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Dominic Pacifico has been causing quite a stir on Extra Big Dicks lately. He first appeared on the big dick gay porn site a few weeks back. And this week, he's back with hot, young stud Gio. I blogged about Dominic and Gio in 69 Cock Sucking where they slobbered all over one another's stiff dicks. And in this session they're back to finish the job. Dominic has a thick, 8-inch cock and Gio gets right to work. He crawls over to Dominic and gives him a dry blowjob through his tight-fighting briefs. When Dominic's big cock springs to life, Gio fishes it out and swallows it right to the balls. When Gio has had his fill of Dominic's dick, he begs for a good ass fucking. Dominic bends him over the sofa and obliges. I loved watching this big-dicked filling up Gio's small and tight butt. What a hot fuck session! I'm betting Gio was walking funny for a couple of days after this huge dick fucking.

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