• Bald Love


    Two bald men, hot for one another, kissing and fondling one another's cock. Hot! Bald men are one of my absolute favourite things on the planet, and seeing a couple of them making out sends me over the edge. Erik Hunter is the big, muscular black man and Aaron Action is the solid, hairy man. And they're paired up together in the latest Raging Stallion DVD, Cenutrion Muscle III. And they're also making an appearance at Hairy Boyz in a new action photoset to promote the DVD. Erik Hunter's got a beautiful thick cock and Aaran Action loves getting on his knees and swallowing it. After it's sufficently hard, Hunter lies back in a barber's chair, then Action straddles the chair and mounts Hunter's big cock. Action ass is sizzling. It's beefy and hairy, and as he works up a sweat, the hair lining his edges of his ass crack starts to curl. Eventually Hunter throws Action into the chair, hoists his legs, and finishes fucking that hairy ass of his.

  • Beefcake Anyone?


    Damn! Papi Palermo from Muscle Hunks is huge and beefy - he's almost big enough to be a comic book superhero. I would love to get my hands - among other things - on him!

  • Big Cock Ahead


    "Good Lord," is about the only thing you can say when confronted with a piece of equipment like Dave's. Let's just start with those bull balls since they're so upfront. I love big, low hanging balls. I love holding them in my hands and rolling them around. I love trying to get them into my mouth. And I love feeling them slap against my ass as a guy's big cock is pounding into me. And what about that 9-inch cock. It's perfect, don't you think? I love how it curves off the left. And wait until you see what Dave can do with it. After he jacks it for a good, long time and gets it good and excited, he blows one of the biggest cumloads I've ever seen. He explodes all over the leather sofa and leaves quite a mess for the clean-up crew. And in the final shots, he bends over for the camera and shows us his hairy butt hole, those big balls of his hanging down between his thighs. It's hot.

  • Jacking off in the Barn


    I haven't visited Men at Play for a while, so I was pretty stoked to see a new video clip featuring Blito. He's a 23-year-old guy and a tiny thing, standing 5'8" tall. But when he takes off those suit pants, there's nothing tiny about him -- 8 inches and uncut. Blito lives with his rich family and in this clip he sneaks away into the horse's stable to have some alone time. Sitting on a bale of hay, he rubs his cock through his slacks. Then he grabs a pair of scissors and starts cutting his shirt right off his body! With his hard and smooth chest bare, he starts playing with his nipples. His cock is getting even harder now. Blito cuts the leg of his pants, so he can get at his cock. And it is a beauty -- thick foreskin, 8 inches long, and hairy balls. With his cock in his hand now, this half-suited stud lies back on a bale of hay and starts jacking his hard, uncut cock. Before you know it, cum is flying through the air, landing on his beautiful suit jacket. Now that's a rebel.

  • What a Twink!


    I found Cadence over at BoyFun Collection and he really got my attention. He's only 19 and his tousled blonde hair and innocent bedroom eyes brought dirty thoughts to my mind. With his smooth hairless body, slender physique and innocent eyes, he's sure to break a lot of hearts but that's really not what I think about when I look at this pic. I can't help wondering what those full pouty lips would feel like wrapped around my cock.

  • Flying Cum


    Denny (the cute guy on the right) has done quite a few shoots with Next Door Buddies. He seems to be the desginated "gay" guy who gets his "straight" buddies to go further than they've ever done before. And Denny loves devirginizing straight guys, not necessarily fucking them, just being their first time with another guy. Cliff is a well-built stud that's been on Next Door Male and Next Door Hookups, the site where the guys fuck chicks. He says he's straight, but doesn't have anything against touching another guy. (Yeah sure, I'm gay and I go down on my girlfriends all the time. Right.) After the guys put on a porn and get comfortable and hard, Denny asked Cliff if he's ever sucked cock before. And when he says "no," Denny asks him if he'd like to try. Cliff leans over and takes his friends cock into his mouth. The two trade blowjobs and get into the 69 and face-fucking. But the best part is when these two are sitting side by side on the couch jacking off. Denny shoots his load, it literally SHOOTS; at least 2.5 feet into the air and splatts on the back of the couch. Cliff's load launches through the air and coats Denny's arm. It was quite the mess.

  • Now There's Something You Don't See Everyday...


    Ever see a guy suck his own cock while getting his ass pounded? Well, neither had I. But good ol' HornyBoy, the headquarters for self-sucking models, got two of their guys - both into autofellatio - to try it. Nico and Nate have done shoots where each one sucks his own cock but this time Nico slides his hard rod into Nate's tight ass as Nate licks and sucks his own dick. The result? Well, this shoot ends when Nick fucks Nate till he can't take it anymore and shoots his load into his own mouth!

  • Older Men Fuck, Too!


    I thought that today I'd bring you a couple of older men from Hot Older Male. Chuck is the bald man and Caio is the one trying to suck his cock. Chuck is 60 years old, stands 5'9" and weighs 180 pounds. Chuck is a very masculine man, and has one thick dick -- it's more than a mouthful at eight inches around! He's a top man who loves fucking sexy younger men, as well as sucking dick. Caio is a hot-blooded Brazilian man, 45 years old, 6' 2", 195lbs and he's actually Chuck's real-life partner. They flew to San Francisco to shoot "Real Couples 3" for Hot Older Male. But this week some of their still photos from the shoot were uploaded to the site and you can get a sneak-peek. Poor Chuck, his cock is so big that even his own lover has trouble swallowing the whole thing. After sucking the head and licking the shaft, Caio bends over the bed and takes that monster cock up his ass instead.

