Next Door Male generally features every model in a shower scene. The guy starts off seated or lying on a bed watching some porn. He slowly strips out of his clothes, gets his dick hard, and starts jacking off. And then, just as he's getting close to blowing his load, he heads off to the shower to cool down. It's Next Door Male's sort of signature. Just like Fratmen features a bedspread fucking scene with almost every single guy. William is 26 years old, but he doesn't look a day over 21. He's got a hard, smooth body, and a pretty reasonable piece of meat between his legs. He has just been jacking off a bit and watching some porn, so his cock is still quite fat and swollen. Look at that cock head! What a beauty. When William returns to the bedroom, it's not long before his cock is just as stiff as it was before the shower, and for his grand finale, he shoots a really thick load.

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