Icing Things Up in the Bedroom Icing Things Up in the Bedroom

Someone over at MEN.com is getting their freak on. In the past couple of weeks they've released a couple of scenes showing us how to spice things up in the bedroom. In "Do As I Say" Damien Crosse blindfolded his lover, then brought in Paddy O'Brian and told his lover how to please Paddy, then watched and jacked his dick. It's very sexy stuff.

This week Jimmy Fanz and Sean Duran are in bed playing with ice. When the scene opens, we see an ice cube slipping around Sean's nipple, up and down Jimmy's furry ass crack, then melting as it skates up Sean's stiff boner. The ice play is short lived -- too bad -- and Jimmy warms up Sean's nipples and cock with his lips and mouth. Then the lovers get into a rousing round of blowjobs.

Jimmy stands and sits back on the headboard while Sean swallows his dick, then he flips over so his lover can eat out his ass. And there's some hot underneath filming as Sean fucks ass and Jimmy's stiff dick windmills. Who wouldn't want to be that camera man? After fucking all over that bedroom, Sean ends up lying back while Jimmy rides his bone and spews cum all over the hunk's chest.

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