Samuel, a designated bottom of Next Door Buddies, is back for another scene. I do love Samuel. He's a cute guy with a tight body, a willing mouth and a cock-hungry ass. He's done several scenes now at Next Door Buddies, which features mostly straight guys who are willing to walk over to the gay side of town to cash their cheque, if you get my drift. A lot of these straight guys start off doing solo jack off scenes at Next Door Male. And if they want to make some extra money and their solo scene was hot enough, Next Door Buddies offers them a gig with one of their regulars. Sometimes they'll get a couple of straight guys jacking off side-by-side, but Next Door Buddies usually likes to push things a little further. Samuel has done quite a number of scenes for NDB and he's one of a handful of guys there they can count on to suck cock and get his ass fucked. It seems to be a better way of handling things, especially when you're trying to coax a gay sex performance out of a straight guy. Put two straight guys together and you'll probably end up with a jack off session. But you put someone like Samuel in the scene and you get a straight guy getting his first blowjob and stuffing his cock up his first man's butt. In this week's update, Samuel doesn't let us down, sucking and fucking this huge cock. When he's had enough of it and can't stand another thrust, his top friend Kevin jacks off that huge, fat cock all over Samuel's chest.

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