• UK Naked Men


    A couple of days ago we blogged about the Cybersocket Awards and although UK Naked Men didn't win in their categories, it's worth mentioning that they were nominated three times. They were nominated for Best European Theme Site, Best New Adult Site, and Best Original Content. Quite a honour considering UK Naked Men has only been live for less that six months! The thing that I like the most about UK Naked Men is that they feature a wide variety of guys from all walks of life. You're not just going to find white guys on the site, but they've got a healthy representation of British Men. And while they tend towards the muscular side of the men, there's also quite a few hairy guys and even some twinkish looking guys. But really, the perfect UK Naked Man is a well-built guy. And Gavin here is a perfect sample to show you the kind of hot guys you'll find on the site. Check it out and see why so many Cybersocket readers nominated and voted for this site.

  • Huessein Fucks Ass


    I've always said that Raging Stallion Studios has some of the most creative fucks scenes out of any gay porn studio. If you're ever looking for something new to try with your partner, check out one of their videos. You'll be inspired. However, you'll usually need some extra equipment, but get creative, maybe you can improvise. Rear Stable is featuring a video clip from one of their latest releases, Centurion Muscle III. In this clip, hairy man Huessein is fucking butch bear Mike Power's ass every way you can imagine. In this particular fuck scene, Huessein is straddling a metal ladder that has been chained from the rafters. Mike Powers braces himself underneath and positions his ass against one of the openings. Huessein pumps Power's beefy ass for a few strokes before the two of them continue their fuck scene on the ladder. It's a scorcher and you won't want to miss it.

  • Sexy Mature Man


    Jake Mitchell has been around the gay porn scene for a few years, doing the odd film or photo shoot here and there. And this week he's one of the new men featured at Hot Older Male. I always liked Jake. First, I love bald and balding men, so he's right up my alley. He's usually wearing a full beard and he sports a pretty nice smile. His torso is completely hairy and his nipples are hard and ready for action. Jake's also got a nice big cock -- long and thick. And not only can you see him on the site, but he's featured in one of their latest DVDs, Real Men 12.. He does a solo jack off scene, but he is also in two other hot scenes in the movie. He tops Michael Scott in one and double fucks Sam Everett with Jeremy Steel in the other. And you've got to have a huge dick like Jake's to keep on top of two cock-hungry bottoms.

  • Two Boys Having Fun


    Meet Brendan and Adam from BoyFun Collecction. They're both over 18, they're still too young to drink but they're old enough to suck cock! BoyFun was lucky enough to find these gay teens and both boys were eager to live out a fantasy by having sex on camera. Adam and Brendan have the kind of chemistry you only see when two guys are totally turned on by each other. In fact these two horny boys could barely keep their hands - and mouths - off each other!

  • Horny Average Guy


    Meet Steven from Buzz West. He's a 19 year old straight marine who heard that jacking off for a website would be an easy way to make some extra money. Steven is not the usual gorgeous hunk or hot jock type - he's a regular guy with normal guy looks. He may not stop traffic but he's got a great smile that looks as friendly as he is in real life. And he sure could keep it up for the camera!

  • It's Porn Awards Time!

    It's that time of year again - the annual Cybersocket awards, where the gay porn internet honors its own. The best lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender websites were nominated and then voted on by surfers and webmasters alike in 28 surfer categories and 12 webmaster categories. And last weekend, after all the nominations and the voting were done, the results were in and the awards were announced and given out at a prestigious event.. We would like to congratulate some of our favorite sites that took home awards at this event!


    Best New Adult Site: Blake Mason

    Blake Mason is one of our favorite amateur sites. With all kinds of amateur UK guys, regular updates, a very honest tour and good quality content, this is a site that definitely deserved an award!

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  • Jacking His Pierced Cock


    I do love the look of a pierced cock. And I don't mind sucking them either. I'm not sure that I'd want to suck a pierced cock all of the time because I do so enjoy running my tongue and lips around a juicy cock head. But every once in a while for variety, a pierced dick is a nice change. Ashton here is one of the latest guys to join the ranks of Jake Cruise. He's a cute guy and starts off his session wearing a baggy shirt and shorts and flip flops. I do love it when guys wear sandals because I love looking at feet so much. As he strips off his shirt he reveals a lean and toned, smooth body. He's wearing boxer briefs and sporting a nice bulge. As he bends over to slide his boxers down his long legs, he shows off a nice, smooth and beefy butt. He lies back on the bed, completely naked, and sets about getting that pierced cock of his hard. He pumps his long cock from the base of his shaft to his piercing, and it's pretty hot to watch.

  • Suck Buddies Playing


    First of all, to all our Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully you'll put aside the turkey long enough to check out these two straight guys playing with one another. Fierce is back this week at Next Door Buddies, he's been there a couple of times now, and he has a friend coming over for some play. Mark is a cop-in-training and he is just learning how to have fun with guys. (I guess that's why he's in "disguise" with a ball cap and sunglasses.) When Mark shows up, he interrupts Fierce, who has been warming up his cock. And boy does he ever have a fat piece of meat. Very nice, indeed. When Mark comes in the two immediately begin stripping down, kissing and rubbing each other. Fierce starts sucking his buddy's cock. When it's Mark's turn, he grips Fierce's thick cock, and sizes up how he's going to get that big dick all the way down his throat. The two suck one another for a good long while before Fierce can't handle it anymore and they sit back on the couch, side by side, to jack off. Fierce soon explodes, with his balls emptying onto his stomach and hand. Mark cums seconds later, shaking and moaning as his cock throbs, shooting streams of jism onto his chest and arms.

