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The ever handsome and horse-hung Josh West is back swinging his huge cock on Extra Big Dicks. After making his debut last month on the big dick website, Josh introduced himself to a whole new crop of fans. But he's no stranger to gay porn and can be regularly seen pounding ass in some of the biggest and hottest gay porn flicks. Blessed with a 9" monster cock, Josh pretty much gets his pick of men and he's tried just about everything that's ever caught his fancy. But he's also had more than a couple of guys shut him down right at the starting gates - too BIG for me! Too big? Isn't that an oxymoron? Feliz Andrews is a 21-year-old who has no fear of big cocks. Feliz likes older guys and Josh admits he loves darker guys, and Latinos are a plus. So these two are a perfect match. Feliz takes his time worshipping Josh's huge, curved cock, licking, kissing, and sucking it; but as much as he tries, Feliz never does manage to swallow it all. However, he has much better luck making that fat dick disappear up his tight butt hole! I'm betting that Feliz was walking funny for a couple of days after this ass pounding. Feliz kneels on a chair to warm up, but then, he gets real brave and does a reverse cowboy on Josh's huge tool! And if you want to see Josh fucking another young ass, check out the Gay Demon blog Buried to the Balls.

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