If You Go Down to the Woods Today ... If You Go Down to the Woods Today ...

Boy scout Jack Radley sneaks down to the creek for an early morning bath. He's caught up playing with his soapy cock and didn't see the troop leader meandering through the woods. Zeb Atlas hides between a tree and pulls on his cock while watching the naked scout. In MEN.com "Scouts," Zeb is the leader of this 4-man scout troop and they're off in the Georgia woods for some camping, and as it turns out, fucking.

Johnny Rapid has already shown fellow scout CK Steel how rowdy things can get at camp. Johnny bent CK over a picnic table in the forest and fucked him. Now, Zeb Atlas is getting an eyeful. But a misstep gives him away when a twig snaps, and as Zeb emerges from behind the tree, Jack sees his troop leader with his dick in his hand.

What would you do? Naturally, Jack gets down on my knees and sucks Zeb's big cock. Then Zeb bends the scout over and dicks him in the creek. Zeb grabs Jack's towel and throws it on the ground. "Get over here and sit on my cock," he barks. Jack doesn't have to be told twice. The scout master fucks Jack this way and that, barking commands, until finally they're back where they started. Jack is hunched over and Zeb is pounding hard, then he starts grunting. Jack whirls around, drops to knees, opens his mouth, and Zeb fills it.

Which merit badge is this again? I'm not sure, but there are still two more scouts in this troop who haven't seen any action.

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