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Marcus is relaxing and enjoying a bit of a soak in the hot tub. He's a sexy, blond, muscular jock and he wearing a couple of hot tattoos. He's appeared on Next Door Buddies a few times, and this time, he's pair up with Trevor. Trevor swaggers up to the hot tub and climbs in and Marcus gets right to work on this stud's beautiful cock. Sporting a huge boner, Trevor suggest they head to the bed where they can be more comfortable. Trevor and Marcus hit the bed where they swap blowjobs and making out quite aggressively. Trevor admires and massages Marcus's muscles and then gets to work on the stud's ass. Trevor spreads his buddy's butt cheeks and lathers up his fuck hole with his curious tongue. Lying on top of Marcus, Trevor starts inching his big dick into Marcus's rosebud. When Trevor feels Marcus's tight hole let up just a little bit, he drives his cock deep and hard. Marcus yells out, but his butt quickly relaxes around Trevor's pole. With Trevor's cock buried deep inside his ass, Marcus jacks off and shoots all over his six pack. And Trevor isn't far behind him, adding his load to Marcus's abs.

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