• Horny 18 Year Old


    For those of you who prefer younger guys, meet Ashton from FratMen. He's only 18 years old and he's a real cutie with a hot Abercrombie-type body and a long hard cock. Like all guys his age, Ashton has a perpetual hard-on and once he's good and horny, he doesn't mind if there's a camera in the room. In fact, Ashton was pretty turned on to have both the camera and the camera man there as he stroked his dick and got closer and closer to his climax!

  • Interview with Pornstar Anthony DeAngelo


    Anthony DeAngelo is the muscular and hairy daddy of the barebacking team of Tony&Cam. A well-known top in bareback porn, Tony has appeared in videos for a number of studios and with his partner has recently started his own site, Bareback Masters. He was happy to do an exclusive interview for GayDemon and was articulate, sexy and funny. Let's get right to it!

    Q: How long have you been in porn?

    Tony: Since talkies - about 8 years. I actually did an "experimental movie" in my freshman year of college and my photographer friends would use me as "models" from time to time.

    Q: Did you and Cam get into porn together?

    Tony: Yes we did. We were "discovered" while having breakfast - we were asked if we would shoot a wrestling video and if not interested, would we consider doing a "sex video". (I'm turned down almost every time I use this line on a couple I see when we're eating out!)

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  • Dereck Fucks Caleb


    Lately, I've been on a Corbin Fisher jag. I love the site. They have some of the hottest guys around -- jocks, athletic types, some gay and some straight. I love watching the new guys signing up to do their solo jack off sessions, and then, checking back in the coming weeks to see if they've been invited back to get their first blowjob or fuck their first piece of male ass. Derek and Caleb are two of the regular crew that do the lionshare of work at Corbin Fisher. Derek is a hot, dark-haired, jock with a lean body. He's 6-feet tall and he's very tight. He's quite good looking and has a nice cock at 7 inches. Caleb is a bit of a surfer type with the shaggy hair, lean body, baggy shorts, shelled choker around his neck. Derek and Caleb has played together in a group scene with three other jocks, but they've never fucked together. And judging by the opening scene, Derek is pretty hot for Caleb. He practically rips the clothes right off him so he can start sucking his cock. And when Caleb sits up and makes an attempt to show Derek some attention -- you know, so he's not a total do-me pig -- Derek just pushes him back on the couch and slurps down his cock again. Caleb does finally get a taste of Derek's cock, and then, Derek fucks his buddy in a number of different positions. Derek is quite the fuck machine and he makes some pretty intense faces when he's fucking or cumming. Caleb shoots a big load while Derek is porking his hole, and this sends Derek over the edge and he adds his load on top of Caleb's.

  • Horny Latin Guys


    Whether you're a latino fan or not, Auggie and Billy are hot. These two athletic hunks go at each other with passion and plenty of lube! Latin Jocks caught every minute as Billy and Auggie get each other horny as hell, do some ass eating with plenty of tongue action and then get down to some serious anal fucking. As a grand finale, how about some sex toy play that includes a huge dildo slid into a cock-hungry asshole! These 2 guys are sure to have you squirming in your seat.

  • Hot Bubble Butt


    I am not a top by any stretch of the imagination. But sometimes I see an ass that just inspires me to explore new things. Mark is the latest guy to join the hot men at UK Naked Men, and he's got one beautiful, bubble butt. Two perfectly round globes of flesh, a deep ass crack, and a shaved butt hole. Who could ask for anything better? And the great thing about Mark's ass is that his butt cheeks just seem to stay parted, revealing his delicious butt hole. I love eating ass, but sometimes you have to fight so hard to keep a guys butt cheeks spread open wide. It doesn't look like I'd have this problem with Mark. There are some equally teasing pictures of him lying on his back and holding his legs in the air. What a sight! Mark has some interesting tattoo work done across his chest and some more on his arms. He's a good-looking guy and he's sporting a really nice set of kissable lips. We don't ever really see a lot of Mark's cock, which is fine with me, but he's got a nice 7-inch slab of thick uncut cock hanging between his legs. Anyway, I'm off to dream about Mark's beautiful bubble butt and what I might like to do with it.

