Huge Cock

The problem with jeans these days is that it's often difficult to check out a guy's package. Like Jimmy here. He opens up his video and photo gallery sitting on a sofa. He's wearing a pair of loose fitting jeans and he's not packing any kind of bulge. It's not until he grabs his huge cock through his jeans that we begin to see what's waiting underneath. And it's a whopper. Jimmy strips off his jeans, but teases us a bit more by keeping his big dick concealed in his underwear. Finally when Jimmy releases his monster, my jaw just about hits the floor. What a huge fucking dick. It's long and thick ' about 9-inches, I'd guess ' and swinging right below it are two of the biggest low hanging bull balls that I've seen in a while. Jimmy gets on his knees on the bed and pumps out a thick load up cum all over his torso. The first squirts fly right up onto his hairy chest with the rest pooling on his soft belly. I knew those balls were going to shoot a gusher.

Huge Cock Jack Off

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