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One of the Sean Cody models, Jess, figured out that he could earn some extra money by referring guys to the gay porn site. I blogged about Jess in a post called Fucking a Nice Ass. So Jess and his girlfriend headed off the beach and started approaching guys about posing nude and jerking their dicks on camera. They didn't have a whole lot of success at first, but then they saw a cute blond guy wearing glasses and headphones; he was bare chested and reading a book off by himself.

Jess's girlfriend made the first approach as Jess watched from the sidelines. Then Jess's girlfriend started snapping some pictures of the guy. Success! Sean Cody was pretty impressed with Ethan. He's clean cut, with a friendly smile; he's cute with a chiselled face, and a lean, muscular body. Sean Cody called Ethan in for an interview and they got to know one another better. Ethan didn't seem the least bit phased when Sean Cody asked to see him naked. When he dropped his trousers, Sean Cody figured out why Ethan wasn't at all hesistant - he's packing a huge, uncut cock. I mean, this thing is the proverbial horse cock. Even soft, it hung heavily halfway down his leg.

"Want me to get hard?" he asked, politely. Oh geez ... that's music to a photographer's ears. When fully hard, Ethan's uncut cock is at least nine inches long, probably closer to ten. So Sean Cody booked a session and filmed Ethan in the shower, and then this well-hung blond stud jerked his huge cock in the livingroom. I'm surprised he was able to wrap his fist around that thing!

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