Huge Muscle Man

Woof! What a hot muscle man. Can you imagine this strapping, furry mountain of muscle towering over you while you're down on your knees servicing his cock? I sure can. This is Dave Stone and he's the latest mature man to stop by Men Over 30 to show off his beautiful body. And this 45-year-old muscle man proves that life is just getting started after 40. Dave's arms are the size of footballs and covered in tattoos. When he takes off his shirt, we see the ink continues on his sides. Dave's hard pecs are covered with hair and they look hot. He loves twisting his nipples and as they get excited, they swell to the size of pencil erasers. They're fucking amazing. His cock also responds to the nipple teasing. His dick is deliciously thick, but comfortably average in length. When Dave is finished posing for the camera, he lies back on the bed. Flexing his bicep, he uses his free hand to pump his hard cock. What a fine hunk of man, you're going to enjoy watching him show off.



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