• Stray Pup



    No this isn't an animal site, well not the four legged kind anyhow. It is rather a contact site for those seeking all sorts of interesting things, from one night stands, to weekend flings, and hell, maybe more too.

    I should mention, its not for those looking for Vanilla Sex either, but rather those who are uh, seeking some dominating experiences in their life.

    There is a forum, a chat room, and it is well worth the effort to read the rules before you go posting your profile. I ain't even gonna touch the '˜slave market' option, but for those into it, hey, good begging.

  • Big Sausage Supper



    Not like I could make up a name like this one. Mind you, it is original, and who doesn't like dining on some nice huge fat sausage? Specially when served raw and ready for' well never mind, that might spoil your fun when go visiting this blog styled site.

    It is about huge well build men, and the equipment they sport. Like nothing tiny here, or dainty either. Just some rather well muscled men, strutting their stuff with the odd comment or two thrown in.

    Basically it's pictures, that let you imagine what you will and some videos too, for those who like motion added to their fantasy thinking.

  • Horny Red-Head

    Horny Red-Head

    We don't see a lot of red-heads in gay porn, but Bo Matthews is one that you're going to want to check out. He's featured in Raging Stallion's latest video Tailpipes. And man, look at the piece of meat on him! What a beautiful, fat fucking cock. If this doesn't inspire you to get down on your knees and suck, then you'd better get to the hospital because you just might be dead! His pole is thick and that cock head is so deliciously plump and suckable. I wouldn't mind if Bo shaved his balls, but with a dick like that, I'll forgive him. His ass is just as tasty. Plump butt cheeks wrapped up in that black jockstrap. No wonder this stud is versatile. With a cock and ass like this, you wouldn't know where to begin, so why not have it all. Bo Matthews is cute guy with fiery red hair and a blazing goatee, and he's sporting an interesting tattoo right in the middle of his back. What a hot stud!

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  • Muscle Bondage



    I wonder if the wife isn't trying to tell me something? I know he likes it a bit rough, but I am more into the tender mushy love making. Still, if I was into this stuff, I'd want to read up on it long before trying it out on his tender little skinny body. I mean dripping wet he's only 125 pounds.

    This is a bondage site with guys that are well built, and can take the punishment. Least they look like they can, judging by the full sized pictures available. If you get past the chains, and assorted restraints, you really see some bulging muscles.

    Not everyone's taste, but it does spur the imagination when you look at the images.

  • Two Guys Suck One Cock


    Gavin is an ex-New York cop, and back about twenty years, he used to be a bodybuilder. He's cocky and very masculine, and he's also straight. Until recently he never thought he'd let another guy touch him that way. So what is he doing here with not one but TWO of New York Straight Men's resident cock suckers? Well, Gavin's girlfriend said it would really turn her on to watch him get his cock sucked by another guy. She liked watching it so much the first time that she told Gavin she wanted to see it again.

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  • Lucas Fucks Spencer

    Lucas Fucks Spencer

    This is the last video of the Corbin Fisher guys down on the farm. Earlier this summer the Corbin Fisher guys headed out of the country for a week of fun on a farm, and all of that country air got the guys really horny. Spencer and Lucas headed off to the barn where they laid a blanket down on the hay and got into a hot fucking session. They start kissing, and then, they strip off their shirts and lie down on the blanket-covered hay. With hands slipped into jeans, they fondle one another's cocks. And before long they strip naked and continue making out. Spencer crawls between Lucas's legs and nurses on his cock. And when Lucas gets rock hard, he crawls on top of his buddy and fucks his face while sucking Spencer's cock. It's a hot picture with Lucas's fuzzy butt hole shining in the sun and his hard cock plunging into Spencer's mouth. Spencer lies face down on the hay and Lucas slides his cock into his buddy's fuck hole. As Spencer's ass relaxes around his buddy's cock, he pushes his ass back to get Lucas's cock deeper in his ass. Lucas pounds away on his hole and Spencer's big, thick, uncut dick was rock hard throughout the fucking. You could tell he was in absolute heaven! Spencer blows his load while getting drilled, and then, Lucas sprayed across Spencer's face, cascading a few droplets into his mouth.

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  • Penis Plugs Ablaze



    Okay some folks are just way to Liberal for me. I know some enjoy the art of piercing, and hell I watch the porn videos, so I have seen some pretty strange stuff, but uh, this one is beyond me.

    I have seen studs through the scrotum, but to stick something right into the pee hole? OUCH!

    Some odd photos of the items, and oh yeah, as they are actually worn. Now I think I can handle pain, but uh, I sure as hell don't wanna try to handle some piercing right at the old shooting hole. Though it does make you ask yourself, just how do you go about finding someone to do that stuff?

    Here's a site that I think answers some of that.

  • Big Thick Cock

    Big Thick Cock

    I love it when photographers give us something to look at, getting in really close and letting us study a big thick cock. This is Logan and he's a 24-year-old British guy who stopped by UK Naked Men to pull out his cock. And what a beautiful piece of meat! Logan is sporting an 8-inch uncut cock. Unfortunately he was so excited by the photo shoot that we never do get to see it soft. Disappointing since I love looking at uncut cocks when they're soft. They have so much character and you never know what they're going to look like. Is the foreskin going to be tight and covering the whole cock head? Or is the guy's fat cock head going to be straining under a tight piece of foreskin? But I don't mind too much since Logan's got a beautiful, juicy, thick cock. And as he holds his meat in his hand, this purplish cock head glistens with sweat and precum. His big, low hanging balls swing freely between his legs as he pumps his dick in his hand.

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  • Make Your Own Dildo Kit



    I am sorry, but the penis challenged might want to go elsewhere, however for those who think they are hung, and wonder what it would be like to have a nice replica of it, for when they can't find someone to oblige, this might be the place for you. Yes, it is a commercial site, selling a kit that makes it easy for anyone, to make a dildo.

    Now given how expensive some of these dildo's are, this might be an ideal solution for some. Course it is also a bit weird. I mean do you really want to play with a dildo that is a replica of your own dick? Not too sure how that would work on those lonely nights.

    Course the flip side is that you would know how your dick feels in someone else.

  • The Hitchhiker


    Bentley Race and a couple of friends rented a car and were going on a road trip up the coast when the unexpected happened - they ran out of gas. When they called road service, they were told it would be a while, so they decided to do a shoot with Ben himself as the model. Since they were very aware of their lack of transportation, they decided to do a hitchhiking shoot. And when Ben decided that sometimes a thumb wasn't enough, he decided pulling out his cock might get a faster ride!

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