Sucking Cock

Sometimes you find a guy that turns your crank so much that all you want to do is suck his cock. You care about anything else, you don't care about reciprocation or shooting your own wad. Jimmy Clay is the kind of guy who inspires this total committment to servicing dick. And he's got a nice one. Jimmy is a good-looking guy, smooth and buff, and sporting some hot tattoos on his arms. He's in mid-stroke when Christian Wild enters the bedroom, and the tall, lean stud offers to help Jimmy out. And who wouldn't? Jimmy's got a nice dick - just big enough and a little of the thick side. Jimmy starts off kneeling on the bed and Christan slides across the bed and starts sucking Jimmy's dick. Then Christian ends up on the floor, leaning against the bed with his head lying back on the mattress; Jimmy mounts him and fucks his mouth. And this gives us a good opportunity to see Jimmy's beefy ass. It's fucking hot. The guys end up jerking off together. At first, their facing one another and jerking each other's cocks like pistons. Then Jimmy sits down and dumps his load all over the floor. This turns Christian on and he splatters his load all over the wall -- and it's a good jet of cum, too. You're going to enjoy this one.

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