• Robert Cannon Photography



    Okay this is a bit different, but is rather interesting to browse through. Definitely click on the '˜note card' section for seeing the models, pictures.

    Now this is on Yahoo, and you really gotta hate all those prudes who are afraid of the naked body. Yes, that means that the images are '˜censored' but there still are some damn fine specimens showcased.

    Not to mention you can order the cards as well. Why does the ancient '˜French Postcards' phrase keep tickling my mind? Oh right, because back in the days when prudes ruled, the only naughty pictures one could get were from '˜French postcards'.

    Things haven't changed much, have they?

  • Welcome Back Cooker!


    For those of us who missed Cooker the first time around, I'm sure most of can be thankful that he's back. With a double-fisted-plus 9 inch cock, this boy can cum around any time! Look at that thing, it was made to fuck holes! And from what I hear, Cooker is willing to accommodate any willing receiver. How about that?! EXTRA BIG DICKS take us on a little tour of this long-horned young man stroking his pride and joy for all to see. How nice of them I must say.

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  • Buckets of Cum

    Big Cock

    Wow! I know that people say, "He came buckets of cum" all the time, but this beefy jock really does. When I first saw this picture of his big cock, I was already turned on by Marc, but when I saw the cup of cum this stud shot, I was in love. He has a big, thick cock that was rock hard and pointing skyward the instant he got naked. He has an awesome swimmer's body toned and well-defined. He's got just enough chest hair to make him sexy and he's sporting a nipple ring, too. Once naked, he lied back on the bed and started stroking that big cock of his. And he knows what we want, so he got on his knees and showed off his ass. He looks so delicious on his knees, hairy butt arched in the air with his beefy balls hanging between his legs, and fingering his butt hole. When he wants to shoot his loads, he kneels on the bed and pumps out a huge load of cum. It's a must-see. A huge stream of cum flows out of his cock and onto the towel below.

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  • Jack Slomovits



    It is a mouthful, but this is an interesting photographers, artist blog that has some rather interesting pictures to take a peek at.

    It really is worth exploring, and you can purchase some of the prints as well. It is really well done if you get past the small thumbnail images in the series or portraits section.

    There are some hot guys captured in some well done photography. The shadows, the poses, all are what I'd call a real turn on.

    By the way, this stuff isn't cheap either. But damn, they are good. There is a wide variety of models, and in various stages of dress, or undress, and yes some nudes too.

  • Muscle Butts


    I love bodybuilders. There's something about muscular men that drive me wild. Those sculpted abs, strong arms with their bulging biceps and massive shoulders, mighty legs like marble pillars - everything about them makes me tingle. But want to know what my favorite part of a beautiful piece of beefcake is? His butt. That's right - there's nothing like a hard, muscular ass to get me to look - no, to STARE. At the gym, I love watching guys in form fitting shorts as they do squats. Their bodies glisting with sweat, their strong shoulders holding the bar as their legs and magnificent asses flex.

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  • Big Hard Uncut Cock

    Big Uncut Cock

    I think I'm in love. This is Sam and he's the latest British stud to strip naked at UK Naked Men. Isn't he adorable? He's got a beautiful face and piercing green eyes. I love guys who look a little unusual and Sam sure fits the bill. He's sporting a fauxhawk that he's coloured blonde; and he's wearing a number of piercings - his ears, his nose, and his lips. I've never kissed a guy with a lip piercing before and the thought turns me on. I was taken enough with Sam's good looks, but when he stripped off his jeans and I saw his big uncut cock, I was really excited. I love foreskin and Sam has a long cock that's completely covered in foreskin. His shaft his veiny and his cock head is completely covered up, not even a tip showing. His foreskin forms a perfect tube at the end of his cock, you'd have to slide your tongue in there and start digging deep for his sensitive cock head. In this gallery Sam plays with his foreskin, too, tugging and stretching it as far as he can. This stiffens his cock and in not time at all, his pole is rock hard. Even when he's completely hard his foreskin still covers a good part of his cock head. Sam continues to tease us, jacking his stiff prick and juicing up his plump crown.

