Huge Cock

Geezuz! What a piece of meat. This is Johnny Deep and I'm guessing from his bio that he does straight porn, although I'm not familiar with that side of the business. When asked how he got his name he said that he looked at his cock hanging in a urinal one day and figure that he could tell not only if the water was cold but deep. But his porn career was almost over as soon as it started. When he disrobed in front of the three women he was to perform a scene with, they took one look at that huge cock and said, "That ain't going inside of me." Pussies. Johnny Deep wouldn't have any problem doing gay porn, the boys know how to handle a cock like that. And wait until you see this huge cock get hard. He's got a cock head the size of a small apple - it's fucking unreal. His cock is long and skinny, and it's lack of girth only makes his cock head seem that much bigger. He does measure his cock for us, and surprisingly, it's only 9 inches long. I would have though it was at least 10 inches, but I guess gravity is deceiving.

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