I've always said that Raging Stallion Studios has some of the most creative fucks scenes out of any gay porn studio. If you're ever looking for something new to try with your partner, check out one of their videos. You'll be inspired. However, you'll usually need some extra equipment, but get creative, maybe you can improvise. Rear Stable is featuring a video clip from one of their latest releases, Centurion Muscle III. In this clip, hairy man Huessein is fucking butch bear Mike Power's ass every way you can imagine. In this particular fuck scene, Huessein is straddling a metal ladder that has been chained from the rafters. Mike Powers braces himself underneath and positions his ass against one of the openings. Huessein pumps Power's beefy ass for a few strokes before the two of them continue their fuck scene on the ladder. It's a scorcher and you won't want to miss it.

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