  • There's a First Time for Everything


    Chris is a business professional and he showed up to do a shoot with Randy Blue in a suit and tie. Chris is straight but he's also very easy to get along with, so when Randy asked him to use a variety of sex toys, Chris said he'd do his best but that he'd never used any before. So this pic is of Chris, this straight hunk. He's a novice at porn and has never been on camera before and he's fucking his own ass with a dildo for his very first time. This is definitely hot!

  • Tattooed Skateboarder


    Dan is a 22 year old semi-pro skateboarder from Los Angeles. And Dan is one of the types of guys that drives me crazy. First of all, I love tattooed men. I love how guys choose to express themselves on their bodies and I love looking at the designs and interpreting them. And Dan is covered in tattoos -- up and down one leg, a couple of the other, a fair number of tattoos on his left arm, and a couple of works-in-progress across his flat stomach. I also like piercings, and Dan is pierced through his chin and in both nipples. Dan is also tallish, at 5'11" and he's lean and smooth. Altogether the whole package works for me and he really turns me on. Dan has has a big slab of meat hanging between his legs. This boy's packing a 10-inch cock and it's 6 inches around. That sure is a mouthful. And he's sporting a huge set of bull balls to go along with that big cock, so you know they're going to pump out a nice load all over that smooth stomach of his. Dan brought along his favourite porn and gets right to business. I love watching a guy working his over-sized cock, it dwarfs his hand and you just wonder how quickly his hand gets sore, pumping a big piece of meat like that. He loves playing with his balls with one hand and jacks his big cock slowly with the other. And when he finally gets ready to cum, his whole body tenses up so you can see every muscle and tendon.

  • Underwear Tease


    Know what we're looking at? 12 inches - that's a full foot - of UK twink cock! I saw this pic of 19 year old Matt from English Lads - well, of part of him, anyway. That huge piece of manmeat seems to be struggling to burst out of those tight briefs. You can see the swollen head of his cock and make out the shape of the blook-engorged shaft through his underwear. I don't know about you, but I think this pic is a great tease! Although I must admit, I'd like to see more of Matt and his 12 incher!

  • Hard Latino Hunk


    I found this muscular latin guy at Bi Latin Men. I don't know if he's bi or not but I know he's completely fuckable. I'd love to get my hands - and some other body parts - on him!

  • Sexy Muscle Hunk


    UK Naked Men has been going on a bit of a sexy muscle hunk jag over the past few weeks. Aaron here is the second UK Naked Man that has caught my eye in as many weeks. The site has always presented a nice variety of guys and men, but I've been particularly gobsmacked by their last couple of updates. Aaron here is giving us a little reminder that we've turned the corner and the warmer weather isn't far off. In another three months or so, we'll be enjoying those warm spring days when the men start wearing less and less. And in six months we'll be at the height of the hot weather and perhaps seeing naked men like Aaron at our local nude beachs. What a sexy hunk: 32 years old, 6'1", 180 pounds, blonde hair, and a strong, muscular body. His cock is quite lovely and he's sporting a tremendous pair of low hanging balls. I really love Aaron's hairy legs. And wait until you see this muscle stud on his knees and bearing his beautiful ass for the camera. Fuck, what a sight! The only thing that would make Aaron more perfect is a nice piece of foreskin, but then, we can't have everything, can we?

  • Site Updates - How Much is Enough?


    If you've ever joined any subscription websites, you know that most of them promise you the world to get you to pull out your credit card but only a small percentage of those sites actually come through on all their promises. Updates - which are why so many of us are willing to continue as members after the first month - are essential. After all, not many of us are ready to plunk down money month after month to see the same content over and over. We want to see new videos, new guys and new action! But so many sites try and fake it in so many ways.

    First, though, let me give examples of some sites I feel updates enough to satisfy me. These sites, btw, all keep their promises to their members which is essential to a successful website.

    At the top of my list is Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Men. They deliver exactly what they claim on their join page - they update 3 times per week with new videos, at least one of which is hardcore. Every one is a full exclusive video and you can see the updates listed on their site, each of which shows the date it was added. And I must digress briefly - I like sites that show us all the dates the content was added because it lets us make an informed decision on whether to join their site based on the frequency and regularity of updates.

