When I found Anthony Martinez this morning I really debated on how I wanted to present him. He had some really dreamy photos where he was lying naked, hugging a pillow, and looking so sexy and romantically into the camera. His eyes and lips seem to be saying, "Come, let me make love to you, baby." They're so hot. But then as I started flipping through his gallery, his fat uncut cock kept getting bigger and bigger, until finally, I landed on this whopper. And the dilemma began. Do I show a sultry softcore pose or do I show this Latino man in all his hard glory? I hope you approve. I just couldn't resist displaying this wonderful shot of Martinez's big, fat, curved, hard cock. Oh boy, I think this one would hurt really good, no matter what hole you were trying to stuff it into. And he's got a nice set of bull balls, too. You'll have to take my word for it when I tell you that he's a very good looking man, with sexy five o'clock shadow, delicious cock sucking lips, and a hot beefy ass. Check him out.

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