Really Big Cock

Okay, I think it's official - I have penis envy. I have said many times here in my blogs that I really prefer sucking or fucking a comfortably average-sized cock. For me, it's just much more pleasurable not having my lips ache or my mouth muscles cramp up after a couple of minutes of sucking a huge cock. I don't really enjoy needing ten minutes to relaz enough to slide a 9-inch cock up my ass. And I don't have these problems with comfortably average cocks. But, in spite of my preference, whenever I see a huge cock like Barrett's, I just have to write about it. I want to touch it, suck it, fuck it, and admire it. Why? I've boiled it down to penis envy. I want what I don't have. And who wouldn't want a huge cock? Although I have often that thought that guys with huge cocks must get pretty frustrated because there are few people out there -- men or women -- who can suck a big cock really well. So imagine going through your life getting mediocre blowjobs. That must suck, pardon the pun. And I'll bet it's especially bad in Barrett's case because he's sporting an 11-inch slab of meat. Any volunteers? Not me, sometimes you just have to move away from the table and say, "I'm sorry, but I'm really full."

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