Huge Cock

Can a cock ever be too big? I mean some guys have such huge cocks that you don't know whether to suck them or wrap your arms around them and cry. Johnny has a huge cock! This 21-year-old has it all - a hot body, nice looking, and a dick of death. But while it's hot to look at, I'm betting the Johnny doesn't see as much action as he'd like. A lot of girls would steer clear of a cock that big. Johnny is doing his first-ever porn shoot, that's right, he's a virgin. Next Door Male caught up with Johnny while he was playing a game of tennis. He took a break and doused himself with water. lying down by the net to dry off in the sun; and surprisingly, he started rubbing his big hog right there on the tennis court! It slips out of the leg hole and his cock is every bit as beautiful as it is big. It's thick and covered in foreskin, and after running around the tennis court, I'm betting that cock head of his tastes nice and salty. But the tennis court is a little too public for Johnny, so he heads into a vegetable garden near the court where he pulls his pants down around his ankles and starts jacking his slab of meat. And after Johnny has teased the camera enough, he takes this jack off show inside. He lies back on his couch and shoots a flying cum shot all over his stomach. When he's done, his cock and balls are coated with juice.



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