• Muscular and Wet


    Bira is back at Bang Bang Boys for another photoshoot. I first spied this sizzling, blonde Brazilian back when the site first opened a couple of months ago. I'm not usually a blonde man, but Bira definitely caught my attention. This is Bira's second photo gallery on the site, but he's also got a video clip, and I've seen him doing their cam show as well. So there's lots of Bira to go around and lots more to come, I'm told. He's got the most fantastic pair of hairy legs -- I just love them. In this gallery he's just waking up, naked except for a pair of white underwear briefs. And as he stumbles into the bathroom, we get to see him during his morning routine: splashing water on his face, lathering up for a shave, and then, finally, into the shower he goes. Having just pissed in the toilet, this morning erection that's happening in the shower is definitely now a pee-on. And Bira aims to do something about it. Grabbing it in his hand, he spits for a bit of lube, and starts pumping his big, uncut cock. He jacks off on the floor of the shower for a bit, but ultimately decides for a dry jack off on the seat of the toilet. God his cock is gorgeous -- so thick, with foreskin still half covering his cock head -- just makes you wish you were there on your knees. Finally, Bira shoots a huge load all over his chest and belly, filling up his belly button with man juice.

  • He Loves Jacking Off


    Tyler is a real cutie and he knows it. He's got a smooth, slender body and a sexy twink look. When the folks from You Love Jack gave him a video camera and asked him to make a home video, he coudln't wait to get himself on video. He even shot it in his own bedroom and rumor has it that his very favorite dildo - the one he loves to use when he masturbates - is shaped just like his own cock! One thing is for sure - he not only loves jerking his hard rod for the camera but he also seems to love having a dildo buried in his ass.

  • Resident Cocksucker


    Samuel has been the resident cocksucker and butt boy at Next Door Buddies for several scenes now. He's a cute guy with a solid body -- smooth except for the treasure trail rising from his pelvis to his belly button. He's got a beautiful uncut cock and a hot ass. And he's graced with a set of plump, kissable lips, or in this case cocksucker lips. Next Door Buddies features a lot of straight guys getting off with other guys. There's a lot of side-by-side jack off scenes with a couple of guys sitting on a couch and pumping one out. But whenever they can convince the guys to go a little further they can. And Samuel is one of their regular bottom guys. I guess the straight guys don't mind getting their cocks sucked -- even sometimes fucking a guy's ass -- but it's pretty rare when you find a straight guy who is willing to go all of the way with another guy. Here Samuel is down on his knees. He's just spent a considerable amount of time sucking Phenix's big cock. Phenix is a tall, hot, dark-haired guy. He's sporting some chin scruff, his body is hard and smooth, and he's packing a nice-sized wallop between his legs. After Samuel gets him good and excited, he spews a hot, creamy load all over Samuel. If you're into watching guys suck cock, this is a hot scene.

  • Time in a Lube Bottle

    It's about time we got some fantasy back into porn, don't ya think? Specifically, I'm referring to returning to a style and method that porn of yesteryear used to embrace, and that is setting a tone and a mood by creating a fantasy. Most porn today is reality-based, meaning that more than anything, we are seeing 15-minute jackoff vids in which we hear the director giving instructions and there is very little professionalism or escapism to the process. I'm talking about returning to a day when there was enhanced eroticism in porn, sometimes merely by setting a piece in a different time period.

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  • Web Cam Jack Off


    What a hot picture! Karl has the laptop fired up and he's camming for sex. Sitting in the dark, only the computer monitor lighting our view, Karl is cruising his favourite sites looking for some action. He's got a cam and he can jump into a private session if he finds a guy hot enough. He'd really prefer to have someone over for some real sex, but things don't always work out the way we want. So Karl is keeping all of his options open. This 22-year-old is hot and shouldn't have a hard time finding someone to take care of his big 8.5 cut cock. Mind you, I wouldn't mind seeing those plump, cock sucker lips sliding up and down my cock. Karl's got a beautiful set of lips; you just know with a pair like that he's got to be a great kissing and cock sucker. He removes his shirt and pants and the glow from the monitor shows a very strong and muscular upper body, slightly hairy, with a hot shoulder tattoo. Karl's also sporting a nipple ring. But his cock is the piece de resistance -- big, thick, and curved. Karl gets on his knees and shows off his tight butt, too. But it looks like Karl's going to strike out today, so he just lies back on the sofa and jacks off that hard cock of his.