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  • Shane and Kris


    DIRTY TONY managed to get Shane and his buddy Kris down to the beach with him to see what kind of steamy action they could conjure up. Well....as we'll see here, the action is hot, hot, hot guys! There's something about a cozy little bamboo hut on the beach that can make a sizzling fuck session even more sensational. What's even more is that these guys are totally versatile and have no qualms about swapping roles in a moments notice. See for yourself.

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  • What Makes Tanner Horny?


    Here's Tanner shoving a dildo into his tight ass in a moment of... er... solo passion. Tanner is a Buzz West regular, appearing on the site several times. He's one of those guys who finds that jacking off or fucking on camera is even hotter than doing it in private. And he loves doing it all as long as he knows someone will be watching with their cock in their hand. As as matter of fact, Buzz himself said this shoot with Tanner was so hot that he had trouble containing himself.

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  • Most Popular


    Adam and Jack are two of the most popular guys at Blake Mason. They get the most fanmail and the most requests for more shoots. Adam has been gone for a while, so it made sense to bring him back after 6 months in a session with the very hunky and passionate Jack. And even though this is the last pic of the set, I just couldn't resist showing you the grand finale of the shoot first as Jack pumps his cock furiously while Adam's meat missile ravages Jack's tight and hungry hole!

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  • Mountains Of Meat


    Just to be in the same room with these 5 guys would be a wet dream in itself. The strong stench of sweat, ass and cum would be enough to turn a person into a puddle of ooze and get lost in the splendor of it all. HAIRY BOYZ is just such a sensational provider of top-notch, hardcore, gay carnage. Featured here are Brendan, Brock, Hank, Xerxes and Trey. All 5 beasts are fully loaded with all the tools necessary to fulfill 100% of your muscle bear fantasies. Mountains of muscle, ass and cock meat are present here in one of the most spectacular orgies you will ever witness. Cum enjoy the smells.....

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  • The Great Cock Hunt


    I really wish people who set up blogs would realize that Black backgrounds need bright text.

    My eyes are hurting from squinting, but hey I managed to read some of this 20 something's escapades and rantings.

    It is descriptive, to say the least, but no, not pornographic descriptive. Hell, it is how people talk, how they share their experiences with words.

    Be wary of some of the links here, they do lead to commercial sites, but then what the hell doesn't these days?

    Despite that, and the color scheme this New Yorker chose, it is a different read.

  • Amateur Bear


    Here's a guy for those of you who like hairy men - really hairy men. Meet Ted Baer. He's a 46 year old bear from Canada, and he's got dark hair all over his chest and stomach. He's got that "real man" look, complete with a well-trimmed mustache and beard as well as a belly. Ted's an amateur - he didn't decide to get naked for Bear Films for money. He decided to do a photo shoot and video because the idea of getting naked in front of the camera really turned him on.

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  • Cody and Rocky


    I will never get tired of watching two young, healthy, buffed men getting into their first professional sexual encounter. Adorned with tanned bods, muscles galore and beautiful tools, Cody and Rocky take us with them on a Saturday afternoon journey full of sweet gay lovin'. Although these two fellas have known each other for some time, this is the first time they've endulged in their lust for one another. The fact that it was caught on camera just adds so much more life to their premier encounter. And what lucky folks we are to get to witness it thanks to RANDY BLUE! This is something worth seeing!

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  • Cutie James


    CIRCLE JERK BOYS always seem to find the cutest straight boys for us gay guys to oggle over. James here may be straight, but he doesn't care one bit who checks him out as he rolls all over the place showing off his luscious ass, body and cock. Yes indeed, he is a serious cock-tease this young lad is. And don't we love it! I know one thing for sure. Give me one night with this boy and he'd be gay all the way! The things I'd do to his sweet behind and uncut prick, James would never look back. Let's take a look and you'll see for yourself this dude is looking for some REAL lovin'!

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  • Don Gets Sucked for $$$


    The guy here getting sucked is Don. He's a guy who made New York Straight Men resident cocksucker Bobby's mouth water - he really wanted to blow Don. Well, when the guys from NYSM talked to Don, they came back with good news for Bobby - while Don considers himself straight, when it comes to sexuality he says that money talks. He doesn't exactly think of himself as gay for pay, but he figures guys really know how to give a blowjob, and who doesn't need a few extra bucks? So Don came back to do a shoot, and Bobby had his way with him.

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