gay hot tub sex

At the end of a long, hard day, Adrian Long and JR Matthews are relaxing in the hot tub in this hot new scene from Falcon Studios. Adrian Long is the dark-haired, ripped stud; he's quite good looking and sports a nice big dick. JR Matthews is cute and blond with a solid body, but he's not as ripped as Adrian.

JR sits back in the corner of the hot tub and Adrian straddles his face and slides his cock down JR's throat. JR's a good cocksucker and knows how to make a man's dick feel good.

Adrian is eager for his turn, but takes a detour and rims JR's smooth bubble butt before swallowing the blond's cock. Then JR straddles Adrian's hard fuck pole and goes for a ride. They swap positions a number of times, but JR ends up on his back. He jerks his dick while Adrian is thrusting hard into his butt. Then finally JR spews a big creamy load all over himself. Adrian pulls out and adds his load to his cum-soaked buddy and the two collapse.

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