  • All-American Boy Next Door


    Meet Will from FratMen. He's got clean cut looks and that cute boy next door face as well as that athletic muscled physique that comes from competitive wrestling at college. Yes, this boyish hunk currently attends an Ivy League school back east where he's majoring in biology and yes, he does grapple with sweaty, half-dressed men on a wrestling mat. And luckily for us, the folks at FratMen convinced him to do a shoot for them so we get to see Will's Ivy League cock!

  • BOING - Hot Hairy Man


    As far as hairy men go, Joey here is my type of man to a tee. I don't mind huskier bears either, and the odd big-bellied bear is okay, too, if he's really good looking. But if I were to have my pick from the hairy man stable, it would be a man like Joey. I like them lean, and I like them hairy. And Joey is hairy everywhere -- his chest and belly are really hairy and so are is legs. His ass is really tight and firm, but smooth, although he's got a few whisps of hair in the small of his back, which I always find a major turn on. And when he gets down on his hands and knees, you can see his ass crack is hairy, too. His balls, on the otherhand, are shaved, and that's just the way I like them. As much as I like hairy men, I do like a nice set of smooth balls. Truth be told, I even prefer a shaved butt hole, I love running my tongue around a completely shaved rosebud. Joey's got a perfect cock. I'm not really a huge cock man, although they are nice to look at and fantasze about. But when it comes to sucking cock, I like a nice average penis -- 6 to 7 inches when it's hard is completely fine with me. And finally, Joey's got a hot face with a sexy beard. This man is an all-around hot package.

  • Blake Nolan Fucks Francois Sagat


    Blake Nolan is such a hot, fucking man. That's him wearing the beard and fucking Francois Sagat. Francois is pretty sexy, too, but for me, he's a little over-exposed. But I guess if you love Francois Sagat as much as I love Blake Nolan, then you'll never get tired of watching him. This scene is taken from Centurion Muscle II. Blake Nolan is the dad-next-door type. He's very good looking with a goatee and beautiful blue eyes. His very well-built with an amazing hairy chest. I can just picture this stud out pushing a lawn mower in the yard next door. It would be pretty hard to focus on your own side of the fence with a man like that working up a sweat. Blake Nolan looks even hotter in his tight boxer briefs with his massive thighs bulging out of the fabric. And he's got a great cock -- just the perfect size for sucking and fucking. With a hot man like Nolan, you're going to want a long, slow fuck session so you can savour it forever. And this stud's got the staying power to make that happen. He fucks Francois Sagat in this scene for quite a long time and in a number of different positions.

  • PlayGirl Punk


    I can hardlly believe it, but this pierced tattooed punk is a PlayGirl model. I don't know about you, but I think of PlayGirl as a place to find your "average" gorgeous hunks - men with some muscle, not too much body hair and handsome faces. So when I saw this pic, my jaw dropped. For those of us who like piercings - nipples and cocks - as well as large tats, PlayGirl isn't exactly the first place you look to find that kind of guys. But I must admit it - this is one hot alternative cutie from his 2-tone hair to his Prince Albert. I wonder if they have any more like him...

  • Sleaze


    I didn't get to blog about Sleaze last week, I was on a big cock rant. Sleaze is a threesome sex video clip that was featured at Hot Barebacking. And this video has it all. It opens with this really hot, tattooed guy sucking his own cock. That would be Chris Neal. Now the interesting thing about Neal is that not only is he tattooed all over his body, but he's even sporting an inked cock. He's got two strips on the shaft of his cock and a heart on his cock head. Ouch! That must have stung. I've had a couple of tattoos done on my arm, and while I wouldn't say they hurt -- the sensation is more irritating than anything -- I'm fairly sure I wouldn't want to feel that on my cock. With his tattooed cock rock hard, Neal gets on all fours and takes a baseball bat up his ass. And it slides a lot further than one would expect is humanly possible. While he's getting his ass fucked with the bat, another guy slides under him for a hot 69 cock sucking session. With his ass warmed up, Neal and the other bottom get on all fours and face away from one another. The top in this scene grabs a huge double-headed dildo and fucks them both at the same time. From here the guys get into some cock sucking, ass fucking, and even some double penetration before everyone blows their load.

