• Straight Marine Cock


    AJ is a straight Marine with a furry chest - a very tempting furry chest you'd love to lick all over.. AJ was introduced to photographer Buzz West through a mutual friend, and Buzz couldn't resist making the pitch to see if he could get AJ to jack off on camera. Well, AJ thought that sounded interesting. He said he hadn't busted a nut for days and couldn't wait to get started. While he was looking at porn to find something to help get him going, he found a penis pump and had to try it out so here's a pic of AJ and his cock before the pump, during pumping and after. The after pic looks like that straight Marine cock had a real workout and AJ looks very satisfied.

  • Uber College Stud

    Big Cock Jock

    Tanner is the uber college jock - 5' 9', 160lb, gorgeous blue eyes, blonde hair, 8' of hard, curved cock - all wrapped up in a cute, classic, boy next door look. When you head to one of the warm spots for Spring Break, you'll definitely see lots of guys like Tanner there. He is the Spring Break dream, right down to his t-shirt that proclaims that he's the "After Party." I don't normally go for blondes, they're a little too pure looking for me, but Tanner is definitely a cutie. I don't imagine I'd decline an offer to slide inbetween those thighs and feast on his cock. Fuck, it is a beauty. There's a picture of him in his gallery, a side shot and his wang is sticking straight out and curving down nicely. It's a beautiful sight. And his video is pretty hot, too - watching him lie back on his sofa and pump his meat. Wait until you see the thick load of cum he dumps all over his thigh.

  • 2 Twinks Shoot Their Loads Together


    Matt is the straight boy at English Lads, but after his first shoot, he seems to be getting exerimental. Or maybe curious. He did this shoot with Craig, and it looks like Matt found himself getting pretty horny while stroking it with another guy - both he and Craig stayed hard through the entire shoot, but my favorite part was the finale where both boys are shooting cum all over their stomachs. Look at those faces as they get off together - you can see just how hot they got each other. Guess Matt isn't quite as straight as he used to be...

  • Can He Suck His Own Cock?

    Self Sucking

    This is Clark. I've blogged about this 22-year-old jock before when he appeared on Next Door Male. (Read the site review of Next Door Male.) He enjoyed jacking off for an audience so much that he wanted to do it again, so they had him come over to Stroke That Dick, a brother site to NDM. But this time, it looks like Clark's giving us a little more than a regular jack off scene. Clark is in top shape, standing 6-feet tall and weighing a solid 175 pounds. He's got some beautiful tattoo work on his body, especially his arm. And he's got an amazing cock - 8 inches long, 5.5 inches thick, and hic cock head is big, a little more pointed than round. It's a great piece of meat. For this scene, Clark has decided to try something new that he's never done before - suck his own cock. And he gives it a couple of tries on camera and does pretty good. I certainly can't get my cock anywhere near my mouth. Clark does manage to lick his cock head pretty good in both attempts. And I have a feeling he's going to be practicing at home. And when he manages to get his cock head right into his mouth, he'll be back for another show. And while Clark didn't suck his whole cock, there was nothing disappointing about his cum shot. He sprayed all over the bedsheet and left a big surprise for the maid.

  • Daddy Says ...

    Big Hairy Daddy

    Okay boy, listen up! I want to see your clothes on the floor. And you'd better make it fast because Daddy isn't going to wait long. That's good, yeah, slide your jeans down. Nice. Very nice hairy legs. Now the shorts. I want to see you completely naked. Good. Hot solid body, beautiful hairy chest. Okay boy, now Daddy is going to sit in this big chair here. And I've got a spot for you on your knees right between my big beefy thighs. Daddy wants to feel your moustache sliding across my hard cock. Wait a minute! I didn't say you could suck Daddy's cock. You have to learn, boy, that you do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it. Is that clear? Yes, what? Yes, Daddy, that's better. Now your job is to get Daddy's cock good and hard. I don't want to see your hand on your own cock. It's not about you right now. If I see you touching your cock, that will be the end of your session with Daddy. I'll take my big uncut cock and feed it to some other hungry cock sucker. Got it? Good. Now boy, I want you to start by nibbling on Daddy's foreskin. Kiss it, suck it, lick it, chew on it, pull it into your mouth and fuck it with you tongue. And don't forget, Daddy likes his nipples played with, too. Now come here, boy, get your mouth on Daddy's cock.