  • Asian Boy Swallowing Cum


    I just knew that I was going to cum good as soon as I saw JR and Robbi from Boykakke! I think what turned me on the most was seeing just how cock hungry Robbi really was and then how he seemed to get even more hungry for that hot creamy load after he got really good and turned on!

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  • College Armpits!


    Sometimes there's something warm and sexy about armpits even if you're not regularly into pits as a fetish. They're a very intimate part of the body and it can be fun to tickle a lover's pits to be a little playful before getting down to more serious sex. Well-built college guy amateurs Brent and Spencer from Corbin Fisher don't mind some armpit play - in fact, it seems to be turning them both on. No matter what deoderant companies tell us, sometimes the phermones and manly scent is more of a turnon than watching a porn movie!

  • Form and Function

    Let's say you visit a Web site which features hundreds of original video clips of fresh, tight and tasty models that you just can't wait to get into. If you're merely a porn cruiser and aren't building a collection of reliable hot stuff to keep on your computer for easy access, it probably doesn't matter to you what format the video clips are in or how they are served. But to people for whom porn is, for lack of a better term, a way of life, format and serving method does matter, and it can be a determining factor in whether a porn hound joins a site or moves on to the next. There are definite pluses and minuses of various video formats, and no doubt you've experienced some of those ups and downs with both elation and frustration.

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  • Why Are Abs So Sexy?


    Ever notice something? Almost everyone loves guys with washboard abs. Some prefer deep ridges around the midsection while others like a guy with more subtle muscles. But guys with abs are not only hot in porn and nude models - we're beginning to see them in TV ads and they've been appearing in magazines and on billboards for some time now. It's almost as if advertising has discovered male softcore porn!

    While Abercrombie did a lot to put toned males with great abs and a certain look on our "most wanted" list, it didn't take much to get them there. Only guys who have low bodyfat and are not only toned but fairly muscular have the classic washboard abs look. This translates to active, healthy men who are motivated about their appearance.

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  • Black Muscle Guy


    I'm envious of guys like Chad. I mean how much time do you have to spend at the gym to get a body like this - rounded shoulders, rock hard abs, sculpted pecs, and bulging biceps. Does he do anything other than work out at the gym? Or, is it a matter of genetics? And while Chad looks great naked, he even looks hot in a t-shirt and underwear. His t-shirt is pulled tight across his body showing off every bulge and mound of muscle. Chad grabs a bottle of water and starts pouring it all over himself, and now his clothes are clinging and showing off more of his sexy, muscular body. After teasing us, he finally strips out of his wet clothes, and as you can see, his body is absolutely gorgeous. I think my favourite part are those canon ball shoulders of his. And Chad does have a nice cock, too. It curves and hangs so perfectly. And wait until you see it hard. And of course, I do love his lips. I absolutely adore kissing, so I'm always a sucker for a hot set of kissable lips. Check out Chad and all of the black muscle men at Ebony D.

  • A Big Cock is a Beautiful Thing


    Wow! What more can you say? This is Criss and he's the latest to join the hot, straight guys over at Next Door Male. At 6'3", 188 pounds, and packing a 9 and 3/4inch donkey-cock, this stud HAS something to offer. Criss starts out on the couch, he's wearing a nice shirt and some khakis. As he watches a porn video, he rubs his crotch and that formidable piece of meat is making a nice bulge. Once warmed up, Criss strips out of his clothes and sits back completely nude and jacks that big cock of his. He grips it tight around the base and holds it straight up in the air so we can admire its magnificence. Criss cool down a bit in the shower and then he moves the bedroom for his grand finale. Criss takes a slower approach and takes some time to dry hump the bed. With a pillow under his pelvis, he pumps away and it's pretty hot watching his ass work rhythmically. Finally, Criss lies back on the bed and gets ready to dump his load. He's not a shooter, but instead, big gobs of thick cum oozes out of his cock and slide down his long shaft. It's pretty fucking hot.

  • Hairy Bears in the Shower


    This week Bear Films has two of my favourite things in their action update -- hairy bears and wet hairy bears. Dirk and Kubby are a couple of big hairy bears who are getting it on in the shower. Kubby Loach is the bald cub with the long beard and Dirk Grizzily is his big bear. And this action set is taken from the Bear Films DVD release Bear Voyage 2: Rock the Boat. These two horny, hairy men start making out in the shower, kissing and spraying hot water all over one another. Doesn't wet fur look hot? Then these two men dry off and take it to the bed for some good old fashioned cock sucking, 69ing, and belly rubbing. Kubby climbs on top of Dirk and shoves his ass in Dirk's face while rubbing his hairy belly. Then Kubby sucks his bear's cock before lifting his legs in the air and giving him a feel for his big cock. Kubby rolls Dirk over and fucks his ass some more, giving us a good look at Dirk's very hairy back and ass. If you love watching hairy bears having sex, you're not going to want to miss these two.