• Jocks Fucking

    Jocks Fucking

    Cute jock Dave has been working his way through the Corbin Fisher ranks. And after he got his first blowjob, it wasn't long before he was being paired up with various tops and bottoms for some hot fucking. When the guys are in between shoots, they play video games at Corbin Fisher headquarters. And during one downtime session, Dave and Lucas with playing a game together. They were very competitive and Corbin Fisher knew the chemistry between them was right for a scene. Dave is one of the most popular newcomers to Corbin Fisher, and Lucas has been a reigning star for quite some time. But no matter how long these guys do this, the fact remains that they're not hard-wired for guy-on-guy sex, so the success of the scene really depends on the chemistry between the pairings. If things are cold and awkward, it's just another obstacle to overcome. But when you get a horny, enthusiastic, energetic jock like Dave as your partner, it's going to be a hot scene. And of course, Lucas is one of the most prolific tops in the Corbin Fisher stable. I always love watching him fuck the other guys and he always gives their feet a little licking action, too. Lucas fucks Dave in every position imaginable, including a super-charged one with Dave's legs hoisted in the air and Lucas standing over him and sliding his hard cock down into Dave's hungry fuck hole. Dave rewards Lucas by taking the stud's load all over his face.

  • Look Deep Into His Eyes!


    Keenan from College Dudes 24/7 is utterly gorgeous! At 19 years old, he's not only fucking hot - he's also smart (he's a sophomore in college) and has a relaxed, friendly personality. As you can see, his tan and lean body and rounded ass just beg for attention. But what I noticed about Keenan first was his absolutely beautiful face and those stunning green eyes that would stand out anywhere, much less while this yummy college boy is lying on a bed in his underwear...

  • PLU Blogs



    There is a lot to see here. It is a collection of gay blogs, sites, on a more non adult nature, though they have those listed too.

    It is a blog, with other blogs within, Like any decent gay site it even has some fashion commentaries, articles for parents and their kids. It is general, well populated too.

    As the title says, its '˜people like us blogs' which is what the title means. Easy to navigate, and no matter your taste, there is something here to read, view.

    Trends in music, news articles, events, its all here.

  • 3 Twinks are Better Than 2!


    Cute UK lad Troy loves to be on the receiving end of a good fucking and especially loves getting both his holes filled at once. And that's why today is Troy's lucky day - two more twinks from English Lads, Kai and Kallum, are taking turns pounding his face and his ass! Every time Kai pulls out of Troy's hot ass, Kallum's cock takes his place and Kai shoves his meat into Troy's cum-hungry mouth. And Troy is finally getting all the hard twink cock he can handle!

  • Hard Uncut Cock

    Hard Uncut Cock

    The cock sucker's pose always turns me on large. What can I say? I love sucking cock, and when I see a picture like this, with the photographer aiming up at a hard, uncut cock, my balls start tingling. I love servicing a nice cock and making a man feel good. It doesn't have to be a huge cock, in fact, I prefer comfortably average-sized dicks. At 9.5 inchces, Ricky's hard uncut cock is on the large size of my preference, but I sure would try to manage it. He's got a beautiful, bulbous crown and I can imagine juicing it up with my mouth. One of my hottest sexual experiences was with a regular suck buddy I had for a summer. Rick had broken his leg and he was homebound. I had met him at an orgy and had blown him there. A week or so after the party, I e-mailed him and told him that I loved sucking his cock, and if ever again ... So he started e-mailing me once a week, "Are you around?" he'd write. And if I was, I'd walk up to his place and give him a blowjob while he sat on his couch. That's it. No kissing, no fucking, no reciprocation of any time. And I was cool with that. Just get on my knees and fifteen minutes later he was blowing a load down my throat. Ricky's dick reminded me of that summer.

  • Marcel


    Porn star, TV host, fashion model, horse groom: it must be Marcel Schlutt! After modelling in London, where he worked for designers Paul Smith and HM, Marcel performed as the Anglicised "Ben Rogers" in Eurocreme Studio's Scum! A Story of British Sex Pigs before joining Cazzo Films, where, as "Marcel Schlutt" he played the lead roles in the soft-core erotic film Gefangen (Locked Up) and it's hard-core edit Eingelocht. Also with Cazzo, Marcel has appeared in Kolben Fresser (Smoking Pistons: Oil Change 2) and Sex Klinik. Marcel's versatility is now extended to the internet, where he does porn at Men At Play and UK Naked Men, hosts an informative, G-Rated My Space page and a formal home page, Marcel-Schlutt.de.

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  • What Does a Tour Really Show?

    I was talking to a couple friends about porn - or, more specifically, porn sites. One of my friends has joined a few gay porn sites, and has had some pretty bad luck. The sites he's joined tend to have slick, professional tours and not much in the member area. My other buddy has had better luck, but has twice joined sites with virtually nothing to offer but leased gay feeds.


    I know exactly what they went through, and so do a lot of guys. I recently reviewed a couple sites that have really nice tours showing some very hot guys, but not only did the member areas have little to offer - those particular hot guys weren't anywhere to be found.

    On the other hand, I've reviewed sites like Corbin Fisher and Buzz West that show the models and the exact layout of the member area. In fact, their member areas and tours look almost identical, and I think this is a very good thing.