  • Boy with a Dildo


    Zach is back to do another porn shoot in the comfort of his own home for You Love Jack. After stroking his cock till it's very hard, Zach reaches over and gets out a dildo. After drenching it with lube, he slides it up his ass and starts moving it in and out. Looks like Zach has a lot of experience because he really knows how to work that ass of his. And you can see how good it feels as he fucks his hole with that plastic cock. It feels even better for Zach because he's doing it in front of a camcorder and he knows that thousands of men will watch him get himself off!

  • Hairy Latino

    Hairy Latino

    This is Dean, he's a 39-year-old, boat mechanic who was hails from Columbia, South America. He was in town for the International Boat Show in Florida and he made an appointment to stop by Men Over 30 and drop off some of his hot Latino cum. Dean says that he's straight, not married, but he's got a couple of regular girl friends for booty calls. He is, however, wearing a wedding band, so who knows what we can believe about this bandido. About posing and jacking off for Men Over 30, he's an exhibitionist and loves showing off his hairy body and what he can do with his cock.He peels off his shirt and his slides inside his well-packed jeans. As he slides out of his jeans, the camera pans down every fur-covered inch of his chest, past that thick bush and across the base of his now throbbing cock. He rubs his cock a little and as he pulls his hand away a couple of strands of precum glisten in the light. Here we've got the cock sucker's view of his cock - I do love this angle since it reminds me of being on my knees. Sprawled out in a chair, hairy thighs spread wide, Dean's balls tighten up as he gets more excited. He grabs his nuts like a handle, pulling up his slightly curved cock to give us a better view. And then, he finally gets down on the floor where he jacks off for us. He blasts a stream of cum right up the center of his belly, coating his dark treasure trail with juice.

  • Straight Up in the Air Cumshot

    Stubby Fat Cock

    According to Commando's stats, his uncut cock is 8-inches long. But seriously, it's so thick around that it looks more like a stump than a pole. And wait until you see what Commando can do with his fat, uncut cock - he produces a straight up in the air cumshot that would have sperm banks lining up with their little cups. Like his cock, Commando is a stubby guy, standing 5'6" and weighing 135 pounds. Commando decided that since he jacks off a couple of times a day for fun, he might as well make some money at it one way or another. When Commando strips down, you can tell by the size of his soft cock and big, bull balls that's he's going to be packing a big weapon. (Maybe that's why he calls himself Commando.) He teases us by throwing his white t-shirt over his soft cock and reaching his hand under the cover. A minute later, he pulls off the t-shirt with a "ta-dah!" and there's his hard, fat cock. You know, I have no idea how these photographers do their jobs. When I first saw that thick cock of his, I'd be dropping my camera, bending over, and saying, "Please." But I guess that's a good reason that I don't shoot videos for a gay porn site ... you'd never get to see them! Commando sits down on the floor and jacks off giving us a straight up in the air cumshot. It's pretty fucking hot!

  • Ass Fucking Flip Flop

    Ass Fucking Flip Flop

    Dave is moving pretty quickly through the ranks of Corbin Fisher. In the last update he was paired up with Ben and TJ, who sucked his cock together. And this was the first time that the young, lean, and hairy-legged Dave has appeared on Corbin Fisher since his solo jack off session five updates ago. But back then, we learned that Dave has played with both boys and girls, so it's not a surprise that today he's featured on the site in a fucking scene. And not just him fucking another guy, like usual, but he gets fucked, too. In this video Dave is teamed up with Nick, a 20-year-old, muscular jock. Nick himself has appeared in thirteen different scenes from solo jack off to five-man blowjob scenes to fucking scenarios where he has both topped and bottomed. The scene opens with Dave and Nick lying on a bed kissing. These two aren't really interested in a lot of foreplay - they want to fuck! Four minutes later Nick is saying, "Are you going to fuck me?" And he was sorry he asked that because Dave has a big cock. Nick had a lot of trouble taking it. At one point he grimaced in pain and Dave was trying to work his dick into Nick's ass, and Nick said, "It's so big." Not "ah that feels great" or "fuck my ass," just a painful look on his face and "it's so big." Dave fucks Nick is a variety of positions and eventually loosens Nick up, but Dave never really can slam Nick's ass hard. The boy just can't take it. But Dave does sit on Nick's cock and blows a stream of cum across Nick's belly, and then, Nick fucks him some more and they both cum.

