn't have any trouble keeping me on my knees. His body is the epitomy of strength and beauty. Look at those huge shoulders and bulging biceps. His biceps are massive. And unlike most bodybuilders, Karim lets his body hair grow, which is such a turn-on. And finally, we have to talk about that big cock of his. It's so fucking long. He's got to be about 9-inches long soft. Look at it just hanging there with his Prince Albert dangling off the end. Does it get you salivating? It sure gets my cock sucking muscles limbering up.