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  • Police Brutality

    Police Brutality

    Jonathen Cummings is up to no good. When security guard Brook Rogers happens on the scene, he catches Cummings trying to steal mail. Cummings fumbles that he's just picking up his mail, and then, lies again saying he was taking it to the post office. Rogers pushes the young punk to his knees, "You're going to have to suck my dick," he barks. Not wanting to be arrested, Cummings unzips Rogers' pants and starts sucking his dick. But Cummings is going to have to do a whole lot more than that to keep from spending some time behind bars. As Rogers' cock stiffens, he reaches down and slides his hand down the back of Cummings' jean, and then, he orders Cumming to pull them off. Down on all fours, Cummings gets his ass explored with the security guard's long flashlight. And when Rogers' is done fucking Cummings' ass, he orders the ruffian to lie down on the ground, and then, Rogers' gives him a piss bath. Hopefully Cummings has learned his lesson and will change his ways, but after this hot submission scene, I suspect he'll be following Rogers' beat in an effort to get himself into some more trouble.

  • Wrestling with a Buddy


    There's something about challenging one of your buddies to a wrestling match - especially if he's straight or the kind of friend you don't usually get to touch. You go head to head. Your adrenaline pumps as your bodies rub against each other, each struggilng to subdue the other even as you are aware of his warm skin, the feel of his muscles, the intimacy involved in this close physical contest. FratMen recently did some shoots showing buddies as they wrestle each other, and I love the look of these hot all-American jocks as they grapple together.

  • Brad Patton

    brad patton

    Melbourne boy Joel Mangs grew up and went to Hollywood as Falcon Studios' Brad Patton, star of Taking Flight, Drenched and Zak Attack. Subsequently, Joel moved to The Netherlands, resumed his original name and began a career as a star ice skater. Joel has performed with Disney on Ice and won a couple of medals at the 2006 Gay Games (now called the OutGames).

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  • F212



    Going up to Vancouver, B.C. this summer?

    Well here are three bathhouses, you might want to visit, or at least look into when up in this west coast port city in Canada.

    Bit tricky navigating, but use the links on the very top, to get all the juicy details of these places. The primary focus is leather, so if you are not a fan of leather, well, time to look elsewhere, perhaps at the various bars on Davie Street in downtown Vancouver.

    If leather is your thing, then check it out. There are pictures of the facilities, details on rates, and that about covers it all.

  • Jacking in the Great Outdoors


    Mario is a soccer player from Berlin. He did a shoot about a year ago for Berlin Male, and was so popular that they brought him back - this time, in a dark mysterious forest. Mario has a great body from being so involved in sports and he loves showing it off, but he was a little worried at first that someone might come along and find him masturbating among the trees. Looks like that feeling he might be seen added a little spice to this shoot!

  • Muscle Hunk

    Muscle Hunk

    Some guys just have all the luck. Deklan is blessed with soap opera good looks and a smoking hot body. And this muscle hunk has the sex drive of a fleet of Marines. Deklan makes another appearance on Circle Jerk Boys to show off his jaw-breaking dick. This is his fourth appearance on the site, and I can understand why they keep asking him back. But the e-mails from members keep demanding more of this beautiful stud - and Circle Jerk Boys delivers. In one of his recent videos, Deklan discovered that his butt feels good, and since then, he can't seem to keep his hands away from his fuck hole. And when you see him down on all fours with his shave butt hole twitching for the camera, you'll be wishing you were the fluffer assigned to keep this muscle hunk's cock hard. He's got a beautiful, beefy butt and that smooth rosebud will feel like velvet against your tongue. But Deklan has no trouble keep his cock stiff for the camera. And when he shoots, he coats those smooth abs of his with a thick load of manjuice.

  • Buzzed Hard



    What did I stumble into?

    To begin with, I think it is a contact site, though it does require registration, still that is free. I am guessing, but the place is about having a shaving fetish. Hey, I hate shaving, takes too much time, and I am lazy.

    Still this place is filled with various men who are into shaving, There is a forum you can access, talk and share your experiences. It seems to be mostly a Bear type site.

    There is a free portion, larger images seem to require donations. However it is also a contact type site, has articles, store, plus more though access is restricted on the free membership side of things.

  • Hairy Bear Santa

    Hairy Bear

    It's Christmas in July. Scott Armstrong of Bear Films dons a Santa hat, trying to cool us down with thoughts of Christmas. But he's not giving us much relief. With these scorching summer temperatures and high humidity, I'm just getting more sweaty looking at this hot, hairy bear. Sitting back naked with this beefy thighs spread, Scott is showing off his fat cock. And what a perfect view. It's like you're down on your knees and staring up at his hairy torso, getting ready to swallow that fat dick. His shaved and tight ball sac looks tempting and would probably enjoy a tongue bath. And those pierced nipples are probably quite sensitive. I imagine that Scott would love having you play with them while you're swallowing his cock deep into your throat. And when he shoots his load, he spews great gobs of cum up the length of his hairy belly. He sure didn't do the trick in cooling me down, but he did give me a couple of ideas to add to my Christmas list. The question is: does a big, hairy bear fit under the Christmas tree?