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  • Straight Guys First and Last Gay Blowjob


    I've been watching a lot of Corbin Fisher lately. I love the site. I love the guys; they're beautiful and well-built. And I love Corbin Fisher's close-ups of guys sitting on their buddy's dicks -- those close-ups get me pretty hot. I have watched enough of Corbin Fisher to know that when Grant first appeared on the site that he'd be back for more. I just knew that Grant pretty much embodies everything that a Corbin Fisher guy is. Some of the guys I see on the site I can pretty much tell that they won't be featured again. They got it hard and they got it off, but they just don't have the charisma, the looks, the jack off technique, the Corbin Fisher vibe. So I wasn't the least bit surprised to see Grant featured on the site today getting his first gay blowjob. That is the next logical step at Corbin Fisher University. Grant's got an amazingly solid and well-defined body, he's hot, and he's got a nice piece of meat. Spencer, one of the Corbin Fisher regulars, was enlisted to give Grant his first blowjob. It wasn't too long into the video clip, however, that I became fairly certainly that this was Grant's first and last gay blowjob. Some straight guys just can't get their head around having another guy blow them. Now Spencer's a great cock sucker, I've seen him in action loads of time. But I think Grant just had too much stuff going on in his head. It's okay, you win some, you lose some. I'm still reeling from the five-stud, two-part fuckfest that updated over the weekend. Geez, there's enough jack off material in there to keep me going for a couple more weeks.

  • Great Ass


    Out of every photo set there is usually just one or two pictures that really stand out. This is the one from Pierce's Next Door Male shoot. Pierce is a 21-year-old, full-time student and part-time. clothing model. But I think he looks better without clothes; at least here when he's showing off his great ass. I mean just look at those two big, round mounds of flesh. They're just begging to be spread by a pair of strong, masculine hands. Delicious. And he's got a couple of really thick thighs to back those butt cheeks up. I'm definitely a leg and ass man; I love a nice, strong pair of thighs and well-formed butt. Pierce's legs aren't overly hairy, and his butt is completely smooth; in fact, this straight guy keeps his balls and butt hole shaved smooth. Hmmm ... I wonder where he learned how to do that. In this vdieo clip, Pierce starts off jacking off in the kitchen, then he takes a shower to cool things down a bit, and then, he finally moves to the bedroom. He jacks off pretty furiously until his whole body begins to shake and quiver. He shoots quite the impressive load all over his smooth belly, and then, he nods off for a little power nap.

  • Naked Brothers


    We gay men do seem pretty fascinated with brothers getting naked together. I'm not sure what it's all about. Perhaps it's the close relationship that brothers are supposed to share - seeing them naked just brings them that much closer together. I mean, most brothers shared a bath together when they were younger, so what's the big deal about being naked in adulthood? Or perhaps it's the forbidden and taboo morales and laws we have against incest - we do always like to skirt as close to the edge as possible, haven't we all wondered what it would be like having a twin brother working us from both ends? Whatever it is, porn always likes to make a big hoo-haw when they have managed to get a couple of siblings to pose nude. In the case of The Guy Site, it's not what you think. Doc and Joey are definitely brothers, but they're not posing naked together on the site - at least not for the moment. Joey posed for The Guy Site first and he's the bottom half of the picture. Joey has actually posed a couple of times: the first time, he was completely smooth and the second time, he let his body hair grow in - I like the latest look best. About his brother Doc, Joey said that he's hung like a horse. Hmmm ... I guess they've been naked together at least once since those childhood baths. What Joey didn't say was that Doc has just about the hairiest butt crack you're going to see on a man. The Guy Site features a variety of men (most with body hair) but there's no particlar gimmick or slant to the site. If you walked into any bar (straight or gay) on a Friday night, you'd find a variety of men - white, black, Latino, tall and short, hairy and smooth, jocks and geeks, muscular guys and slender ones, guys with long hair and others with none. Essentially that's The Guy Site. It's a collection of men the site owner finds attractive and wants to show off.

  • The Cutest Marine!


    Ace is the cutest guy that Buzz West has on his site - and he's a Marine. A boyish smile and a smooth slender body makes me wish that Ace was melting in my mouth and not on my monitor. This is the first time Ace has used a sex toy on his own ass and it looks like he really had a good time - judging by his raging hard-on. Ace says he's into a little bondage and likes wrestling for top position. Mmmm - kinky! He's also appeared in one other video - a bareback shoot with his boyfriend - which was also for Buzz. Hopefully we'll see more of this Marine morsel soon!