There are two things I admire in a man: auto fellatio and self fucking. I've seen quite a few pictures on the Net of guys who can suck their own cocks, but I haven't seen a lot of guys who can fuck their own asses. Blake Mason, a website featuring amateur British men, has just uploaded their latest picture set and video clip of a very talented young man. Not only can Brad fuck his own ass, but he does it to the point of making himself cum. And, unbelievably, the boy is straight! Now first of all, Brad's got a whopper of a cock. When his fist is wrapped around the base of his big cock, there's still enough room for a couple more fist lengths up the shaft. Now they don't say how big his cock is, but if my own hand is any indication, Brad's somewhere between 9 and 10". So it's no wonder the boy can stuff that piece of meat up his own butt. Still it is amazing to watch him slide his cock inside his butt hole and then fuck his own hole. It takes him about 16 minutes to orgasm, and as he's about to cum he lets his cock slide out of his ass hole and blows an amazing cum shot. Afterwards, he's not done, and he wanks off a second time. It's an absolute amazing scene. I'm in need of a nap now.

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