  • Big-Dicked Frenchman


    David is a sexy Frenchman who has joined the Men at Play suited up men. He's featured in a bit of a fun gallery where he starts off in a pair of jeans and white socks. He's standing in front of a washing machine and he strips out of his casual clothes and throws them in the washer. He puts on a dress shirt, and then, swaps one white sock for a black one, and then, he does the other foot. While his jeans are getting a bit of a clean-up, David continues with his own clean up, doning a dress shirt, then a tie, finally dress slacks and a suit jacket. He's finally completed his transformation and he's sitting on top of the washer, but I guess the vibrations got his cock stirring. No sooner is he suited up than he's pulling his hard cock out of his trousers and playing with himself. When he first pulls his cock out of his zipper, I'm duly impressed -- it's a nice, fat piece of meat. I was expecting to see some foreskin because he's French, but his cock is already semi-hard so his foreskin his pulled back behind his cock head. It wasn't until I saw this picture that I was truly impressed. Look at that fucking fat cock head. It's truly has you opening wide just to see if you think you could get it all in your mouth.

  • Mushroom Head Cock


    It's been a big cock head day here at Gay Demon. I happened to be cruising by Hairy Boyz after writing my first blog of the day and I saw Martin here with his big, fat, mushroom head cock. So I figured let's make it a theme day. When you first lay your eyes on Martin, he's got this cute boy thing happening. He's a good-looking guy, with soulful brown eyes, a devilish grin, and lucious, kissable lips. Then he strips naked and reveals that his hard muscled body is covered in tattoos. He's lightly furry across his chest and hard pecs, but the rest of his body is fairly smooth. His whole right shoulder and arm are covered in tattoos. And then, I came across this picture where he's lying back in a chair, grabbing his package, and snarling at the camera. This good boy is turning into a very bad boy. And wait until you see the butt on this guy -- holy fuck, big, beefy butt cheeks, very round, and totally fuckable. I don't know where I'd start first: that juicy, mushroom head cock or spreading those big butt cheeks of his and digging for his hairy fuck hole. I'd end up doing both of course, but where to start first?

  • That is One BIG Black Cock!


    Meet Donovan from UK Naked Men. He's 6' 5" tall with a hard body, pierced nipples and a very sexy shaved head. Donovan also has a very masculine presence and a 9 inch black cock with dark chocolate colored foreskin that just begs to be sucked and licked. Wouldn't you like to meet this ebony stud in a club, gym or just about anywhere!

  • This Older Man Loves Cock!


    For those of you who don't recognize Jake Cruise, he's the salt-and-pepper haired older gent who's busily servicing cute and horny younger guy Marek's cock. After sucking and licking on Marek's throbbing shaft, Jake wants more and he gets that hard piece of meat shoved deep into his hungry hole. Marek takes his time to fuck Jake till he's satisfied before he shoots his load, and Jake loves every minute of it because he is definitely one mature man who just can't get enough cock!

  • Plenty of Pubes


    These days almost all the guys you see in porn shave or trim their pubic hair and on some guys, that works for me. But honestly, I feel that men are supposed to be hairy. There's nothing like a nice bush around a hard cock - it sort of frames the guy's meat and makes it stand out. Besides, pubes feel nice against your fingers and against your face while you're playing with a hot guy's rod and balls. That's why Vince from Chaos Men caught my eye the minute he started taking off his pants - well, one of the reasons, anyway ;) Vince has a gorgeous face and his thick dark pubic hair stands out against his smooth body - just the way I like it. Wouldn't you love to feel that fur tickling your face while you suck on Vince? Yum!