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Peter Black is another gay porn virgin. He's making his first appearance on Next Door Male. Peter is 6'2", 180 pounds, and only 22 years old. He starts off stripping outdoors, and he's lean and well defined. Then he heads off camera for a costume change and comes out wearing black shirt and tie and white slacks. Now I love a man in a suit, so I'm really starting to get fired up over this stud. There's just something about watching a man peel out of his work clothes and reveal what he's been hiding under those buttoned-down collars. Peter teases us a bit longer, turning his back to the camera and sliding down his trousers and revealing some tempting butt crack. And when Peter turns back to the camera, there's a delicious piece of uncut cock hanging between his legs. And I have to tell you, I haven't' been this impressed in recent memory. Peter stands over a small bedside, black table; and he fires his huge cumload right across the whole surface. From one end to the other, Peter unloads several long bursts of a cum, and leaves me saying, "Holy shit!" You might say, "Clean up on the nightstand!"

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