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Good-looking, 19 years old, and a thick 8-inch cock, Dick Armstrong has the whole world on a silver platter. And I imagine this 5'7" Cuban stud gets pretty much whatever he wants. But Dick is no stranger to sex, he's been jacking off since the sixth grade. Today he's hanging out at Extra Big Dicks and he's showing us what he can do with his cock. The cameras hadn't even started rolling and Dick had his hand inside his pants. This stud is eager to get going. Let's hope his eagerness doesn't end things a little too prematurely. He lies back on the sofa and pumps his hard meat. My eyes follow the trail of hair running down from his balls, until it disappears between his butt cheeks. Dick's legs are also very hairy, and when the stud finally gives us a look at that hard, bubble butt of his, you'll see that it's furry as well. But Dick's belly and chest are smooth as a baby's butt. Dick's cock is long and thick, and when it reaches full mast, his cock head is ridged and plump. Dick isn't much of a distance shooter, but he sure does shoot a lot. When he finally blasts off, he dumps an impressive load all over his belly, filling up his navel with a pool of jizz.

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