  • In Search of the Perfect Butt


    Let me confess the truth to you right here - I love men's butts! It's almost an obsession. A perfect, firm ass turns my head all the time and a hot guy with a flabby ass just doens't do it for me. A man who fills out the back of his jeans is a joy forever as there is nothing quite like a bubble butt.

    Booty, ass, butt, bottom, rear, posterior - whatever you call 'em, I can't get enough. My favorite guys are guys who with very firm and toned bodies who have just a little meat on their behinds. That's why when I found this pic at Shane Sixty, I knew it had found the perfect butt and I couldn't wait to show this pic off. I know it's gonna drive all you ass men as just crazy. Those are the cheeks that launched a thousand ships. Don't you wish you could get your hands on them? I know I do!

    Enjoy :)

  • Two Asians outdoors


    Keng and Bank are two of the hottest Gay Asian Amateurs that I've seen in a long time! Bank has such a nice big juicy Asian cock and he really knows how to work it! I really loved the way Bank laid Keng down right out in the open like that, what a horny Asian stud!

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  • Hard and Muscular


    This incredibly hot muscle man is bodybuilder Christian Engels. We found him recently at Muscle Hunks, showing not only his muscular development but also his rock-hard erection! Not only is he classically handsome, with a face and body that attract both men and women, but Christian is also a championship athlete. He was a finalist in the Mr. German contest in 1998 and won both the European Grand Prix and the Mr. Athletic Center Luxembourg contest. Right now, Christian works as a personal trainer - and wouldn't you love to get personal with him? He also does some modeling, which is good news for us. Not only does this incredible muscle model do artistic nude photos, but he does some muscle masturbation. Now, that's the kind of workout I like to see ;)

  • Cock Sucker's Dream


    I'm a cock sucker. I love getting on my knees and giving a guy a long, slow blowjob. I love having a hot guy like Jack here sit in a comfortable chair, sit back and spread his legs, and let me go to work. And when I find pictures of guys in this particular pose, it really gets me excited. It's exactly what I'd be seeing if I were down on my knees servicing a nice, big cock. Jack's got a perfect cock -- it's about 8 inches long, featuring a slight downward bend, which is always great for sliding right down your throat. He also keeps his balls shaved, which more and more, I prefer. I love feeling a guy's nuts in my mouth and rolling them around in my hands. Shaved balls is the best way to go. And I'm finding through my blogging efforts that more and more straight guys keep their balls shaved. Jack's a beefy guy, too, standing 5'7 and weighing in at 170 pounds, and sporting some size 12 feet! Since I don't have Jack standing in front of me, I'll have to settle for checking out his hot jack off video clip at Perfect Guyz.

  • Well Armed Marine


    Meet Memphis. He's a straight Marine who just got back from Iraq and is stationed back in the U.S. He just turned 21 years old and he's happy that he's finally old enough to drink his beers in a bar. One of Memphis' buddies introduced him to Buzz West to do a shoot. At first he was nervous, but after this straight piece of military meat relaxed, he showed he was extremely well armed when he pulled out one huge weapon and began to stroke it. Damn! Memphis is hung, hard and had such a great time jacking off for the camera that he's now hoping to get into straight porn. Thanks to Buzz West, another star is born!

  • Well-Built Black Man


    Wow! What a hot guy. Chris is just a sample of why I love Ebony D so much. They feature some of the most good-looking and well-built black men I've seen anywhere. And Chris has exactly the kind of body that gets me going -- strong upper body with rounded shoulders, hard pecs, flared shoulders descending to a slim waistline, and completely smooth. And look at that six pack of abs -- I know "WOOF" is usually reserved for bears, but it's appropriate here. Turn Chris around and you won't be disappointed either; he's got an amazing butt. But since I love kissing so much, I guess I love Chris's lips the best -- beautiful, full, luscious, kissable lips -- wouldn't you love to get lost in a long kissing session with him? I know I would. And Chris has a respectably-size cock, complete with a shaved set of nuts.

  • Bare Feet


    I love it when a photographer is considerate enough to include a few shots of a guy's feet. Cocks, balls, asses, and cum shots are great, but for me, it's some of the other body parts that really get me going. Like nipples, armpits, ass cracks, and bare feet. Trevor's a college guy and he belongs to a fraternity ... hmmm, now there's a jack off fantasy come true. Trevor's got a hot, lean and smooth body. I can't really tell whether he works out or just has good genes. He's firm and toned, but not overly muscular. He's got a pretty hot butt -- tight, round, and smooth. And man, would I love to see one of the Corbin Fisher men chowing down on that. Trevor's got a reasonably big uncut cock -- it almost reaches his belly button when it's completely hard and lying up his pelvis. And Trevor is another straight guy who shaves his balls. (Wouldn't it be fun to take a campus survey to see how many straight guys are shaving their nuts these days?) After pumping his cock on the sofa for a while, Trevor stands up and leans over a brown, leather ottoman and shoots a hot, creamy load all over it. It's pretty fucking hot.