  • Big and Uncut


    Sometimes you want to see a hot guy in action, sometimes some fucking and sucking. But there are times when all you want is some cock. Uncut cock, to be specific. And while the guy this cock belongs to is Sean from PerfectGuyz, the truth is that at this moment it doesn't matter that he's a Saggitarius with a muscular physique. What's important is that 7 1/2 inch uncut cock of his that is so close in this pic that you feel like you can almost reach out to smell and taste it!

  • Thick Uncut Cock

    Beautiful Thick Cock

    Look at that beautiful uncut cock! Isn't it gorgeous? Doesn't it just inspire you to get down on your knees and slide that fucker down your throat? Mike is a 21-year-old Brit, a little young for me, but I can appreciate a beatiful guy when I see one. Mike has a smooth and under-developed body. He starts off the shoot fully clothed, but quickly strips down to a tight, white pair of boxers that show off his hard, 8-inch cock very well. He gets completely naked and poses for the camera. But he's having some trouble getting that thick uncut cock totally hard. So, Mike's buddy, who has accompanied him to the shoot, jumps in and gets down on his knees. He sucks his buddy's cock until it's very hard, and then, the friend / fluffer moves off scene again. And look at the result of his work - isn't it beautiful? Mike finishes the rest of the scene showing off his cock and tight butt. Mike is just one of the dozens and dozens of British guys getting hard and naked at UK Naked Men. And the site has a wonderful variety of guys and men.

  • Defiant Snakes

    There are two porn production companies on the market who consistently put out excellent, high quality vids with some of the hottest boymeat on the planet. In case you haven't explored their catalogs and what they have to offer, allow me to introduce you to them. I feel very strongly that these two companies are setting the standard for how porn should be produced, and nearly every other company needs to take a lesson from them.

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  • UK Twink in a Suit


    You may not have noticed, but almost all the guys who wear suits in porn are hunks - and generally over 25 years old. And while I must admit that a muscular, hunky man in a suit makes my mouth water, there are other kinds of guys who look equally hot in a suit.

    Take the boy in this pic. His name is David and he's an 18 year old cutie from UK Naked Men who looks at home in a suit and tie or in nothing at all. And I love seeing David's cock through his open fly while he's still fully dressed in business attire. Yum!

  • Suck That Hairy Cock!

    NYSM_ Dean2.jpg

    There's nothing like sucking a hairy guy's cock! Big hairy straight guy Dean liked his last session at New York Straight Men so much that he's back for more. And resident cocksucker Ben discovers that Dean likes to be sucked and licked all over, so he gets started on Dean's feet. And it turns out that Ben has a fantasy about sucking a man's toes and feet, so he loves doing it. Once Dean is ready, Ben moves down and takes Dean's entire cock in his hungry mouth and does what he likes best - he sucks that thing like a vaccuum cleaner! And after Dean has shot his load all over his hairy stomach, Ben still doesn't stop - he licks up whatever he can get.

  • Those Eyes! That Cock!


    Brad has a beautiful face that reminds me of Dean Cain. That dark hair and deep brown eyes smolder as he looks at the camera. And let's not forget his 7" cock that gets hard and stays hard. Circle Jerk Boys lucked out on this one - the crew says they were just leaving when Brad showed up at the door. They took one look at that tall, slender body and the bulge in his pants and they were ready to start shooting. Brad may be straight, but he obviously loves getting naked in front of the camera - almost as much as we love seeing him that way ;)